Some things never really change: Politics, and the world as we know it…

Go away for a bit and the whole world appears to be standing on it’s head. That, or mankind truly is stuck on stupid.

Various leftest pundits are actually spreading the anti TEA Party propaganda that we are not taxed enough. Never mind there flawed reasoning, and phony calculations that are based within political correctness and fuzzy math. The real goal of these maniacs is ever expanding government over our lives as much as is possible. Then, their phony arguments forget to include all the various levels of taxation. Special districts, School Districts, Sewer, Library, and let’s not forget RTD, sales taxes at various levels, and the list goes on seemingly forever…

Next: The epic failure obama making the claim that “he” got O.B.L… Sure, have may have given the order to pull the trigger; I’ll give the devil his credit where it’s due. But, for all his “agonizing? SEAL TEAM SIX did the dirty work, along with a host of others that we will most probably never know about simply because of the nature of that type of work. HooRa!

It’s the economy stupid. In keeping with what has become epic fail obama protocol everyday we are being told that the economy is on the upswing. Only to be told otherwise hours, or the next day. When you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with…

The ongoing scandal at BATFE get’s worse with every new finding. It’s costing American lives, and the anti freedom and liberty types that infest the administration as well as BATFE could care less. As long as they get to preach their anti American lies it’s all good…

For those that have never seen one? A short time back while driving through the National Elk refuge I came nose to nose with a Moose! While sitting in the drivers seat of a Freightliner. Gads, those are huge animals!

No Wild Turkey hunting for me this year… Let’s hear how you folks did in the comments.

Take care one and all, shoot straight and be safe!

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7 Responses to “Some things never really change: Politics, and the world as we know it…”

  1. PanAm Says:

    Nice hearing from you, Patrick… Keep up the good work.


  2. mainenowandthen Says:

    Patrick, you should know by now that without your oversight things go to hell in a hurry. Nice to have you back!

    If you think a moose looks impressive from a Freightliner, you should try meeting them on foot from a distance of 30 yards or less. I used to have that thrill occasionally during hunting in northern Maine.


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  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Thanks PanAm!

    Maine, I’ve only been able to hunt Moose once, and yes, it was with a stick and string. They are truly awesome creatures!


  5. mainenowandthen Says:

    You are a better man than I, Gunga Din. My encounters were during deer season and I always had a rifle as backup.


  6. tonydowning Says:

    I too saw Bullwinkle once — in the Bridger Valley, WY. Big fella, that’s for sure! He wasn’t doing much, just standing there thinking his thoughts. Rocky the Flying Squirrel was nowhere to be seen that day.

    You’re right, Pat, that leftists can’t get enough green flying their way from the government. They want a collectivized, totally planned, unspontaneous civilization for the alleged security of it, but they don’t think about the loss of individual freedom that entails, or about how the economy will go in the freakin’ tank from the loss of personal initiative.


    • Patrick Sperry Says:

      Just went through Fort Bridger the other day Tony, and there were Deer, Pronghorn, Elk and Moose all over the place! It’s that time of year after all. Up along U.S. 30 probably has the best overall viewing.


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