Analysis: Summers exit lets epic failure obama retool team and message

Sheer idiocy, sheer idiocy I tell you! Socialism and Communism just don’t work great leader with Romulan ears! Such an epic failure! The American people deserve so much better in their leaders!

Read on…

(Reuters) – The departure of economic adviser Larry Summers opens the way for President Barack Obama to shake up leadership of his economic team and show he is taking seriously growing public frustration over the sluggish economic recovery.

Whoever replaces Summers will have policy options constrained by a record $1.47 trillion budget deficit and the possible Democratic loss of control of the House of Representatives in November 2 congressional elections.

* With slow economic growth and nearly double-digit unemployment the central issues in the elections, Summers’ exit continues the overhaul of Obama’s economic team, after White House budget director Peter Orszag and top White House economist Christina Romer departed recently.

Obama’s team had been widely criticized for overly optimistic forecasts about an economy that has not gathered enough steam to erode stubbornly high unemployment.

Word of Summers’ departure followed a town hall meeting on Monday where Obama came face-to-face with supporters disillusioned with his economic recovery efforts.

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Read it… Then go and find a royal throne to puke in.

Our impostor in chief yet again fails to accomplish anything, anything at all that the fools that voted for him wanted. I personally think that is a good thing. A very good thing.

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  2. mainenowandthen Says:

    That was a great film clip showing a well-spoken and sincere Obama supporter laying it on the Great Impostor big time. Made you feel sorry for the woman, even if she was partly responsible for the burden that we all now labor under.


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