Newtered; And the race tightens…

Newt Gingrich blew a hole completely through his foot. Again. Look candidates, illegal immigration is a major issue. Newt seems to think that pandering to a political correctness model that includes way too many people is an acceptable thing to do. I said it earlier this year that compromise with your fundamental values is not acceptable. This, combined with his half baked ideas about gun control, have made him an easy “NO” vote.

What will it take for these so-called “leaders” to figure out that we the people simply do not want a load of lawbreakers or their progeny here? Don’t we have enough home grown criminals?

What will it take for this same group of elites to figure out that we don’t want them messing with our fundamental and inalienable rights?

That is even when they, in their majesty, deem it to be for our very own good! We reserve certain things, such as the right to fail, unto our selves. Keep government out of our lives to the greatest extent possible while maintaining order and social discipline. Is that too much to ask..? It worked fairly well for most of our history.

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2 Responses to “Newtered; And the race tightens…”

  1. PanAm Says:

    I fear Newt will lead the Party to an ugly failure… Obama might still get re elected, but Newt as the standard bearer for the GOP would insure Obama’s election, seems to me…


  2. Fox News <3 [loves] "the non-Newtered one" | A View From The Middle (Class) Says:

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