‘death panels and sales taxes’ : Whose money is it?

More leftest idiocy…

A new level of budget cutting: “I said something deliberately provocative on This Week, so I think I’d better clarify what I meant (which I did on the show, but it can’t hurt to say it again.) So, what I said is that the eventual resolution of the deficit problem both will and should rely on ‘death panels and sales taxes’. What I meant is that (a) health care costs will have to be controlled, which will surely require having Medicare and Medicaid decide what they’re willing to pay for — not really death panels, of course, but consideration of medical effectiveness and, at some point, how much we’re willing to spend for extreme care.” –New York Times columnist Paul Krugman

Whose money is it? “You know while you’re making these proposals, the Congress is about to come back and talk about whether to extend the tax cuts first passed under President Bush. By extending them, that’s going to cost about $4 trillion, about the amount that you save. Couldn’t some of this be avoided by keeping the tax rates where they are? I mean, by letting them go back to where they were in 1998 when you were White House chief of staff?” –ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to former Clinton chief of staff Erskine Bowles

Denial: “You wrote a book last year, I believe, that predicted 40 more years of Democratic dominance in Washington. Given what happened not long ago in those elections, do you stand by that prediction?” –ABC’s Dan Harris to former Clintonista James Carville, who responded in the affirmative

Historic defeat: “Nancy Pelosi did two things for which she will go down in history. She was an incredibly effective majority leader when, and speaker, there was an opposition president. She helped make the majority. And when she was in the majority, she was the hammer that got through President Obama’s agenda and sent it to the Senate. However, that is a completely different role than what she wants to do now. For which, I think she’s kind of like Winston Churchill. I mean, she accomplished historic things for the Democrats, and they should be sending her off in a blaze of glory and adjusting for this new regime.” –Fox News Sunday and NPR’s Mara Liasson (Her greatest accomplishment was that she turned the majority into the minority.)


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