Matt Mead: Rumor Control..?

The State of Wyoming deserves better than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Matt Mead appears to be attempting to be something that he isn’t. Being a member of the N.R.A. does not mean that you do, in fact, support gun owners. What is Matt mead’s position on the abhorrent and immoral unconstitutional  Lautenberg Domestic Violence Act that made ex post facto law the law of the land? Does it mirror the N.R.A. position? That’s just one example of the N.R.A. playing politics with the rights of Americans. I myself will need to look more deeply into Matt Mead before I will cast any vote for him. At this juncture though, it appears that I will be casting my vote for someone else… What follows is posted with the authors permission, please follow the link for the entire story.

Bridge for sale call Matt Mead
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It appears Matt Mead has been deceptive while attempting to combat his anti-gun record as a U.S Attorney. In a recent email from the Mead campaign there was as stated a “little ditty” called “Killing the Rumor Mill” in which it states the following-

“We have added this little ditty to our email updates and will have a similar feature up on our website soon. It will be used to answer questions that come up or to kill strange email rumors. Just because you read it on the internet does not mean it is true. If you believe everything you get in an email then I have a bridge to sell you. ”.

It goes on with in Q&A format with this :

Rumor: Matt Mead does not like guns.

Fact: Matt Mead is a member of the NRA, a lifelong hunter, with a lifetime small game license. Matt is also an avid gun collector.

Maybe Mead is trying to sell us a “bridge”, because I don’t believe anyone ever said that “Mead does not like guns”, and lets be real here, being an NRA member, hunter and avid collector doesn’t make one a gun rights supporter does it?

“Maybe Mead is trying to sell us a bridge”

The NRA could be considered as a “strike” against Matt Mead. Just look at what this NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson said in support of the Clinton Gun Ban. How do you spell “elitist” gun owner?

Or, look at this state level NRA group the Wyoming State Shooting Association (WSSA) and their take on things- Wyoming’s – NRA little brother the WSSA exposes its true colors.

REAL LIFE FACT- there is documented proof that Mead has fought on the side of the BATF and against gun owners of Wyoming, PERIOD.

ANOTHER REAL LIFE FACT- Matt Mead and his VENOMOUS ANTI-GUN past will haunt him in his campaign for governor.

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