Time for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign; Is this a recording..?

Well, the other shoe has dropped.  We’ve known for several months that the Obama Administration was turning a blind eye to — and even encouraged — suspected gun smugglers who were purchasing firearms from gun stores in the southwest.
However, now we know the rest of the story:  Your tax money was used to buy many of those guns that were later sent to Mexico.
But why?  That’s the recurring question.  Why would the Obama Administration — that is filled with anti-gun cronies — knowingly approve the sales of firearms to bad guys?  Why would they knowingly put thousands of guns “into the wrong hands,” when they’ve spent years advocating gun control laws to supposedly get guns “out of the wrong hands.”


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2 Responses to “Time for Attorney General Eric Holder to resign; Is this a recording..?”

  1. mainenowandthen Says:

    Simply yet another example for the complete disregard of the rule of law exhibited by the Obama Administration. A scandal it is, but don’t expect much to come of it. The Democrats, as always, will rally behind their standard bearer no matter how strong the stench of corruption and incompetence becomes. America is on the wrong road, but the entitlement society that the Progressives have carefully built may prove to be the deciding factor in future elections. If so, the doorway to a dominant, Marxist-oriented Ruling Class is wide open and the fall of America as a world power is ensured. And that, I suspect, is the final goal of the Obama crowd.


  2. PanAm Says:

    Yes, is anyone listening? How many problems must he be allowed to create or overlook before having him “heave hoed” out!


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