Rick Perry: A New Face in the POTUS bid

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas has entered the fracas to become President. I for one am glad that he has. He brings experience and effective leadership ability into the contest. The usual suspects are already taking shots at him, and that, IMO, is a good thing. For as it is said; “That one is known by the enemies that he keeps.” HERE is a hit list that has already started.

The arguments against Rick perry that are listed are, at best, paper tigers that can easily be dismissed.

They say that his economic policy’s had nothing to do with how Texas is doing..? Then how did places like New York and Illinois, and let’s not forget the whacked out state of my birth California get into the current messes that they find themselves in if not from terrible executive leadership?

Next, that he is too conservative. Hell, just the other day he was being called a Libertarian with values, or something along those lines. In any case? Now hear this you closet commies. The United States of America is in fact a mostly Conservative nation when it comes down to the wire. Yes, I know, it’s wiki, but this one appears to be pretty solid.

Then they say that he is too cozy with special interests… That, coming from supporters of the obama..? Can you say preposterous..? I knew you could. Well, if the obama can get support from the Joyce Foundation, George Soros, the Brady Campaign, and the list goes on ad nausium why can’t Rick Perry have a few powerful supporters?

Untested at the national level? So was Barack H. obama, and the obama has failed the test in an epic manner.

Bush Fatigue? What..? Oh yeah, we are all so damned sick of the blame Bush rhetoric it’s pathetic! Or do they mean that because he is a Texan? Well, a long time ago, a Texan took on the chore of raising the son of a dead Marine. This Marine Corps Brat will never forget the kindness and direction given freely by a Texan, that just happened to be a Sergeant Major in the United States Marine Corps! So that’s what this Son of California thinks of Texas, and Texan’s!

Now for the disclaimers: I will be on Rick Perry’s ass full time if he turns RINO. He’s silent on the politically correct law that made ex post facto law the law of the land. If his balls were half the size of Texas he would issue a proclamation of pardon for the gun ban that involves ex post facto law as well as the taking of rights for less than felony crimes, any crime. His position on illegal immigration is unacceptable, period.

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5 Responses to “Rick Perry: A New Face in the POTUS bid”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    The number of assaults on Gov. Perry should be a good indication of how seriously Obama and his crew take the Texan’s candidacy.


  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    That is what I meant by being known by your enemies.


  3. Patrick Sperry Says:

    See an excellent related piece here.



  4. PanAm Says:

    In agreement with both Sperry and Maine… Attacks on Perry from Obama and his appointed officials… Obviously Perry presents a challenge — not only to Demos but to some Repubs who do not want to see anyone compete against their chosen candidate(s). We’ll see how it all plays out.


  5. libertarianftw Says:

    Oh, let’s see, Rick Perry…

    -Supported a 3 billion dollar medical research center
    -Secured a 300 million dollar business handout
    -Supported a new business tax
    -Set up toll road tax collection booths all over Texas highways
    -Signed an executive order forcing young Texas schoolgirls to get the HPV vaccine, with or without the child’s or parents’ consent.

    No thanks.


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