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January 7, 2007

“Conservatism, like pornography may be difficult to define, after all is said and done. But you will know it when you see it. It revolves around integrity as I see it. Honesty, honor, and addressing the issue of liberty based upon those ideals.
Neither RINO’s nor DINO’s meet the test. Just how many so-called Conservatives hold the same position on the War on Drugs as say William F. Buckley Jr. does? Or on immigration in step with Tom Tancredo? It’s a lot like gun rights, and the difference between the NRA and GOA.

Compromise may be acceptable in some circumstances, but never with Liberty or Freedom IMO. It is, and has been my opinion for quite some time that a new political party needs to be formed. The that new party needs to get to work, and shove the big government laws right back down the throats of those that passed oppression and foulness.

It will hurt the Republicans / Democrats? SO WHAT? ”

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“Conservatism or political conservatism can refer to any of several historically related political philosophies or political ideologies. There are also a number of Conservative political parties in various countries. All of these are primarily (though not necessarily exclusively) identified with the political right.”


The above website has a very detailed discussion concerning conservatism. While I do not intend for my blog entry to be such a work of scholarly distinction I would like to address some salient points.

Todays Conservatism has much to do with tradition, and traditional thinking in these United States. The love of country, belief in individual liberty, defense of Freedom as defined within the “Founding Documents,” and the ability to worship, or not to worship God as seen fit by an individual. Those things are the frameworks of modern American “tradition.”

The “Founders” were heavily influenced by the writings of John S. Mills who is often referenced as the father of modern Libertarianism. (I am using the term Libertarianism here as regards philosophy, not in the manner of the existing political party.) The beliefs in personal integrity, responsibility, and accountability are fundamental within the modern concept called conservatism.

In that note, I submit that both the Republican and Democrat political party’s have failed to serve the American people in securing the inalienable rights that The United States was founded upon. I also submit that when our government commits acts as an oppressor, such as prosecuting sworn agents for doing their sworn duty that we, as citizens need to take a very hard look at those that lead us.

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