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Wary, but prepared?

November 8, 2009

I am seriously thinking about beginning an entirely new series here at Conservative Libertarian Outpost. Nothing that really would be new in the realm of knowledge, but, things that a lot of decent people just don’t have knowledge of. Important things, that might save your life, or those of your loved ones. Not to mention your community, your State, and, possibly, your nation.

I may need a little assistance in doing this. I mean, after all, this blog is more than a month old, to say the least. At a whopping two pages I am thinking that a new page, or, possibly, a new blog might be a better method. I am thinking of calling it “Militia Central.” A gathering point for knowledge, and beliefs that go beyond the normal spectrum. If you would like to participate in this venture leave a comment. If you think that it is a bad idea leave a comment also.

If you are of a crack head stoned out emotional adolescent mentality don’t bother applying. Same goes for supposed servants of the people that forswear their oaths.

If this becomes a go my first post may very well be about dispersed leadership, and how to address the attacks on “centers of gravity.” Then again  it might be about domestic terrorist’s that pretend to be Americans. The Brady Bunch, SLPC, BATFE and so on.

What say you my readers?

Warfighter 101: The Taliban lamentations

October 6, 2009

“Information, the first principle of warfare. Know thine enemy, but first you must know yourself.” Was that Sun Tzu? A later strategist? Who cares really, it is fundamental knowledge, and GWB blew it. The other day I started reading a rather long article. One that should be required reading for every Officer and NCO in our entire Armed Forces as well as the Commander in Chief.

In war, it is, and has been for some time a well understood tactic that winning the brain game can ensure a victory. Sometimes even without bloodshed, or minimized actual violence. Destroy the enemy’s will to fight; demoralize him, make him believe in his heart and soul that he cannot be victorious. Target any leaders that will spring up among them, and destroy them, utterly. To drive the point home. Let them hear the lamentations of not only their women, as Conan would say, but of their fellow warriors as well. Make them believe that even their God has forsaken them… Victory will be assured.

We, as in the allied forces were about to make history. The Taliban were on the ropes and a real win, by outsiders, had never before been done in Afghanistan.

But then, we took our eye off the target. It was as if we were at a Trap Shoot and shifted from singles to doubles without taking out the first clay first…

Doubt my words? Read this, in it’s entirety. Yes, it is a long read. Nothing of true value is ever easy though. This is however invaluable , if you are to understand the psychology of warfare. Of victory, and war-fighting.

The Taliban in their own words

Al Qaeda Massacred By Ferocious Leathernecks

January 9, 2009

I think that maybe, just maybe, this account will put to rest the “Old Corp” verses the “New Corp” debate that has been going on for as long as I can remember.

Semper Fi Devil Dogs!

Iraq battle yields Navy Cross, 4 Silver Stars

By Gidget Fuentes – Staff writer
Posted : Thursday Jan 8, 2009 20:59:38 EST

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — The Marine Corps will present the Navy Cross on Thursday to a junior grenadier credited with saving the lives of 10 fellow infantrymen and decimating a force of insurgents during a deadly 2005 firefight inside an Iraqi home.

Three other members of his infantry squad with 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, will receive Silver Stars during the ceremony at Camp Pendleton, Calif., according to 1st Lt. Curtis Williamson, a 1st Marine Division spokesman. A fourth Silver Star will be presented to the family of their former platoon commander, who died in the battle against 21 heavily armed insurgents in western Anbar province.

Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter recently approved the Navy Cross for Lance Cpl. Joshua A. Mooi, a grenadier assigned to Fox Company’s 2nd Platoon. The Navy Cross is the nation’s second-highest award for combat valor, after the Medal of Honor.

On Nov. 16, 2005, Mooi’s battalion was targeting al-Qaida operatives in New Ubaydi, along the Euphrates River. The missions were part of operation “Steel Curtain.”

Mooi’s platoon came under attack from insurgents firing automatic weapons and lobbing grenades from several fortified homes, officials said. Mooi fought back and helped recover four Marines hit by enemy fire.

Six times, he “willingly entered an ambush site to pursue the enemy and extricate injured Marines,” his award citation states. “Often alone in his efforts, he continued to destroy the enemy and rescue wounded Marines until his rifle was destroyed by enemy fire and he was ordered to withdraw.”

His “relentless and courageous actions eliminated at least four insurgents while permitting the immediate care and evacuation of more than a dozen Marines who lay critically or mortally wounded,” it states.

To date. 16 Marines and one Navy corpsman have been awarded the Navy Cross for their combat actions in Iraq.

Winter also approved Silver Stars for:

• 2nd Lt. Donald R. McGlothlin, the platoon commander who was killed as he laid suppressive fire against insurgents in an effort to shield the evacuation of wounded Marines from the house, his citation states.

• Staff Sgt. Robert W. Homer, 2nd Platoon’s sergeant, who fended off enemy grenades, small-arms fire and serious shrapnel wounds to lob suppressive fire and help treat and evacuate wounded Marines before he was ordered aboard a medevac helicopter, according to the citation.

• Cpl. Javier Alvarez, a squad leader who directed several magazines of suppressive fire as Marines tried to aid and evacuate the wounded and who himself was seriously wounded after he grabbed an enemy grenade before it detonated, the citation states.

• Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Jesse P. Hickey, the platoon corpsman who saved several Marines’ lives, at times running into the kill zone through enemy automatic fire to treat severely wounded members despite suffering injuries to one of his arms, according to his citation.


Update On Pakistan from Eye Witness Muhammad « Peace and Freedom ‘08

April 24, 2008

Update On Pakistan from Eye Witness Muhammad « Peace and Freedom ‘08

This is an interesting piece. However, it seems as though it is filled with double-speak. That could be do to language barriers though. Peace in the tribal regions? Has it ever been so? This is a difficult part of the world, it always has been that way. Much as I would laud any progress there, I have serious doubts that a true state of peace will be established. Please note the authors last paragraph…

Dear Sir, situation is tribal areas is still critical as terrorists have been killing and terrorising the people. The people of tribal areas are grateful to you for your kindness and love with them. Your positive approach has now been some positive change. A lot of thanks.

Well done!

April 19, 2008

Seems all to often that the main stream media slams the military. This story is an exception, and tells the real story of just what it is that the Airborne Special Forces mission is, and how it is proceeding.

Most of the operators that I know are from Fifth, and Seventh Special Forces Groups. Most have been deployed for years. None of this six month stuff. The mission demands more. One thing that stood out in this story is that they will have many more soldiers trained up to Ranger level in the Afghan Army than we have in the U.S. Army.

This sort of thing is so seldom reported that it brings to mind the saying; Navy Seals leave craters, you never knew the Special Forces were there.

and a time for war…

October 21, 2007

One of the most troubled regions in the world is about to have yet another round of warfare. Will this suceed in pacifying the area? I seriously doubt that it will. After all, when has there been peace there in all of known history?


Pakistan plans all-out war on militants
By Syed Saleem Shahzad

An all-out battle for control of Pakistan’s restive North and South Waziristan is about to commence between the Pakistani military and the Taliban and al-Qaeda adherents who have made these tribal areas their own.


Terrorism in America

October 21, 2007

Where do I start..? Some here know of my background, and that may lend some credence to what I say. For others it will hinder that! )
I am a former FEMA Mass Casualty Incident Planner/Trainer among other things. I traveled to Africa,Europe and Israel several times learning about these sorts of things. We developed contingency plans for just about every scenario possible. That the veritable book that was written gets tossed every time something happens is not the fault of the people that prepared for what we know will happen some day. It is the fault of those that have their collective heads stuck in the sand, from Columbine to Katrina, that has been the rule.
It is also true that here in the Denver area, we are a target rich environment, especially what with the DNC being held here next year. I will not comment on what things are being explored as possible responses to the myriad possibilities.
I will comment though that I believe that there is simply not enough being done that would preempt a strike. So bomb dogs are trained differently by different agencies? So what, that is a strength in that it makes it more difficult for the bad guys to learn how to circumvent them. So behavioral studies are not complete? So what, you might just catch some creep that you did train for. So the people of America will burn out on being cautious and reporting suspicious behavior? So what, an awareness campaign just might be key to saving a lot of lives.

Folks, when it comes to our safety and freedom here in America, I simply refuse to lose.

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