Felipe Calderón: Just go home hombre’

From the Hate America First camp El Presidente’ is again trying to run the United States of America. How’s that gun control working out for you in your failed third world state Mister?

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8 Responses to “Felipe Calderón: Just go home hombre’”

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  3. mainenowandthen Says:

    I would be happy to escort him out – along with our so-called President, who is oh-so-eager to support any criticism of the country that he is sworn to represent.

    The (Democratic) “standing ovation” to Calderon’s “address” to Congress yesterday was the most shameful, pandering, political farce that I have ever witnessed and any member of Congress who participated should be placed on the plane with Calderon and deported to Mexico immediately.


  4. TexasFred Says:

    Obama has once again proven that he is what we have believed him to be all along, an America hating piece of shit…

    Pray for Obama
    Psalm 109:8


  5. Alfie Says:

    I’m with you Patrick. People that thin this was a heart felt speech based on humanitarian grounds are insane. This was a bitch slap on a sovereign nation that if it enforces its laws will cripple the Mexican economy which is dependent on cash going south from illegals as well as legals.


  6. Patrick Sperry Says:


    Had to Fred!


  7. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Maine, any of those surrender monkeys need a good old fashioned Tar & Feathering before deportation!

    Alfie? I think that more American made firearms need to go to Mexico. As in to the people, so that they can properly defend themselves from the various criminals as well as their government.


  8. mainenowandthen Says:

    Excellent point, Alfie. This money being leached from our economy and sent back to Mexico by the illegals is estimated at over $2 billion annually – not to mention the billions that the illegals are already reaping from the services and benefits that they are getting from various government and local sources. No wonder they can afford to support family members back in Mexico when the U.S. taxpayers are supporting them here.


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