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We need to make them as well as their ideologies toxic…

March 14, 2018

It is almost like a “Here we go again” situation. We are constantly assaulted with the notion that we absolutely have to surrender our unalienable rights is search of some magical pixie dust, or unicorn farts called safety. All human beings are entitled to the right to defend themselves, and theirs. in that context I include defending one’s family, neighbors, City or town, state, as well as nation from any threats to life, or liberty from enemies both within or foreign. Anything, including any ideology that seeks to diminish my, or our ability to do so is anathema, pure poison. All the feel good posturing in the world does not change that. Nor does any arrogant better than thou Tory type or style of social justice virtue signaling negate that which must be done when, and if needed.

What follows is one of the finest  pieces that I have ever read on this very subject. Enjoy! Or vomit as the case may be.

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