The next Secretary of State; John Kerry..?

As always, the epic failure known as obama appears to be considering Senator John Kerry for the position of Secretary of State. I believe that would be an excellent choice. But not for any reasons that are positive. Indeed, my sole purpose would be for exposing the administrations ongoing utter incompetence. John Kerry, who served in the Viet Nam War and awarded himself a Silver Star, with “V” device, for shooting a fleeing enemy combatant. Indeed, a true war hero that later tossed some medals over a fence as a war protester. He is clearly a walking talking insult to every man and woman that served in the war, and most especially to his fellow Sailors that served on the Swift Boats. Purple Hearts for mosquito bites and trying to fool hunters into supporting him by buying a license and talking like a good old boy in a camera shoot to garner election support is the sort of performance we could expect from him should he be confirmed.

Once again, John Kerry would be an utter failure as a man. Perfectly fitting into the obama regime.

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