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August 29, 2011

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Rick Perry: A New Face in the POTUS bid

August 15, 2011

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas has entered the fracas to become President. I for one am glad that he has. He brings experience and effective leadership ability into the contest. The usual suspects are already taking shots at him, and that, IMO, is a good thing. For as it is said; “That one is known by the enemies that he keeps.” HERE is a hit list that has already started.

The arguments against Rick perry that are listed are, at best, paper tigers that can easily be dismissed.

They say that his economic policy’s had nothing to do with how Texas is doing..? Then how did places like New York and Illinois, and let’s not forget the whacked out state of my birth California get into the current messes that they find themselves in if not from terrible executive leadership?

Next, that he is too conservative. Hell, just the other day he was being called a Libertarian with values, or something along those lines. In any case? Now hear this you closet commies. The United States of America is in fact a mostly Conservative nation when it comes down to the wire. Yes, I know, it’s wiki, but this one appears to be pretty solid.

Then they say that he is too cozy with special interests… That, coming from supporters of the obama..? Can you say preposterous..? I knew you could. Well, if the obama can get support from the Joyce Foundation, George Soros, the Brady Campaign, and the list goes on ad nausium why can’t Rick Perry have a few powerful supporters?

Untested at the national level? So was Barack H. obama, and the obama has failed the test in an epic manner.

Bush Fatigue? What..? Oh yeah, we are all so damned sick of the blame Bush rhetoric it’s pathetic! Or do they mean that because he is a Texan? Well, a long time ago, a Texan took on the chore of raising the son of a dead Marine. This Marine Corps Brat will never forget the kindness and direction given freely by a Texan, that just happened to be a Sergeant Major in the United States Marine Corps! So that’s what this Son of California thinks of Texas, and Texan’s!

Now for the disclaimers: I will be on Rick Perry’s ass full time if he turns RINO. He’s silent on the politically correct law that made ex post facto law the law of the land. If his balls were half the size of Texas he would issue a proclamation of pardon for the gun ban that involves ex post facto law as well as the taking of rights for less than felony crimes, any crime. His position on illegal immigration is unacceptable, period.

Enraging organized labor and Democrats; Sorry about that…

August 9, 2011

Seems that Labor Unions and Communists, I mean Democrats, sorry. Got a little peeved when a few brave souls decided to do what was right, and said to hell with political correctness.

What happens when the votes are counted after the massive recall election will be a signal to the rest of the nation, and the world, about what really matters to mainstream America anymore.

We can only hope that the voters in Wisconsin will use their brains and not follow the populist rhetoric.

Read more about this HERE.

This election can be viewed as a referendum on contemporary America. On our collective morals, our dignity, and our pride.

Our forefathers were not at all about handouts, or people living at the government trough. They fought, bled, and in many cases died so that we, as a people, have the freedom to succeed or fail as individuals and as a corporate whole.

We are a representative democracy for a reason. We have a Bill of Rights for a reason. We have a Constitution for a reason as well.

Think about it.

This nation has many problems besetting it. Will we allow others to dictate to us what freedoms we shall have, and exercise? Let’s draw up a list of those problems, and in the coming months go a little deeper into what is going on, the implications involved, and history around them.

  • The Economy; Khrushchev’s shoe at the U. N?
  • Race Wars; Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, and the KKK?
  • The Bill of Rights; Private Property, Search and Seizure, The Patriot Act, GCA 1968, Brady Bill, and the Lautenberg abomination?
  • Taxation; “User Fees” and other taxes that are not taxes?
  • Political Correctness; Populism unleashed, full blown social democracy, mob rule anyone?

This is a short list to be sure. However, any of those things could, and very well might trigger a full blown civil war.

Bureaucratic belligerence and official oppression..?


August 9, 2011

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife is asking residents and vacationers in southern Colorado to take extra care to avoid attracting hungry bears to homes, cabins, campgrounds and picnic areas.

Within the past few weeks, wildlife officers have responded to a higher than normal level of calls about bears entering homes, garages, sheds, tents, chicken coops and damaging beehives.

Wildlife officials killed a bear that injured a teenage camper in his tent July 15 near Leadville. The bear had apparently ransacked a cooler outside a tent in an adjacent area of the camp prior to the incident.

“This has been a below average year for natural food for bears,” explained Cory Chick, an area wildlife manager from Colorado Springs. “During the summer, bears depend on green, palatable vegetation and bugs and other critters they find under rocks and logs as their primary food sources. But those natural food sources are harder to find in dry conditions.”

Chick says natural food sources are out there, but some bears have slowed in searching for them because humans are making it too easy for bears to find unnatural food around homes.

With prime feeding time for bears just ahead, wildlife managers are concerned that the number of bear encounters could increase and are advising people to remove food attractants from their homes and campsites to avoid confrontations with bears.

When bears have to look harder to find natural forage, they gravitate toward any place they can find food — which brings them into closer proximity to people.  When they find a food source, natural or not, bears will frequent the area until it is gone.

“During dry years like this, the bears have to look harder for food, and in doing so often end up finding what people leave out – garbage, bird feeders, barbecue grills and other human food,” said Chick.

“We are always going to have nuisance bears, but when bears are rewarded for foraging around houses and outbuildings, it increases the chances a nuisance bear becomes a dangerous bear,” Chick added.

“Our standard recommendations in normal years are for people to secure their trash, bring in bird feeders and pet food, and remove food attractants,” said district wildlife officer Aaron Flohrs. “This summer, we are asking people to be extra vigilant.”

Flohrs says that before people begin feeling sorry for the bears and take it upon themselves to feed them, they should know that feeding a bear is the absolute worst thing a person can do for it.

“There is always potential for human injury when bears come close to people,” Flohrs said. “But the risk factors go way up when the bears are ‘rewarded’ by people feeding them — or when bears get people food in any manner.”

Bears in Colorado evolved during periods of dry spells long before humans settled the state. “They will make it through this dry spell, too,” said Chick. “Right now we just want people to take the proper precautions to avoid anyone getting injured and keep bears out of trouble.”

The Division of Parks and Wildlife uses a decision tree to rate problem bears. Wildlife managers evaluate each conflict as to degree of urgency based on three categories. The first and lowest is a “nuisance” bear, second is a “depredating” bear, and the third level is a “dangerous” bear.

Most bear reports are classified at the nuisance level. This category includes bears that may pose a threat to property or may have already damaged property, but there is no immediate threat to humans. Action for bears at this level include a variety of deterrent methods, trying to educate the people on how to coexist with bears, and as a last resort trap and relocate the problem bear.

On the other hand, depredating and dangerous bears are dealt with in stronger methods and as soon as possible.

If weather conditions improve by mid to late August, the fall food supply of fruit and acorns should improve the situation. In the meantime, the best solution is to recognize that Colorado is bear country and to learn to live with the bruins as responsibly as we can, said Chick.

For more information on how to reduce the risk of bear conflicts in your neighborhood, please see:


For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

And now we are; Terrorists Again…

August 7, 2011

Terrorists, again, that is what myself and others are being called. Why? Did any of us blow up other people with bombs? Did we hold people hostage unless we got our way..? Nope, none of that. Nothing of the sort actually. We advocated the basic value of paying your bills, and not abusing credit. Hmm…

Definition of TERRORISM

: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion
ter·ror·ist adjective or noun
ter·ror·is·tic adjective

Examples of TERRORISM

  1. They have been arrested for acts of terrorism.

First Known Use of TERRORISM


Other Government and Politics Terms

agent provocateur, agitprop, autarky, cabal, egalitarianism, federalism, hegemony, plenipotentiary, popular sovereignty, socialism


So, advocating a social norm. That being paying your debts, is now an act of terrorism. At least according to the authoritarians that are running this nation into the ground.

But, it’s creeps like that who also advocate ex post facto law, and suppression of your civil rights. Just last year they were calling myself and others terrorists because we insisted upon exercising our rights, as defined within the Constitution and Bill of Rights…

Some time back I noted here that we are in fact heading toward a full blown depression, and I believe that this asinine response to the fiscal crisis that we are in by our so call leaders will only make it that much worse when it does hit. The politicos in swampy bottom remind me of children and Corporate types that are more focused on finger pointing and blame assignment than on solutions.

It must just be so much easier to blame TEA Party activists than to accept responsibility and personal accountability…

Congress to decide whether Super Congress could impose gun control

August 2, 2011

Gun owner registration … bans on semi-automatic firearms … adoption of a UN gun control treaty — all of these issues could very well be decided over the next 24 hours.

Both houses of Congress will be voting on a debt ceiling bill that establishes a legislative committee with TREMENDOUS powers.  Fox News is calling this committee a SUPER CONGRESS, because its legislative proposals (which could include gun control provisions) CANNOT be filibustered or amended in the Senate or House.

To understand what a huge deal this is, consider that House Speaker John Boehner is able to keep a mountain of gun control bills from coming to the floor of the House.  That’s the power of the Speaker.

And in the Senate, we have been able to kill much of the gun control agenda by filibustering legislation (that is, requiring the Majority Leader to get a supermajority or 60 votes in order to pass gun control).

The most recent example of this occurred earlier this year when we defeated a radical, anti-gun judicial nomination (Goodwin Liu) using the filibuster.  The filibuster has been our saving grace in the Senate, but that could be tossed within the next 24 hours.

Regarding the debt ceiling compromise, here’s what one legislative analyst (inside a Republican office on Capitol Hill) had to say:

Right now, we have limited protection from the schemes of the left – even if they have some Republican support, we have a speaker who wouldn’t bring horrible bills to the floor, and we have the Senate filibuster.

Both of these are rendered moot by the Super committee.  There is NO Senate filibuster on the product they report.  The Speaker CANNOT stop a vote in the House….

[Hence], 22 liberal Republicans can join the Congressional Democrats and the President in: Closing the gun show “loophole,” banning semi-automatic weapons, creating a national handgun registration, or ordering state gun laws moot.

A super highway for gun control legislation?  This is incredibly unconstitutional!  We don’t elect a Congress, which can then turn around and elect a SUPER committee.  We need to make sure this never lands on the President’s desk.

ACTION:  Please email and call your Representative and Senators.  Urge them to vote NO on establishing this SUPER CONGRESS with unconstitutional powers.

Click her to use the Legislative Action Center to send your legislators a pre-written email.

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