Never again! Molan Labe

The obamanite Juggernaut carry’s on. Business as usual. Ignore the peasants. Feed them cake as it were. After all, they are the unwashed, the ignorant, the hopelessly stupid. Tea Party fools, and racist militia. Should they, those that are the lessors than thou complain? There are precedents for dealing with such types…

As I read Maine’s comment from the immediately present post it was like a terrible deja vu. Some years ago I stood alongside a friend and watched as his son ran up the side of a mountain that has come to symbolize the thirst for freedom that all men possess. At least to one degree or another. When he yelled “NEVER AGAIN” in Hebrew I felt something inside. An unconquerable sense of pride and determination that is shared among all those that are willing to pay the ultimate price that others may be free while at the same time causing as much consternation as may be possible to those that would control and conquer those that would resist.

Imperial Washington should pay attention to history. More “Waco’s?” Never again! Not without feeling the full force and fury of the American people at the very least. More Ruby Ridges? Never again!

Sell my nation to invaders from anywhere, including those within it?


Second Amendment solutions to bureaucratic belligerence and official oppression, and we the people will provide the definitions. Not some lawyer or judge…

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