And the loser is? Epic Fail obama!

“The trade association of U.S. airlines — the Air Transport Association — says that it expects that about 24 million Americans will take to the air over the Thanksgiving holiday. That would be about 3 percent more air travelers than flew last Thanksgiving. I hope they are wrong. Travelers should drive, take the train, bicycle, walk or just stay home. Just don’t fly. If we stay on the ground, the message may finally get through to our government: stop harassing us and concentrate on finding the bad guys.” –columnist Jed Babbin

“Mr. Obama’s continued pursuit of romance with the Islamic world, little short of abasing both himself and his country, isn’t winning him a lot of points from Muslims at home. … The special pleaders are clear about the price they exact for returning Mr. Obama’s respect and attempts at affection. They define ‘progress’ as withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan, shutting down the detention center at Guantanamo Bay at once, ‘protecting’ the civil rights of Muslim Americans, and compelling the Israelis to commit suicide. Do all that, Mr. President, and we’ll love you — maybe for a whole day. But eventually you’ll probably have to put Michelle in a burqa.” –Washington Times editor emeritus Wesley Pruden

“After being chastened by the voters in one of the greatest electoral reversals in American history, the president flew away on the most expensive foreign junket ever taken by an American head of state. But his appearances … in India, Indonesia and South Korea have made it vividly clear to all that Obama is incapable of shaping events.” –columnist Oliver North

“President Obama’s fiercest obstacles as chief executive are neither recalcitrant Republicans nor the increasing complexity and demands of the job; they are his ideology and his political allegiances. Newsweek sees it differently. In its latest issue, it laments: ‘The presidency has grown, and grown and grown, into the most powerful, most impossible job in the world. … The issue is not Obama, it’s the office. … Can any single person fully meet the demands of the 21st-century presidency?’ Can you imagine any ‘mainstream’ media publication interposing such a lame excuse for a Republican president’s failures in office?” –columnist David Limbaugh


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