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Questions and such; As the World (Election 2012) turns

November 2, 2011

All too often we seem to get caught up in things that are nothing but distractions. It’s like being on a deer or elk hunt, and focusing the cross hairs on the antlers. Sure, those are what will get you into the book and hang on the wall. Perhaps even on the cover of a magazine. But they don’t get to the heart of the matter, pun intended.

Let’s go over a few such things, in no particular order of importance.

Illegal immigration is a deal breaker for many Americans. Put a clamp on it, or you don’t get the vote from a pretty large number of Americans, including one heck of a lot of Americans of Mexican extraction. Hold your nose and vote appears to be what we are once again headed for on that one…

Taxes… Americans pay one heck of a lot in taxes. Add all the state and local taxes, often camouflaged as user fees and we are well above many other nations. An awful lot of that can be laid directly at the feet of the various unions. But certainly not all. Various special interests groups also play a big role. Examples might be moralists that seek to force their beliefs upon us all under the guise of public health or expense. Think “sin” taxes. Then there are those that take environmentalism to an absurd extreme. These things all have a monetary cost, and guess where the money comes from?

Constitutional Rights, including The Bill of Rights. Often, these are treated like statistics. As in being twisted to fit whatever this or that person or groups agenda is. Free speech and Second Amendment rights seem to fall into that category most often. However let’s not forget what the Supreme Court has done these past few years concerning private property rights or search and seizure just to name two. The “Patriot Act” seems to have been crafted to fit that famous quotation having to do with trading security for liberty.

The economy as always, or at least every time I turn around is always way up there and right now is probably at the very top of the list for many. As it should be… It is also tied by the neck to just about every other issue. Here’s the thing though. Government cannot “create” jobs. What it can do though is create a climate that either stifles job growth and hinders that, or encourages job creation. How to go about that has been the great debate for many years and, I suspect will continue to do so for many years after I am long gone.

The “Drug War” continues on unabated. Again, this issue is intertwined with many others, and no. I do not advocate the use of drugs, other than as needed for the medical issues of the individual. The fact that drugs being contraband though creates an enormous market with corresponding profits. Profits that allow the purchase of very powerful weaponry that is in turn used to secure and bolster the business of those engaged in such enterprises. End the drug war, and you put a knife to the throat of the profits of murdering thugs and terrorists around the world. No, it will not stop them from their nefarious ways completely, but will go a long way toward that end.

Special Interests legislation. A real black eye for America to be sure. Whether it is one sided sexist laws that destroy our families or pure cronyism in the name of social or monetary profits these things need to be done away with.

Military and Veteran’s issues. These are things that simply are far to wide ranging to list. We must have a strong and powerful military. We have more than a few enemies around the world, and the group of home grown “Hate America First” types certainly don’t help matters. The way that we treat our Veterans can be summed up in a single word. That word  being “shameful.”

The United States of America, still a work in progress, and still, the best place on this earth in which to be alive.

DOJ Inspector General Proposes Multiple Sales Reports On Long Guns

November 17, 2010

More waste for pure political correctness and infringement of the rights of Americans.

As we noted in the Sept. 24, 2010 Grassroots Alert, a draft report prepared by the Justice Department Inspector General had called into question the BATFE’s mega-million-dollar Project Gunrunner program.  Established in 2007, this program sought to expand the agency’s firearm tracing operation, relative to the still uncertain amount of smuggling of firearms from the United States to Mexico. This week, the report appeared in final form.


Like the draft, the final report notes that despite Project Gunrunner’s lavish funding, the program suffers because the BATFE fails to coordinate with its own people, with those of the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and with Mexican officials.


“We also found no routine sharing of firearms trafficking-related information and techniques between ATF intelligence personnel in Southwest border locations and in the ATF Mexico Country Office,” the report says. “ATF and ICE do not work together effectively on investigations of firearms trafficking to Mexico. . . . ATF does not systematically and consistently exchange intelligence with its Mexican and some U.S. partner agencies.”


Epic fail obama: Election year fight over AZ Law

April 24, 2010

As the impostor in chief continues his arrogant leadership methodology complete with the Mussolini chin angle the people of Arizona did what neither him, nor Bush, nor any President since Eisenhower has. That being to actually do something about illegal immigration.

Leftest response was immediate, and, as was to be expected the race card was pulled faster than a revolver from a town marshal’s holster in an old west movie gunfight. Next it will be the “it’s for the children” card and the “Constitutional” card… Uh, sorry, they played that card before I could finish typing! I simply find it nothing less than amazing. The hypocrisy of the left apparently truly does have no boundaries.

Let’s play this out a bit shall we? First, the obamanites know that they are going to get their collective butts kicked in the upcoming election if they cannot come up with something divisive that they can rally their troops around. After all, the backlash from the obviously un-Constitutional obamacare has stirred things up in the United States like nothing since the Viet Nam War. Indeed, I would submit that this is an extension of that. Just take a look at the players in the card game now.

So, now that the extremist’s branch of the Democrat Party are in power, and passing all sorts of things that have raised the ire of the American people they need something that will split them up  into factions that can be divided up piecemeal, and easily defeated. Then we will have four more years, at minimum, of not just “big government.” But overbearing, arrogant, better than thou types that will become the new American aristocracy.

They need to gamble. Hence the “Card Game” metaphor. The “cards” are all based upon fallacies of course. But they do raise populist anger to the degree that can,and will break the unity developed by the Tea Party and other similar groups. Divide and conquest. It is an old stratagem, and it works. The only question is how many cards to play before the opposition folds. After all, those other cards may be needed at a later time…

When to play a card? When you have no rational, logical, or ethical argument to present.

  • The Race Card: Always a good stand by, it can be played time and time again. Just find a new twist. In this, the instant situation? They will call going after those that flaunt our laws racial profiling. Never mind that the people that are coming here to do evil things to us fit a particular profile. Be that a muslin terrorist, or a member of organized crime.
  • The Constitutional Card: That card can only be played when it suits them. They are therefore claiming that questioning people about their legal status to be allowed to be in this country constitutes an illegal search. So be it. Having said that? Where the hell are they when it comes to our First Amendment Rights? The sheer vitriol from the left about the Town Hall meetings exposes them for what they are. The constant assault on our Second Amendment Rights further shows what a bunch of hypocrites they are when it comes to Constitutional rights. Just look at the back door gun control being pursued by Clinton at the U.N. Need I really continue?
  • “It’s for the children Card”: The twist on this card is that people come here from other nations. Then make babies, and according to our law, those baby’s are indeed American citizen’s. There is a legal theory that deals with poisoned fruit. That is fruit that has fallen from a poisoned tree. In other words, you can’t use evidence that was obtained illegally. If their children were born here as a direct result of the parents knowingly breaking our laws? Too bad, they are fruit from poisoned trees so to speak. Send them back to the countries of their parents origin along with the parents.

That is just a partial list of course… Not to mention that I didn’t list all the wonderful things that the illegals do when they get here. Like bring in drugs, guns that citizen’s are not allowed to own. Rape, murder, kidnap, and so on… Here are a few links to read so that you, the reader, will know more about the subject which I am writing about.

Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

Story 4

Storm Warnings: Yelling fire

November 16, 2009

American balkanization is going full steam. The regional separatism that is unfolding before our eyes is telling. Even the terminology is getting twisted. The term “Redneck” is just one example. It originated in the Appalachian region, and defined union workers. Not exactly your right wing terrorists as the DHS likes to call anyone that disagrees with them, and that is not a communist or Muslim.

Anti liberty forces propagandize without bothering to note facts. Just today a WordPress blog that is anti liberty made a post about veterans and made it appear that those veterans were mentally incompetent, as defined by law. When, in fact, that statement was made by none other than the Brady Bunch. A group that has become notorious for being less than truthful.

These not so United States are being torn asunder. There appears to be little middle ground where differences can be hashed out that will be acceptable to all party’s. These things range from States Rights, to abortion, to taxes, gun control, the drug war, and beyond. Lets not forget Man Made Global Warming while we are at it.

These same arguments are all to often clouded with red herrings that further cloud issues. Be that gay rights, property rights, special rights for special groups, and racism to name but a few.

It used to be said that we are a nation of laws, and not of men. Yet, when law is used to belittle others, then respect for the law evaporates.

1984 has come and gone, yet newspeak is all the rage it seems. Most especially in the Senate and Congress. Are these concerns simply yelling fire in a crowded theater? If so, then what if the theater is in fact on fire? Do you allow those people to just burn alive?

As the song says, if you cannot stand for something, then you stand for nothing at all, or something like that.

Mexico, obama’s new residence for excuses

August 22, 2009

Last Sunday, the Mexican government fired 1,100 customs officials in a move to wipe out rampant corruption in the agency charged with securing the transport of goods and people across the U.S.-Mexican border. Army troops temporarily took control of the ports of entry (POE’s) along the 2,000-mile border.

Using more than 36,00 Mexican Army troops, President Felipe Calderon continues his war on the barbaric drug cartels that control and ravage much of Mexico. Last year, 5,600 people died at the hands of the cartels. The focus on the POE’s is not just the interdiction of human and drug smuggling but also of the flow of firearms into Mexico where they are tightly controlled. Calderon has complained frequently that guns from the United States provide the cartels with most of their firepower, though we have noted the dubious nature of this claim on more than one occasion.

During his visit to Mexico last week, Barack Obama praised Calderon’s efforts, but the Apologizer in Chief also readily blamed his own country for the violence. He pledged to dry up the flow of weapons into Mexico as well as to cut American demand for drugs. His strategy to stop the movement of guns includes reinstating (and, no doubt, enhancing) the 1994 ban on so-called “assault weapons” that expired in 2004. In addition, he promised an additional $1.6 billion for the Merida Initiative, a joint effort to fight against drug trafficking, money laundering and other crimes in Mexico and Central America.

But according to recent reports by the National Drug Intelligence Center, the Mexican cartels have been regulating “traffic” into and out of Mexico for some time, both at the POE’s and the virtually uncontrolled borderlands from San Ysidro, California to Brownsville, Texas. The problem always comes back to our wide-open border that four successive administrations have made little attempt to control. Calderon’s willingness to wage war on the cartels is truly admirable, but all things considered, it could end up as tilting at windmills.


Homeland Security plans for violence

March 14, 2009

So you thought that the uproar over Americans having their rights taken from them as a result of Mexican Criminal activity had silenced to gun grabbers? Not so… As usual it simply put a hush on things for convenience. Nothing has changed a single iota. The administrations plan is still to take away Americans ability to fight back in an effective manner against murderous thugs. Or perhaps it is so that Americans cannot resist their own government when they become the thugs? The fine folks that brought you Ruby Ridge and the Waco Holocaust are going to rescue you once again from yourselves! Yes, pigs are flying but they are a buffed and polished bunch. Now with pretty new lipstick.

Read on

Homeland Security plans for violence on U.S. border

The Associated Press

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WASHINGTON — Tighter gun control and stronger law enforcement in Southwestern states were recommended Thursday by lawmakers concerned about drug violence in Mexico possibly spilling across the border.

The escalating violence — which has killed thousands, mostly south of the border — has been blamed on Mexican drug cartels which one Homeland Security official described as the biggest organized-crime threat facing the United States.

Roger Rufe, Homeland Security’s head of operations, outlined the agency’s plans for protecting the border, a response that includes — as a last resort — deploying military personnel and equipment to the region if other agencies are overwhelmed.

Echoing comments a day earlier from President Barack Obama, Rufe said there currently was no need to militarize the Southwestern border with Mexico, despite violence that threatens to migrate into the United States.

“We would take all resources short of DoD [Defense Department] and National Guard troops before we reach that tipping point,” Rufe told lawmakers on a House homeland security subcommittee. “We very much do not want to militarize our border.”

Rufe did not specify what circumstances would trigger a call for troops.

The violence is blamed on Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s crackdown on drug cartels over the past two years.

In recent weeks, his government has deployed 700 extra federal police to Ciudad Juarez, a city across from El Paso, where local police have been swamped by drug violence. This month, 3,200 federal troops were sent to the city.

Tijuana and Culiacan are also hotbeds of violence, according to Andrew Selee, director of the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Mexican officials say the violence killed 6,290 people last year and more than 1,000 in the first eight weeks of 2009.

“The United States and Mexico border violence can only be solved if we look at all parts of the equation,” Rep. John Tierney, D-Mass., said Thursday during a House subcommittee considering changes to U.S. gun laws. “Let’s examine our gun laws, let’s cut down on U.S. drug consumption, let’s ask there to be more resources to root out drug-money laundering,” he said.

Tierney said 90 percent of the weapons seized from Mexican organized crime came from the United States. Tierney said the information was from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Gun-control expert Tom Diaz said the U.S. needs to enforce gun-importation laws already on the books to prevent weapons coming into the U.S. and ending up in Mexico.

Lawmakers also weighed increasing inspections of people and vehicles leaving the U.S. to go to Mexico to help stop the potential smuggling of weapons. The Customs and Border Protection agency currently does some inspections. But Salvador Nieto, a senior official within the agency’s intelligence division, said more resources would be needed if Congress wants to step up inspections.

Warring drug cartels are blamed for more than 560 kidnappings in Phoenix in 2007 and the first half of 2008, as well as killings in Atlanta, Birmingham, Ala., and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Rufe said that while the violence along the border in Mexico is appalling, violent crimes have not increased in U.S. border cities as a result. He said kidnappings are up, but violent crime is down.

“We’re not so concerned, at least at this point, about that violence spilling over into our cities,” he said.

Further, the Homeland Security Department’s representative in Mexico, Alonzo Pena, said the violence there is not as dangerous to U.S. tourists as has been portrayed.

Pena said the violence is in isolated areas of the country and affects only the people involved in crime. He said the violence is not affecting U.S. citizens visiting Mexico, and Americans should not cancel their vacations in the country.

This month, the ATF warned college students on spring breaks not to travel to parts of northern Mexico because it was too dangerous.

In February, the State Department advised travelers to avoid areas of prostitution and drug-dealing in Mexico.

We very much do not want to militarize our border.”

Roger Rufe,
Homeland Security’s head of operations

Strange Bedfellows Indeed: AWB 2009

February 28, 2009

Dirty Harry Reid and San Fran Nancy Pelosi in bed seeking to thwart Eric Holder and the rest of the obamanite’s? Actually supporting the Second Amendment based upon the Constitution? I’m somewhat dazed and it’s been fully a half hour since checking an RSS feed that almost makes it appear that the democrat congress is siding with the National Rifle Association. I’m still waiting for a Gun Owners of America situational analysis, and as we all have learned based upon the collective histories of the players involved we had better keep our heads up.

Eric Holder the treasonous creep that he is blames Americans for Mexico’s crime problem. No, not anything that might be rational, such as America fueling the drug business via the seemingly insatiable market. But, naturally, he attacks our freedoms attaching the blame to Americans. Alright, I’ll give him just a little bit of lee way there. After all, some criminals are buying weapons as straw purchasers and selling them to the drug gangs. That is already a serious felony though Mister Attorney General. But, in your (Eric Holder’s) warped mind it is just so much simpler to deny Americans that have nothing at all to do with the criminal activity their rights as granted them by our Constitution. Or is it just that they (Americans not involved other than possibly as victims) would be all that much easier to arrest and convict than the criminals that are part and parcel of the drug gangs that are more prone to shooting back?

Put all these things together and what do we have then? Politicians that are frightened beyond the pale that they might just lose their positions of power and prestige. An Attorney General who has based his entire career upon being a lackey for the powers of mysandry and hopolophobia. That is also all too obviously a fall guy for the administration, and that has a history of being right in the middle of having an innocent woman killed while holding a baby in her arms, and later having Americans burned to death. None of these people are friends of the American people. After all, the drug gangs have ample means of securing sophisticated weaponry. It’s just  easier to have innocent Americans slaughtered and by law, incapable of effectively defending their families, friends, nation, and selves.

What follows is the National Rifle Association’s take on it all.

Feds Send Mixed Signals On Push For Gun Control

HolderOn Wednesday, February 25, just over five weeks after Inauguration Day, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Obama Administration will seek to reinstate the expired federal “assault weapon” ban and impose additional restrictions.

“As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons,” Holder said. Based on Holder’s testimony during his confirmation hearings before the Senate, those other “changes” presumably include prohibiting private transfers of firearms and banning most center-fire rifle ammunition as “armor-piercing.”

Holder said that new gun control laws are needed because in Mexico, a country with a history of corruption and disregard for individual rights, there’s a shooting war going on between drug gangs and government troops, and some of the gangsters’ guns have been illegally purchased in the United States.

Few Americans are going to buy into the idea that the U.S. is responsible for internal problems in any foreign country, particularly one to which we give millions of dollars in aid, and in turn illegal drugs and illegal aliens flow freely into our southwestern states.

Holder tried to sell his scheme by saying that “International drug trafficking organizations pose a sustained, serious threat to the safety and security of our communities,” noting that law enforcement officers in this country have arrested more than 750 individuals on related illegal narcotics charges over the last 21 months.

Atta-boy to our law enforcement officers for their good work in making drug gangs bite the dust. But it appears that Holder exaggerated the “threat” that they pose to the U.S. On Thursday, a Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson told NRA-ILA that there is little incidence of Mexican drug gang members committing violent crimes in this country against Americans who are not involved in illegal activities with the gangs. Some Americans who have colluded with the drug-smugglers have not been so lucky, but for that they have only themselves to blame.

Of course, ignored in the discussion was any mention that straw purchasing a firearm for a Mexican drug runner, and transferring a firearm to someone knowing it will be used to commit a violent or drug-trafficking crime, are currently federal felonies punishable by 10 years in prison.

Holder was still enjoying the high (pardon the pun) that he must have felt from his media moment when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) reminded him that it isn’t the Attorney General who makes laws in the United States. Asked whether Holder had spoken to her before putting himself in front of the national news cameras, Pelosi said “no,” adding, “I think we need to enforce the laws we have right now.” Shortly thereafter, the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) stated flatly that “Senator Reid would oppose an effort [to] reinstate the ban if the Senate were to vote on it in the future.”

Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid were joined in opposing Holder by members of the bipartisan House of Representatives Second Amendment Task Force. U.S. Rep. and Task Force co-chair Paul Broun (R-Ga.) said “The Attorney General’s recent comments about reinstating the ‘assault weapons’ ban are extremely troubling since a ban clearly violates our Constitutional right to bear arms.” Co-chair Dan Boren (D-Okla.) added, “The Second Amendment Task Force is adamantly opposed to reinstating the ban on the sale of assault weapons as it clearly would demonstrate a violation of United States citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.” Other members of the Task Force include Democrats Jason Altmire (D-Pa.), Travis Childers (D-Miss.), Brad Ellsworth (D-Ind.), Jim Matheson (D-Utah) and Mike McIntyre (D-N.C.), and Republicans Rob Bishop (R-Utah), John Carter (R-Tex.), John Boozman (R-Ark.), Steve King (R-Iowa) and Steve Scalise (R-La.).

Independently, Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.), an NRA Life Member, said that he would “oppose any action on behalf of the Attorney General or President Obama to reinstate the assault weapons ban.”

Unfortunately, Holder still has many options for ways to threaten the right to arms. As examples, he could force the BATFE to once again arbitrarily reinterpret firearm importation law, to further limit the kinds of firearms that may be imported. He could force the agency to discontinue its support of the Tiahrt Amendment, which protects both the privacy of gun buyers and the integrity of police investigations. And though the Justice Department has previously testified against the type of “armor piercing ammunition” restriction gun control supporters advocate today, Holder’s DOJ could reverse course. Holder could also direct BATFE to adopt enforcement policies designed to drive licensed dealers out of business.

And while Sen. Reid has a good record on many gun control issues, there is no doubt where Speaker Pelosi truly stands. She will support gun control, but on her timetable, not one provided her by the new Attorney General.

As we expect to say a lot over the next four years, “Stay tuned.”


My Vida Loca…

February 22, 2009

Immigration front: Mexican gang violence spreads north

The deadly Latin American gangs that run Mexico’s drug trade in cities near the U.S. border are spreading north. Citizens of both San Diego and Los Angeles have suffered greatly from years of gang culture. But now law enforcement fears that these gangs and cartels are moving into major cities throughout the whole country: from Augusta to Boston to Sioux Falls to Anchorage. “The violence follows the drugs,” said David Cuthbertson, agent in charge of the FBI’s office in the border city of El Paso, Texas.

In Mexico the violence is little short of civil war. Gangs stop at nothing to get what they want. Rusty Payne, a Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman, explained, “When you are willing to chop heads off, put them in an ice chest and drop them off at a police precinct, or roll a head into a disco, put beheadings on YouTube as a warning,” one has to ask if there is anything they won’t do.

State, and to a lesser extent federal, governments have spent millions of dollars on local law enforcement along the Mexican border to help fend off spillover drug crime. But there is no serious coordinated national effort to bring down the gangs.

In other border-related news, former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean were released from federal prison this week after President Bush commuted their sentences in January, bringing to a close an ugly ordeal.

Also, a federal jury found that Arizona rancher Roger Barnett did not violate the rights of 16 Mexicans illegally in the U.S. when he held them at gunpoint and turned them in to the Border Patrol. We highlighted the case last week. The jury did, however, award $78,000 in actual and punitive damages to six of the illegals to cover claims of assault and emotional distress. The plaintiffs had sought $32 million. Still, this leads us to ask, who pays for Barnett’s emotional distress over the last 10 years, not to mention all of his stolen, vandalized or destroyed property?


Gun control or people control?

February 7, 2009

Those that preach the panacea of a society without violence often use legitimate people as whipping boys for their targets. Legal gun owners for example. Their twisted logic states that guns are evil, and that it is the gun that makes the person do evil things.

Those very same people expose the rest of us to extreme violence, and make it tough, if nor outright illegal to effectively defend ourselves. They make laws that create free fire zones for criminals and social misfits. Like schools, parks and so on. People that inhabit such places are turned into cannon fodder by other people that care little for anything other than their agenda. Such measures may have started out as well intentioned but the evidence is more than clear after so many mass shootings that the law of unintended consequences beats intentions every time.

So then, just who is it that commits most gun crime? A tiny minority are sociopaths that shoot up schools, malls and other public places. By far though, the vast majority are gang related. It is a sad fact of life that in America gangs are just about everywhere. Money is the driving force behind most of the violence, and innocent people get caught in these cross fires as groups vie for territory or “street cred.”

Drugs, and the lucrative profits from dealing that the ongoing drug war bolsters are most often tied to gun violence. At least according the the alphabet soup agencies. A recent CNN article pointed out that nearly all gun violence is gang related. So why then are so many different people, and organizations hell bent on disarming the rest of the population?

It could be blamed on mental illness, and many of the anti rights types are clearly hopolophobics. I think though, that is simply that old game of control. They want control of your life, and through that, your death.

Before things get out of hand..?

January 10, 2009

The sheer hypocrisy of the drug war is nothing new. By anyone’s standards it has been a losing battle since President Nixon declared it!  Now, since those in high places have refuse to acknowledge that fundamentally this is an economic battle;  violence has ravaged Mexico, and spilled over into the United States.Please note that in the following article said officials state that they fear that the violence will spill over… Perhaps they should check with the locals in San Antonio and Laredo, Texas for an outdated “update” so that they can get up to speed on this issue.

More to the point though is the absolute garbage tossed out by Michael Chertoff at the very end of the story. Hey! Jerk! Remember Compean and Ramos? The guys that were tossed under the bus by a renegade U.S. Attorney?

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