World’s Smallest Violin: democrats in denial

Right out of the stupid is as stupid does model we have…

Election rewrite: “Campaigning is different than governing. [Republicans] are flush with victory after a campaign of just saying ‘No.’ But I’m sure the American people did not vote for more gridlock.” –Barack Obama

“We didn’t lose the election because of me. Our members do not accept that. So, I’m not looking back on this. They asked me to run, I’m running. We don’t let the Republicans choose our leaders, and again, our members understand, they made me a target because I’m effective, politically and policy-wise.” –soon-to-be-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

“The election was no ringing endorsement of Republicans. We do not accept their version of what this election means. It’s not about rejecting what President Obama has done. It didn’t go fast enough to create jobs. That’s what it’s about.” –Nancy Pelosi

Stimulus rewrite: “[T]he stimulus prevented bad things from happening. There are about 10 million people probably who are working now who would not have been had we not passed those laws but they don’t know who they are.” –Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

“From everything I can see, this decision was not one designed to have an impact on the currency, on the dollar.” –Barack Obama on the Fed’s decision to devalue the dollar

“We’re trying to make sure we’re building bridges and expanding our interactions with Muslim countries so they’re not solely focused on security issues.” –Barack Obama

World’s Smallest Violin: “I am being denied the right to have a lawyer right now because I don’t have the opportunity to have a legal defense fund set up. And because I don’t have a million dollars to pay my counsel. … All I am asking for is fairness. … Can you tell me under what theory of fairness would dictate that I be denied due process, that I be denied an attorney, because it’s going to be the end of the session? … My reputation, 50 years of public service, has to suffer because you have concluded that this matter has to end before this Congress ends.” –Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), who was found guilty on 11 of 13 counts of ethics violations


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