Election 2012: Which candidates really believe like those that send them to foggy bottom do?

We often see in candidates the populist notion, or action that shows them to be followers of the wind. Bill Clinton being the most famous of those that rule by polls. Polls can, and are twisted by those that put the damned things together. Like statistics, they can always be manipulated to show whatever bias the pollster wishes to convey to further their position. Be that the NRA (full disclosure I am a Life Member.) or NOW.

However, answering questioneres about a subject can provide insights into a candidate. What follows is from an email from a pro gun advocacy group, NAGR, with a link following so that you may join or donate to the cause should you choose to do so.

With the Iowa caucuses just a few days behind us, and with New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada choosing their Republican candidates soon, I wanted to write to you and give you a quick update on the NAGR Presidential Survey program.

As you know, NAGR has mailed every candidate for President an official NAGR Gun Rights Survey.

Ron Paul is the only remaining Republican candidate who has returned his survey 100% in favor of gun rights.

Over the last few weeks and months, I’ve asked you to call the campaigns of Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry to demand that each candidate return their gun rights survey 100% in favor of the Second Amendment.

Believe me, your calls worked. Repesentatives from each of those campaigns called NAGR offices, demanded we instruct our members and supporters to stop calling and to send them a survey.

Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry were hurt severely in Iowa because they stonewalled gun owners by refusing to return their surveys, and I think the longer that Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney ignore gun owners, the more it will hurt them as well.

Each candidate has the NAGR Presidential Survey in hand. However, we didn’t stop the calls, and we won’t. Each of the remaining candidates needs to know that gun owners have a powerful voice and we will assume that silence is a sign that they are hiding an anti-gun position.

I have serious concerns about Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Perry. It’s their records that worry me.

Let me take a minute or two right now to remind you about the positions of the four Presidential candidates who have so far refused to return their National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Survey.

Mitt Romney:

So far Mitt Romney has refused to respond to his NAGR gun rights survey, perhaps because when Mitt Romney was Governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts he signed a bill to ban an entire class of firearms.

Would he do the same thing — or even worse — as President of the United States? His record indicates that he would.

Mitt Romney supports the Brady Registration Act, mandatory 5-day waiting periods, mandatory firearms ID cards, the Federal Feinstein Gun Ban (so-called “assault weapons ban”) and he signed the Massachusetts Semi-Auto Ban in 2004.

He even went as far as to say that he supported Massachusetts’ tough anti-gun laws: “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them… I won’t chip away at them; I believe they protect us and provide for our safety.”

And to throw fuel on top of Mitt Romney’s anti-gun fire, he received the endorsement of John McCain this week, who himself has recorded promotional commercials for anti-gun groups hell-bent on restricting our Second Amendment rights.

Rick Santorum:

If you’ve watched any of the Presidential debates, you’ve noticed that Rick Santorum claims time and again to be a “fighter” who has “led on conservative issues.”

Rick Santorum’s record on the Second Amendment, however, tells a different story.

In the 90s, he voted to support the Lautenberg Gun Ban, which stripped law-abiding gun owners of their Second Amendment rights for life, simply because they spanked their children or did nothing more than grab a spouses wrist.

He voted for a bill in 1999 disguised as an attempt to increase penalties on drug traffickers with guns… but it also included a provision to require federal background checks at gun shows.

In 2000, Santorum voted to force pawn shops to require a background check on anyone coming into the store to sell a firearm.

And then he voted with gun-controlling Democrats Dianne Fienstein and Frank Lautenberg to mandate locks on handguns in 2005.

But worst of all, Rick Santorum has a storied history of bailing out anti-gun Republicans facing reelection.

Rick Santorum came to anti-gun Arlen Specter’s defense in 2004 when he was down in the polls against pro-gun Republican Pat Toomey. Specter won and continued to push for gun control during his years in the Senate.

He also supported and openly campaigned for anti-gun New Jersey governor, Christine Todd Whitman.

It certainly appears that Rick Santorum has no regrets about his past anti-gun record. Worse, it appears he’d be happy to continue along this path as President.

Newt Gingrich:

For those who have followed Newt Gingrich’s career, the revelation that he talks out of both sides of his mouth won’t be a surprise.

Despite claiming to be pro-gun, Newt Gingrich’s reign as Speaker was downright hostile to our Second Amendment rights.

Newt supports the Brady National Gun Registry, a national biometric thumbprint database for gun purchasers, the Lautenberg Gun Ban and the “Criminal Safezones Act.”

Newt doesn’t think the Brady Instant Gun Registry goes far enough — he wants thumbprints:

“I think we prefer to go to instant check on an immediate basis and try to accelerate implementing instant checks so that you could literally check by thumbprint… Instant check is a much better system than the Brady process.” — June 27, 1997

Gingrich may claim to be pro-gun . . .

But his record indicates otherwise, and his refusal to answer his NAGR survey should give any Second Amendment supporter cause for concern.

Rick Perry:

Texas Governor Rick Perry has received an earful from NAGR members over the past several months for refusing to return his Candidate Survey.

His strategy seems to be to tell gun owners “trust me” while keeping completely silent on what he would do about our gun rights if elected President.

Over the years, gun owners have learned that this is a failed strategy.

George H.W. Bush ran as a pro-gun candidate for President in 1988, but when elected, things changed.

First, he signed an Executive Order banning the importation of so-called “assault weapons.”

Not only that, but it was under President Bush that “Operation Triggerlock,” which dramatically increased funding and power for the BATFE, was implemented.

Of course, as Governor of Texas, Rick Perry did make some minor improvements in state law for gun owners.

It is, however, one thing to act pro-gun as Governor of a state like Texas and quite another to be a pro-gun President of the United States.

Please keep up the pressure on these four Presidential candidates who continue to stonewall gun owners.

Give each campaign a call and demand the candidates return their National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Survey — at once:

Mitt Romney: 857-288-3500

Rick Santorum: 603-518-5199

Newt Gingrich: 678-973-2306

Rick Perry: 855-887-5627

You and I know that we have the most anti-gun President in the history of our country right now in the Oval Office . . .

. . . but perhaps even more dangerous would be a Republican with a proven anti-gun history cutting backroom, anti-gun deals.

National Association for Gun Rights

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5 Responses to “Election 2012: Which candidates really believe like those that send them to foggy bottom do?”

  1. Patrick Sperry Says:


    Santorum Surges, but Still No Gun Rights Survey

    Rick Santorum emerged as the latest conservative alternative to Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses, placing second to Romney by a mere eight votes.

    Santorum, a former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, currently holds a “B-” rating from Gun Owners of America. That indicates he was with us for much–but not all–of the time he was in office.

    It is troubling, therefore, that Santorum still hasn’t returned the GOA presidential survey.

    Mitt Romney also has not returned a survey, but we know why. He’s already come out in support of massive gun control initiatives such as a semi-auto ban and waiting periods for gun purchases. Romney is the real RINO in this race (Republican In Name Only) — as evidenced by the fact that anti-gun Senator John McCain just endorsed him. We also know that Rick Perry has an excellent record on guns as Texas’ governor, and that Representative Ron Paul is A+ rated and has a perfect voting record in Congress.

    Even Newt Gingrich, whose record on gun rights is far from perfect, returned a survey.

    This makes it all the more important that Santorum clarify his positions by completing the Gun Owners of America presidential survey.

    The questionnaire asks about banning firearms, registering gun owners, and supporting a massive UN gun control treaty–as well as the candidates’ views repealing existing gun laws and other issues important to gun owners.

    There are nearly 100 million gun owners in America. If Santorum is positioning himself as the alternative to Romney, then he shouldn’t ignore this vast constituency as it continues to asses the candidates.

    ACTION: Please contact the Santorum campaign right away and urge him to complete the GOA survey.

    You can send an email directly to his New Hampshire office at TeamNH@ricksantorum.com, or you can also call his New Hampshire office at 603-518-5199. You can also contact Rick through his webform at http://www.ricksantorum.com/contact-us.

    Please call or email today and urge Mr. Santorum to fill out his GOA survey. The New Hampshire primary is right around the corner, so this is the best time to get his attention.


    Tim Macy
    Vice Chairman


  2. PanAm Says:

    Facts are stubborn things that won’t go away. Thank you Patrick for making all this available.


  3. Alfie Says:

    I’m obviously biased on this but I have to jump in just the same.
    Romneys signature on the assault weapons ban in Mass. was well thought out and positioned. It also was a law that extended/improved gun rights in MA and that’s no small feat.
    Where folks find great alarm on Mitt Romneys gun control issue I find a politician who weighs things out and them makes a decision. That Romney would be a strong anti-gun advocate for the entire nation doesn’t ring true for me. On a populist side (flip?) he is intelligent enough to see it wouldn’t stand.
    I think the only legit concern gun rights folks have re Romney is as follows. I could see him not expending energy and clout on the issue deferring it to the states. Individuals who reside in states that hate guns would not necessarily have the Oval jumping in2thefray for or against and I can see where that might be a drag.


  4. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Whether or not he sticks to a states rights position would be the big question Alfie. With all due respect sir? Where does he stand? he has morphed more than a Caterpillar on so many issues it is clearly pathetic.

    My last student is from Mass. A wonderful place where you need a “permit” to exercise a right. Thank you very much. Where taxes are sky high, and union thugs control nearly every aspect of life. As for the so-called assault weapons thing please tell me which is more deadly. A single bullet between the eyes or one from an AR 15? Not to mention that the only people that are affected by this ban on effective weaponry are the law abiding folks. Leaving them at the mercy of the thugs that get smuggled in fully automatic weapons from Mexico…

    What next I ask? Some damned card that allows you to be a Baptist or Catholic? Another that allows you to speak your mind without fear of government recrimination? Yet another that permits you to gather with other like minded individuals or post on your blog..?

    I remain standing by my original statements way back in the early days of the internet forums and this blog. That position being that if you weaken any portion of the Bill of Rights or the Constitution that you weaken the entire whole.


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