Jerry Brown for Govenor of California: Can you say STUPID? I knew ya’ could!

California, my state of birth… (Oceanside, California, Camp Pendleton.) Somehow, survived the years that this God forsaken idiot was Governor there. Jerry Brown, caused, via his leftist policy’s and non-leadership; The worst times that the Golden State had ever been through. PERIOD!

He kissed ass to the Unions, to the illegal immigrants, raised taxes beyond belief, held gun owners in contempt, and pissed on the California Constitution as well as the Constitution of the United States of America so many times that I will not even bother with citation! He makes the epic failure obama look like a lightweight!

Now, to be honest? I don’t know an awful lot about Meg Whitman. But what I do know, is that Jerry Brown, is nothing at all like his Father.

Having lived under both, I know well what it is that I speak of.

More HERE.

Vote NO for Jerry Brown Jr!

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10 Responses to “Jerry Brown for Govenor of California: Can you say STUPID? I knew ya’ could!”

  1. PanAm Says:

    Heard the debate last night… He has tried to reinvent himself… The older voters who remember him and oppose him will not be swayed but the younger ones who do not know his history might be.


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Gads, we remember only too well. One can only hope that those younger voters will listen to their elders about Jerry Brown…


  3. Deborah Says:

    I can remember living in New Jersey for a year during his reign as Governor Moonbeam while my husband did an internship there (I am a life-long California resident). People on the east coast laughed their heads off at California reading about his antics. He served to consolidate an east-coast view of us that we are all as loony as he is. All I can say is that if the people of California elect him as Governor, they deserve everything they will get.


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Well dang Deborah! Still there? I left in 1978… Colorado was / is going down the same tube ride to authoritarianism / totalitarianism so I left there as well…

    For what it is worth though; I am still very proud of my Birthstate, for the new lease on life that it gave so many people. For the things that fellow Californians have accomplished for the betterment of mankind, and so on.

    Perhaps though, it’s not so much being a Californian, but having been born on Camp Pendleton. Pride, Honor, willingness to sacrifice? Those are Marine Corps things, and Marine Corps Brats learn those values as a matter of course.

    Jerry Brown? He, is one of the main reasons that I left. Prop 13, or maybe it was 12, probably both; Assured that I would never own my own home, or get ahead. Nor could my children. He did things that were just so outrageous…

    Jerry Brown caused, personally, the inability of many women to properly and effectively defend themselves. Gun Control that he ushered in. He, has the distinction, of turning me into a Gun Control Radical. Not Lautenberg, or Sarah Brady as many believe. Although both are running very close seconds… Please Note: Both the Lautenberg and Brady Bunch have done more to absolutely destroy the California, as well as the United States Constitution than any other consortium in history.

    Communism / Socialism / National Socialism / have all been complete disasters, not just for California, not just for the United States of America. But? For the entire world…

    Freedom and Liberty equate to solutions, while more Government just destroys human exceptionalism.

    The man for whom the term “Moonbat” was coined?

    What is it that the Jewish Soldiers say when they reach the top of Masada?


    Thank you for stopping by and commenting Deborah.


  5. Deborah Says:


    I was dismayed to find that my posted comments above showed up on a Google search of myself. Would you be good enough to delete that posting, or remove my name from it? Thank you.



  6. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Afraid Gov. Moonbat will unleash his fury or what Deb..? Now you are just another of millions.


  7. Deborah Says:

    No, Patrick, it’s just a matter of privacy. Can you remove my name from the posts, or the post themselves?


  8. Deborah Says:

    Then why does my name still appear above?


  9. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Because Deborah, you keep commenting… Then, I have to come back, and edit your name out… Done, again…


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