Voters Unhappy with Congress; and other things of note

Voters are, again, not so pleased with Congress, so says USA Today / Gallup poll. (Wednesday May 18,2011, front page USA today, by Susan Page.)

No kidding..? My, my, I never would have guessed that… Seems that the peoples mandate was in fact ignored by many that reside in hallowed offices in foggy bottom.

Just say what people want to hear, and go on about your merry ways.

Well folks, that, is specifically what the TEA Party is all about. Make it local, and in their faces, period. All this national TEA Party noise simply ignores why people joined together in this movement against higher taxes and ever expanding government. Government that intrudes on your life, right at home… Texas Fred does a great job exposing threats such as intrusion by government under color of law HERE.

Perhaps greeting politicians locally that are failing with a pot of tar and an opened down pillow will open their collective eyes..?

On to other things.

Seems that Emergency Rooms are still going the way of the passenger pigeon. Yet, the various stories that I have read, or watched on the news have been quite politically correct, and refuse to acknowledge one of the primary causes of closures nationwide. Use by illegal aliens, and others, of Emergency Departments for primary care; with no intent whatsoever of paying for the services rendered. It’s called fraud people, plain and simply put.

The Socialist scum head of the IMF get’s popped for alleged sexual assault. All fine and good; however as pointed out by Michael Savage on his show the other evening no proof is needed in this day and age for a woman to be able to destroy a man simply based upon her complaint of sexual or domestic battery. Sorry Michael, but you did not lead the charge. Do a search of “mysandry.” Better late than never though, and welcome aboard!

The middle east… What a mess to say the least. I’ve been calling for Dear Leader Gadhafi’s head to adorn a fence post for more years than I care to admit to. But just who will run the place after he has been ousted..? More Muslim Brotherhood types? Simply exchanging one despot for a group of despots is no solution. Same thing goes for Syria. While we are at it (examining ) the region. The U.N. will be voting on recognition of the Palestinian National State soon. Since epic fail obama, and his cronies are forever kissing the butts of Arabs / Muslims I suppose we can all guess what sort of support Israel will get from the U.S. on this issue of great importance. What’s yet another friend tossed under the bus..?

The Queen visits Ireland. Land of my forefathers never forget “Bloody Sunday.” But at the same time don’t allow Erie to whither because of old grievances.

The economy continues to falter, while the administration continues to tell us all how great things are becoming. This is a recording… (or so it seems!) If this lie can be pulled off, the epic fail obama is indeed assured a second term, and the destruction of America will be at hand.

That’s all for now folks.

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3 Responses to “Voters Unhappy with Congress; and other things of note”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    It surely does seem that the more change is promised, the more things remain the same. I’m still really hoping for a significant challenger to our so-called President to declare, but so far no takers. What a sham the debt ceiling discussions have become. All this talk of “any increases must be met with accompanying spending reductions” and all it amounts to is business as usual with no actual reductions in runaway spending. Admittedly, the Senate is making sure that anything that the House proposes is watered down to ineffectiveness and the White House will obviously veto any meaningful legislation that makes it through Congress. Still, I see little hope for improvement until the Great Pretender is out of power along with the “status quo” leadership of both parties. Not likely, unless we have a true taxpayer revolt and the Libs and their dependent constituents will never go along with that.


  2. tonydowning Says:

    Great post, Pat. I too have folks from Ireland, the Downing clan (on my mother’s side).

    Joseph Patrick Downing, Sr., my great-grandfather, had to leave Ireland to save his skin from the British.

    But I agree with you, Ulster is an accomplished fact, and Sein Fein and all our Irish brothers should just accept it (as I understand they have), and get on with life.

    Otherwise, they’ll be like the Palestinians, waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive any day now.


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    As usual, Maine nailed it. The status quo isn’t good enough. We need true leadership, not more of the same…

    My people first came here as indentured servants (read slaves) of English (expletive deleted.) That was a very long time ago, and while we will never forget the lessons learned it’s high time to bury the shillelagh.


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