Obama lied: Duh!

Well? How long until we hear some forlorn mother screaming before the cameras that “obama lied and my son died!” Or does that only work for left wing loony’s?

The impostor in chiefs never ending statements that his signature piece obamacare legislation would not result in Americans losing their health care coverage, was, like so much that comes out of his pie hole, a lie.

President Obama guaranteed Americans that after health reform became law they could keep their insurance plans and their doctors. It’s clear that this promise cannot be kept. Insurers and physicians are already reshaping their businesses as a result of Mr. Obama’s plan.

The health-reform law caps how much insurers can spend on expenses and take for profits. Starting next year, health plans will have a regulated “floor” on their medical-loss ratios, which is the amount of revenue they spend on medical claims. Insurers can only spend 20% of their premiums on running their plans if they offer policies directly to consumers or to small employers. The spending cap is 15% for policies sold to large employers.

This regulation is going to have its biggest impact on insurance sold directly to consumers—what’s referred to as the “individual market.” These policies cost more to market. They also have higher medical costs, owing partly to selection by less healthy consumers.

Finally, individual policies have high start-up costs. If insurers cannot spend more of their revenue getting plans on track, fewer new policies will be offered.

Full story HERE.

How’s that change working out for you?

“The bottom line: Defensive business arrangements designed to blunt ObamaCare’s economic impacts will mean less patient choice.” Same source.

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10 Responses to “Obama lied: Duh!”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    The list of fabrications, distortions, prevarications, ignorant statements and downright lies is endless.

    A government with no credibility is no government at all – or a dictatorship ship.


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Don’t you be holding back now Maine!


  3. Chuck Says:

    Obama’s plan was never designed to succeed. It was always designed to fail. This current healthcare reform plan is nothing more than the mechanism to permanently destroy the private health care industry.

    I can see the headlines now….

    “Obama Claims Plan Failing Because of Insurance Mismanagement”
    “Obama Order Probe into New Insurance Practices”
    “Obama Says Insurance Companies Are Price Gouging”
    “Obama Appoints Blue Ribbon Panel to Investigate Health Care Woes”
    “Panel Points to Massive Profit Taking’
    “Obama Says Insurance Companies ‘Cooking Their Books.’
    “Pelosi to Introduce New Health Care Bill”
    “Obama Says Private Sector Has Failed”
    “Congress Demands Additional Health Care Oversight”
    “Single Payer Amendment to Health Care Bill Passes”

    …or something like that.


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Chuck, I happen to agree with you wholeheartedly.


  5. TexasFred Says:

    The Obama National Security Agenda:

    1. Blame Bush
    2. Hold a *beer summit* in the rose garden
    3. Allow foreign leaders free speech on the floor of the U.S. Congress
    4. Quote from the Koran, in a PERFECT Arabic accent.
    5. Mention that surrender to Islam is a real possibility
    6. Blame Bush


  6. mainenowandthen Says:

    Fred’s numbers 1,3, and 6 are already in play. Numbers 4 and 5 will be implemented soon. Number 2 is a mistake that even Obama will probably not repeat.


  7. Patrick Sperry Says:

    No, next time it will be Arab coffee!


  8. PanAm Says:

    Thank you for posting and the link — good analysis…


  9. PanAm Says:

    About the lying about this and that, wonder what will be the final word if any from Press Secretary Gibbs about whether Rep. Sestak was offered another job for dropping out of the race in Pennsylvania as Sestak still says…


  10. Patrick Sperry Says:

    I, myself, have to wonder just how often this sort of thing actually goes on? Corruption, is never a good thing. Anywhere, I might add.


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