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Chore Boy; It’s not just for smoking Crack anymore! epic fail obama rogue agency back at it again!

March 13, 2013

Right out of the stuck on stupid file comes this.

Chore Boy Scrubber now a “silencer.”

This, from the nanny state bureaucrats that brought you the Waco Holocaust and Ruby Ridge.

A more sensible approach.

People can fight and die for our nation, but have a beer or own a firearm?

Colorado democrats ready for not so civil war it would appear.

As is well known weapon registration, which leads to confiscation, leads to extermination.


“Murder every NRA member” from those peace lovers on the left!

December 30, 2012

Seems that all those peaceniks on the left really are not so peaceful after all. Not to mention that Feinstein, Schumer, and Lautenberg are hard at work as usual committing treason to their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. I do believe in the death penalty, and treason is indeed a capital offense.

I am so sick of these better than thou’s inflicting their perceived utopia that I could personally come up with a hot barrel of tar and a feather bed! These are the very same people that came up with ex post facto law, the permanent taking of rights for less than felonious behavior, as well as the taking of private property rights.

Remember, in 1994 it only took one day for Congress and President Clinton to “legally” remove guns from the hands and homes of law-abiding Americans!

Remember, in 1984 it only took one day for Congress and President Reagan to “legally” remove title II guns from the hands and homes of law-abiding Americans! So much for arch conservatives!

Remember Ruby Ridge, and the Waco massacre. Never forget the War of Northern Aggression. Never forget that ours is anything but a benevolent government.

Deo Vindice, molan labe!

Never again! Molan Labe

April 24, 2010

The obamanite Juggernaut carry’s on. Business as usual. Ignore the peasants. Feed them cake as it were. After all, they are the unwashed, the ignorant, the hopelessly stupid. Tea Party fools, and racist militia. Should they, those that are the lessors than thou complain? There are precedents for dealing with such types…

As I read Maine’s comment from the immediately present post it was like a terrible deja vu. Some years ago I stood alongside a friend and watched as his son ran up the side of a mountain that has come to symbolize the thirst for freedom that all men possess. At least to one degree or another. When he yelled “NEVER AGAIN” in Hebrew I felt something inside. An unconquerable sense of pride and determination that is shared among all those that are willing to pay the ultimate price that others may be free while at the same time causing as much consternation as may be possible to those that would control and conquer those that would resist.

Imperial Washington should pay attention to history. More “Waco’s?” Never again! Not without feeling the full force and fury of the American people at the very least. More Ruby Ridges? Never again!

Sell my nation to invaders from anywhere, including those within it?


Second Amendment solutions to bureaucratic belligerence and official oppression, and we the people will provide the definitions. Not some lawyer or judge…

Federal gun regulator accused of damaging Metairie hotel room

December 15, 2009

Hat Tip to Texas Fred for the heads up on this. Regular readers know that I support LEO’s to the hilt. But, there always has to be an exception to make the rule or so the saying goes.

That exception, is the BATFE. The only agency dedicated to the destruction of The Bill of Rights. During the Clinton years Explosives were added to the responsibilities of the notoriously rogue agency. One can only guess that Clinton did that in order to lend an air of legitimacy to the group of maniacs that brought you the Ruby Ridge travesty and the Waco Holocaust.

I am on record as having stated that any thing that is legitimate that they do, should, on a federal level be performed by the FBI. No, the FBI isn’t perfect, but compared to BATFE? The FBI wins hands down when it comes to acting ethically.

Moving BATFE from the IRS to DHS hasn’t changed much…

Read about this HERE

Is the Bill of Rights toilet tissue?

October 7, 2009

The Bill of Rights places restrictions on what government may, and may not do. A pretty simple concept really. However, big government types and lawyers over the years sound a lot like economist’s do. As in making something that is fairly simple to understand into something utterly unfathomable. It’s understandable, after all. Lawyers need to make a living, as do bureaucrats. Politicians for the most part are driven by inner forces and recognition needs, that are  for the most part  noted by Maslow.

That’s all well and good as far as understanding what drives people to do what they do. In fact, I think that a lot of the people who I mentioned above are well intentioned. However, a well intentioned rogue is still a rogue, and unintended consequences may not be all that unintended.

By example, we are more than aware that the current administration is filled with people who are not only hostile to the Constitution but also are outspoken enemies of the Bill of Rights.

Across this nation the States are taking on the Federal Government over the usurpation of States Rights in numbers not seen since the War of Northern aggression.

Just short of secession many states are telling the Federal Government to just plain back off. Enough is enough if you will. Perhaps if the Supreme Court had issued a blanket ruling that incorporation of the Bill of Rights applied to all of the states, all the way down to the smallest level of government this would not be happening. But, they didn’t, and things are getting a bit dicey as a result.

Montana is leading the charge, and the people that brought you Ruby Ridge and the American Holocaust are, like good little serfs fighting back.

Read about that here.

Don’t fall into the trap that this is about gun control even if that is in fact the direct issue at hand. It is about your freedom and liberty.

A leash of sorts for thugs?

July 11, 2009

Abuse by one particular government agency is legend. It would appear that finally some real reform might come to the folks that brought you the Ruby Ridge entrapment fiasco, and the American Holocaust known as Waco. During the Clinton era, explosives were added to the bureau’s name in an effort to legitimatize the mission that was at that time under the administration of the Internal Revenue Service. Explosives? As a tax issue?  For some reason arson was also added to the sphere. While those things should come under the wing of the F.B.I. The changes made little if any difference in the day to day practice of Agents. It should be remembered that every single one of the people that work at B.A.T.F.E. have sworn to uphold the Constitution, and that these very same people do their very best to deny people of their unalienable rights. That friends, is treason, defined.

Don’t get me wrong, not all agents are evil people. I have actually known one that was a decent person. One…



– Cosponsor List Crosses 100 in This Congress –

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hailing a major milestone in the effort to protect law-abiding gun dealers from excessive and overzealous actions on the part of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE), Congressman Zack Space (OH-18) today announced that his BATFE reform legislation has gained the support of over 100 Members of Congress. While the size of a cosponsorship list does not guarantee a vote on the bill, gaining 100 bipartisan cosponsors shows widespread support and momentum.

“My colleagues are waking up to the assault on the Second Amendment being perpetrated by a culture within the ATF that rewards agents for denying gun licenses,” Space said. “I applaud their willingness to stand up to protect law-abiding citizens from overzealous federal agents.”

“Every day that goes by without action on this issue is another day of lost liberty. ATF reform cannot wait. Crossing this milestone will only redouble my efforts to show House leadership that we are serious about this bill,” Space continued.

The bipartisan BATFE Reform and Firearms Modernization Act of 2009, which Space introduced with Rep. Steve King (IA-05), would replace the all-or-nothing rules for punishment with a graduated system, remove promotion guidelines that reward agents for the quantity of arrests and citations, and it would require the BATFE to establish intent behind minor violations. BATFE regulations now are so restrictive that if a person writes “y” instead of “yes” on a gun purchase form, the application is frequently rejected.

This legislation would:
  • Create a system to provide more flexibility in punishing those who are found to have violated gun sales laws.
  • Establish a solid legal requirement for determining the willful violation of the law.
  • Create specific sentencing guidelines for dangerous felons convicted of a gun offense.
  • Set limitations on the availability of electronic gun owner information to protect the privacy of law-abiding citizens.
  • Allow security companies and ammunition manufacturers to purchase machine guns for product testing and international security personnel training.
  • Ease the restriction on the importation of replacement parts for semiautomatic rifles.
  • Direct that a suspension or fine be vacated if a court determines a licensee did not willfully violate the law with attorney’s fees awarded to a cleared defendant.
  • Direct that the number of warnings, amount of fines, or suspensions or revocations shall not be a factor in firing, promoting, or transferring agents.

Although not identical, this legislation is similar to a bill Congressmen Space and Steve King (IA-05) introduced during the 110th Congress.

Congressman Space has represented Ohio’s 18th Congressional District since 2007. He is working to restore integrity to the office and create the conditions to bring new industry and jobs to Ohio.


Strange Bedfellows Indeed: AWB 2009

February 28, 2009

Dirty Harry Reid and San Fran Nancy Pelosi in bed seeking to thwart Eric Holder and the rest of the obamanite’s? Actually supporting the Second Amendment based upon the Constitution? I’m somewhat dazed and it’s been fully a half hour since checking an RSS feed that almost makes it appear that the democrat congress is siding with the National Rifle Association. I’m still waiting for a Gun Owners of America situational analysis, and as we all have learned based upon the collective histories of the players involved we had better keep our heads up.

Eric Holder the treasonous creep that he is blames Americans for Mexico’s crime problem. No, not anything that might be rational, such as America fueling the drug business via the seemingly insatiable market. But, naturally, he attacks our freedoms attaching the blame to Americans. Alright, I’ll give him just a little bit of lee way there. After all, some criminals are buying weapons as straw purchasers and selling them to the drug gangs. That is already a serious felony though Mister Attorney General. But, in your (Eric Holder’s) warped mind it is just so much simpler to deny Americans that have nothing at all to do with the criminal activity their rights as granted them by our Constitution. Or is it just that they (Americans not involved other than possibly as victims) would be all that much easier to arrest and convict than the criminals that are part and parcel of the drug gangs that are more prone to shooting back?

Put all these things together and what do we have then? Politicians that are frightened beyond the pale that they might just lose their positions of power and prestige. An Attorney General who has based his entire career upon being a lackey for the powers of mysandry and hopolophobia. That is also all too obviously a fall guy for the administration, and that has a history of being right in the middle of having an innocent woman killed while holding a baby in her arms, and later having Americans burned to death. None of these people are friends of the American people. After all, the drug gangs have ample means of securing sophisticated weaponry. It’s just  easier to have innocent Americans slaughtered and by law, incapable of effectively defending their families, friends, nation, and selves.

What follows is the National Rifle Association’s take on it all.

Feds Send Mixed Signals On Push For Gun Control

HolderOn Wednesday, February 25, just over five weeks after Inauguration Day, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Obama Administration will seek to reinstate the expired federal “assault weapon” ban and impose additional restrictions.

“As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons,” Holder said. Based on Holder’s testimony during his confirmation hearings before the Senate, those other “changes” presumably include prohibiting private transfers of firearms and banning most center-fire rifle ammunition as “armor-piercing.”

Holder said that new gun control laws are needed because in Mexico, a country with a history of corruption and disregard for individual rights, there’s a shooting war going on between drug gangs and government troops, and some of the gangsters’ guns have been illegally purchased in the United States.

Few Americans are going to buy into the idea that the U.S. is responsible for internal problems in any foreign country, particularly one to which we give millions of dollars in aid, and in turn illegal drugs and illegal aliens flow freely into our southwestern states.

Holder tried to sell his scheme by saying that “International drug trafficking organizations pose a sustained, serious threat to the safety and security of our communities,” noting that law enforcement officers in this country have arrested more than 750 individuals on related illegal narcotics charges over the last 21 months.

Atta-boy to our law enforcement officers for their good work in making drug gangs bite the dust. But it appears that Holder exaggerated the “threat” that they pose to the U.S. On Thursday, a Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson told NRA-ILA that there is little incidence of Mexican drug gang members committing violent crimes in this country against Americans who are not involved in illegal activities with the gangs. Some Americans who have colluded with the drug-smugglers have not been so lucky, but for that they have only themselves to blame.

Of course, ignored in the discussion was any mention that straw purchasing a firearm for a Mexican drug runner, and transferring a firearm to someone knowing it will be used to commit a violent or drug-trafficking crime, are currently federal felonies punishable by 10 years in prison.

Holder was still enjoying the high (pardon the pun) that he must have felt from his media moment when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) reminded him that it isn’t the Attorney General who makes laws in the United States. Asked whether Holder had spoken to her before putting himself in front of the national news cameras, Pelosi said “no,” adding, “I think we need to enforce the laws we have right now.” Shortly thereafter, the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) stated flatly that “Senator Reid would oppose an effort [to] reinstate the ban if the Senate were to vote on it in the future.”

Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid were joined in opposing Holder by members of the bipartisan House of Representatives Second Amendment Task Force. U.S. Rep. and Task Force co-chair Paul Broun (R-Ga.) said “The Attorney General’s recent comments about reinstating the ‘assault weapons’ ban are extremely troubling since a ban clearly violates our Constitutional right to bear arms.” Co-chair Dan Boren (D-Okla.) added, “The Second Amendment Task Force is adamantly opposed to reinstating the ban on the sale of assault weapons as it clearly would demonstrate a violation of United States citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.” Other members of the Task Force include Democrats Jason Altmire (D-Pa.), Travis Childers (D-Miss.), Brad Ellsworth (D-Ind.), Jim Matheson (D-Utah) and Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.), and Republicans Rob Bishop (R-Utah), John Carter (R-Tex.), John Boozman (R-Ark.), Steve King (R-Iowa) and Steve Scalise (R-La.).

Independently, Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), an NRA Life Member, said that he would “oppose any action on behalf of the Attorney General or President Obama to reinstate the assault weapons ban.”

Unfortunately, Holder still has many options for ways to threaten the right to arms. As examples, he could force the BATFE to once again arbitrarily reinterpret firearm importation law, to further limit the kinds of firearms that may be imported. He could force the agency to discontinue its support of the Tiahrt Amendment, which protects both the privacy of gun buyers and the integrity of police investigations. And though the Justice Department has previously testified against the type of “armor piercing ammunition” restriction gun control supporters advocate today, Holder’s DOJ could reverse course. Holder could also direct BATFE to adopt enforcement policies designed to drive licensed dealers out of business.

And while Sen. Reid has a good record on many gun control issues, there is no doubt where Speaker Pelosi truly stands. She will support gun control, but on her timetable, not one provided her by the new Attorney General.

As we expect to say a lot over the next four years, “Stay tuned.”


Facist Holder secures power

February 2, 2009

Fascist Eric Holder has been appointed United States Attorney General. Only twenty-one Senators had the courage to stand for the Constitution and against the Obama henchman. Get ready for more Americans to die at the hands of government rogues after being entrapped. How long until another group of Americans are incinerated at the hands of the Department of Justice for practicing their religion? Those things happened during Holders last watch. Eric Holder condemns as torture something that every American troop that is spec ops, and many others go through as training, but he can’t condemn atrocities against Americans..?

The more things change, the more they stay the same: Poly Sci 101

November 23, 2008

Change! That was the mantra of the Obamasia was it not? Well, so far it appears that we will be having a rerun of the Clinton years. Are we really wanting to see things going on like that again? I mean, after all is said and done can we truly be proud of the things that went on with the “Crew.” From one thing after another it was a very bad time for America. So much change that Hillary Clinton will be Secretary of State?

What follows is from last Fridays Patriot Post, enjoy.

As the Obama administration begins to take shape, “change” has become little more than a bag of recyclables from the Clinton years. On a near-daily basis, it seems, Barack Obama has stocked his shelves with Clinton retreads or other longtime Swamp-dwellers. The next attorney general, for one, will be Eric Holder, Bill Clinton’s deputy attorney general from 1997-2001. Holder was instrumental in returning young Elian Gonzales to Communist Cuba at gunpoint, and in processing that rogue’s gallery of Clinton pardons in January 2001. Nothing like the smell of change…

The post that everyone is talking about, however, is that of secretary of state. Swamp gossip points to Hillary Clinton as the prime candidate, but despite some wishful thinking, it is not a done deal. History has proven that the best secretary of state is the one who acts as the mouthpiece of the president. Think Henry Kissinger or James Baker III. Those who do not promote the president’s ideological stance tend to be failures, pushing America’s foreign policy off the rails. Think Colin Powell. With that in mind, it’s hard to picture Hillary Clinton as the person charged with acting as the international mouthpiece of President Obama.

On the campaign trail, these two held strongly opposing views on American foreign policy. It could be said that Obama wants Clinton on board precisely because she can make up for his own inadequacies in foreign policy. If that is the case, then what does one do about the elephant in the room — i.e., Bill? As we all know, he has made a cottage industry of the ex-presidency, raking in millions of dollars from overseas speeches, consulting and philanthropy. As a private citizen, he’s of course allowed to keep many of his dealings secret, but how many of those secret deals will run into direct conflict with the interests of the United States if his wife is secretary of state? Clintonistas say this is not an issue, which means it’s a huge issue.

Furthermore, Hillary still has a future to consider. She has made a name for herself in the Senate, and another run for the White House isn’t out of the question. However, if she is tied to Obama’s administration and it falters, then she is likely to absorb a share of the blame. Perhaps the best advice came from former UN ambassador John Bolton: “Obama should remember the rule that you should never hire somebody you can’t fire.”

Meanwhile, what happened to John Kerry, who was openly vying the secretary of state post? He was recently named chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — ironically, the very committee to which he testified in 1971 that U.S. soldiers in Vietnam were committing war crimes. According to Kerry, our military personnel in Vietnam “personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, [blew] up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam in addition to … the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country.” Kerry then added, “There are all kinds of atrocities and I would have to say that, yes, yes, I committed the same kind of atrocities as thousands of other soldiers have committed.” So now we have a confessed war criminal in charge of the Foreign Relations Committee. That’s a change, all right.

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