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New Details Emerge on House HC Bill

October 31, 2009


Stolen! With permission by the way, from Anthony, at the Liberty Sphere.

New Details Emerge on House HC Bill

As we reported yesterday, the gargantuan 1990-page ‘healthcare reform’ bill agreed upon by the House is replete with booby-traps for the citizens. New details revealed today indicate that the ‘death panels’ Sarah Palin warned about are back and very present in the bill.

This provision will determine who is worthy of care based upon age and overall health, which will most certainly result in rationing for the elderly. In addition, the measure mandates that ‘end of life counseling’ be offered to the elderly.

The cost of the plan is also of great interest. According to the Congressional Budget Office the pricetag will be 1.055 TRILLION, far above the supposed goal of Nancy Pelosi and others to keep the cost below a trillion bucks.

But by the time ALL of the hidden costs are added in to the measure, the actual price is more like 2 trillion at the very least.

Let’s take a quick review of the provisions of the bill as they are known so far:

*It covers illegal aliens.
*It covers abortions.
*It raises taxes.
*It mandates that all citizens purchase health insurance (which is unconstitutional).
*It takes billions out of Medicare and depletes the Medicare Advantage supplemental programs.
*It gives the HHS Secretary the power to create ‘waiting lists’ which is tantamount to rationing.
*It imposes heavy fines on individuals who fail to purchase insurance and on businesses that fail to provide it for their employees, leading to unemployment and layoffs since many businesses can’t afford it.
*It maintains the so-called ‘public option’ which will drive private insurers out of business. In short, this is government-run healthcare.

The House will debate the bill next week. Assuming it passes, which is in doubt, it will have to go to a conference committee to reconcile the bill with a Senate version. The Senate has already made it clear that ObamaCare is in deep trouble with heavy hitters such as Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe indicating they will not support the plan.

Other great things by the author HERE.

Second Amendment: NJ Court Says No Right to Buy Handgun

October 31, 2009

So much for Heller vs D.C. When so many in the Freedom community crows about winning that case many, including myself cautioned that there were devils in the details. Indeed it would appear that the demons that lurked are more then raising their heads.

Courts across the nation, as well as SCOTUS, are a power unto themselves, and they are hell bent to destroy your rights across the board. Think about it. This, despite what is on the face of it, is not really about gun control. It is about controlling you. From the pre- Constitutional right to defend yourself and yours, to property rights, to unreasonable search and seizure, and beyond. This is all about power. The power of government.

Second Amendment: NJ Court Says No Right to Buy Handgun

“A New Jersey appeals court has concluded that Americans have no Second Amendment right to buy a handgun,” CBS News reports. “[T]he superior court upheld a state law saying that nobody may possess ‘any handgun’ without obtaining law enforcement approval and permission in advance.” Given that the Supreme Court ruled last year in DC v. Heller that the Second Amendment guarantees “the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation,” this ruling is a bit surprising. New Jersey Appellate Division Judge Stephen Skillman, writing for the unanimous three-judge panel, said that Heller “has no impact upon the constitutionality of” the state law.

It’s true that the Supreme Court avoided some larger questions in Heller, even specifically saying that the ruling does “not address the licensing requirement.” However, the Second Amendment to the Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Based on our reading of that plain language, there’s nothing in there about permission from a court or law enforcement for particular arms. We hope the Supreme Court addresses this question when it hears McDonald v. Chicago, challenging Chicago’s handgun ban, later this year.


Smarter than the average bear!

October 31, 2009

No this is not about recent culinary habits of bears in Colorado. as much as I wanted to post about all the antics that have gotten bears into the press of late the inherent tragedy of such would be served best the next time some nitwit posts about how kind and cuddly the creatures are. The Patriot Post brings us yet another example of economic suicide… Read on.

Regulatory Commissars: Oil Off Limits for Thriving Bears

Believing themselves to be smarter than the average bear, bureaucrats in the Obama administration continue their quest to create a, well, bear market — at least for oil. The White House decided to designate more than 200,000 square miles of Alaskan land and coastline as “critical habitat” for polar bears — the same bear population that has reached greater numbers than previously recorded in history. In fact, despite what Al Gore and his fellow global warmists would have us believe, the population has actually risen by 40 percent since 1974.

This new non-endangered species habitat is enormous enough to qualify as the third largest state in the union, placing it between Texas and California in terms of square miles. Former UnitedHealth general counsel and now Assistant Interior Secretary Tom Strickland claimed at a news conference that the greatest threat to the bear is Arctic ice melt and that “we will continue to work to protect the polar bear and its fragile environment.”

However, the new designation as a critical habitat is the first step in requiring even more government consideration of the supposed negative effect on the escalating polar bear numbers before allowing oil and gas development. The state of Alaska responded by filing a complaint in an effort to stop the listing under the Endangered Species Act.

In the meantime, some 30 percent of the world’s gas supplies and 4 percent of the estimated global oil supply will be placed off limits because of this deceitful claim that the polar bear population is endangered. Next up, the loggerhead turtle, which, if listed as endangered, would bring regulations on everything along the eastern seaboard, including what lights you can put on the ocean-facing side of your house.


The times they are a changing…

October 30, 2009

Or so the song goes. Change is not always bad, nor is it always good. So much though that has come about in recent times leaves one to wonder.

From Rules of Engagement that strap our troops ability to fight and win in real war. To undermining the core values of the military. To Chairborne Rangers with stars on their collars, that are political beasts and perfumed princes the leadership is, for the most part, FUBAR

From an administration that spreads obamanure across the land, supported by those that detest America, private property, and private enterprise. With RINO coconspitators that defile the Constitution and the Bill of Rights seemingly at every opportunity.

To a Supreme Court that ignores the Constitution, and principle of law that they all swore to protect and defend.

We, as a nation, are in fact, Balkanized. We are split into factions more so than ever before. More than at the beginning, when only a small percentage of people were pro-revolution, and in favor of splitting from England. More than at the beginning of the War of Northern Aggression. More, by a long shot, than during the nineteen sixties and seventies when a revolution seemed to be imminent to many of us.

Anthony writes for the Examiner an insightful essay series. Check it out, and think about what was written.

Part One

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Part Three

Part Four

What are we to think and do when confronted by all that is being force fed to us? Further, if it is all so good and righteous then why is it being force upon us? Here, I think that I will paraphrase something that I paraphrased many years ago.

Second Amendment solutions for bureaucratic belligerence and official oppression? Freedom, is found on the edge of a sword, and the muzzle of a gun. Especially when the ballot box only serves to thwart that freedom.

Convoluted Logic

October 29, 2009

As I opened up Google News this morning I was confronted by what, at best can be called convoluted logic. Apparently, the economy has much improved. That’s great news for sure, but then as I scanned down the page I found this, this, and this.

Now, don’t get me wrong. The GDP is like an economic barometer. In other words, it’s a tool, and, like any tool it can be improperly used. The snake oil salesmen failed to mention anything about unemployment. Or the negative impact that the obamacare program will have on the economy. Especially, on the small business’s that are the backbone of the economy when it comes to jobs for Americans.

This is beginning to look once more like the pure propaganda of yet another Keynesian Utopia. Will Cap and Trade save us all from our folly? Will Al Gore come to the rescue like a battalion of cavalry in an old western?

Or do we need to Tar & Feather the vast majority of those that  laird it over us, and replace them with Oath Keepers?

You can either support Democrat health care or the Constitution … but not both

October 28, 2009

Walter Williams once again hits the nail on the head. This abomination being foisted upon the American people needs to just go away…

“At the heart of the American idea is the deep distrust and suspicion the founders of our nation had for government, distrust and suspicion not shared as much by today’s Americans. Some of the founders’ distrust is seen in our Constitution’s language such as Congress shall not: abridge, infringe, deny, disparage, violate and deny. If the founders did not believe Congress would abuse our God-given rights, they would not have provided those protections. After all, one would not expect to find a Bill of Rights in Heaven; it would be an affront to God. Other founder distrust for government is found in the Constitution’s separation of powers, checks and balances and the several anti-majoritarian provisions such as the Electoral College and the requirement that three-quarters of state legislatures ratify changes in the Constitution. The three branches of our federal government are no longer bound by the Constitution as the framers envisioned and what is worse is American ignorance and acceptance of such rogue behavior. Look at the current debate over government involvement in health, business bailouts and stimulus packages. The debate centers around questions as whether such involvement is a good idea or a bad idea and whether one program is more costly than another. Those questions are entirely irrelevant to what should be debated, namely: Is such government involvement in our lives permissible under the U.S. Constitution? That question is not part of the debate. The American people, along with our elected representatives, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, care less about what is and what is not permissible under our Constitution. They think Congress has the right to do anything upon which they can secure a majority vote, whether they have the constitutional or moral authority to do so or not.” –George Mason economics professor Walter E. Williams



October 28, 2009


DENVER, Colo.–With winter nipping at Colorado, skeins of waterfowl are migrating through the state. Along with flocks of other diving ducks, observant hunters and waterfowl enthusiasts may be lucky to discern a handsome black and white diver with a striking yellow eye – the Barrows goldeneye.

The Barrows goldeneye, one of two similar ducks to visit Colorado during migration, is the avian ambassador featured on this year’s Colorado Waterfowl Collector Stamp, which is now available for collectors.

Award-winning Wisconsin wildlife artist Craig Fairbert’s vivid portrait captures a Barrows goldeneye drake and hen resting amid autumn leaves on a mossy rock in fast water. Fairbert’s “Golden Colorado” bested the work of 36 other wildlife artists to secure the highly coveted spot on this year’s stamp.

“The 2009 Colorado Waterfowl Stamp is truly one-of-a-kind,” said Brian Sullivan, DOW wetlands coordinator.  “Hunters and collectors alike will appreciate the amazing detail and design of this year’s stamp. It will make a great addition to anyone’s collection.”

Each year, the Colorado Waterfowl Stamp program holds a contest for original waterfowl artwork to be depicted on the collector waterfowl stamp. Stamps and a print of the stamp are created for sale to waterfowl and wetland enthusiasts, bird watchers, and stamp/collectors. The funds are used for wetland projects that benefit ducks, geese, shorebirds and other wetland-dependent wildlife species.

Since its inception in 1990, the Colorado Waterfowl Stamp program has raised $6.7 million to help restore and protect more than 19,500 acres of critical waterfowl habitat.  Additional funding from Ducks Unlimited and other partners has leveraged stamp resources to improve public waterfowl hunting opportunities and habitat throughout Colorado.  Many habitat improvement projects have been conducted on state wildlife areas.  Historically, some funds have also been used to improve important nesting areas in Canada known to produce the majority of Colorado’s migrant ducks.

“Loss of habitat is the single greatest threat to waterfowl,” said Sullivan.  “Participation in the stamp program by hunters and non-hunters alike is an effective way to contribute to this important conservation effort and ensure the long-term protection of Colorado’s waterfowl and wetland resources.”

All hunters age 16 or older must purchase a Colorado Waterfowl Stamp to hunt waterfowl in Colorado.  The stamp fee is $5 and has not increased since the program’s inception in 1990.  Hunters receive electronic stamps to validate their small game licenses, but they may also request traditional “gum-back” collector stamps, featuring Fairbert’s artwork.  Gum-back stamps will be mailed to hunters upon request. Beginning mid-December 2009, a $2.50 fee will be charged to cover the mailing and processing of the gum-back stamps.

For collectors, the 2009 waterfowl stamp/art print, as well as stamps and art prints from previous years, are available through the Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation.  Prints and stamps make great holiday gifts and can be purchased online ( or by contacting Terrie DeLoria at: (

For more information about artist Craig Fairbert and to view the 2009 stamp, please visit:

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

GOA: PVF Alert

October 28, 2009
Help Elect A Pro-gun Champion!

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

October 27, 2009

Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

You may have heard about a special Congressional election taking place next week in upstate New York.  The race features a Nancy Pelosi Democrat and a Republican with long-standing ties to ACORN against a genuine pro-gun leader named Doug Hoffman.

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Doug Hoffman in this race.

Doug Hoffman is a 100% gun rights supporter who will be a leader in the battle to defend the Second Amendment.

Mr. Hoffman believes that laws restricting your right to keep and bear arms is no way to fight crime.

As the next Congressman from New York, Doug Hoffman will fight hard against the gun control schemes coming out of Nancy Pelosi’s office and he will work to repeal unconstitutional gun laws on the books.

One of Doug Hoffman’s opponents, Bill Owens, will be just another YES vote for radical anti-gun House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  He refuses to let voters know where he stands on specific gun control issues, which enables him to play it both ways on the Second Amendment.

Politicians like this are slowly destroying our right to keep and bear arms.

Mr. Hoffman’s other opponent, Dede Scozzafava, voted in 1999 for the kind of “study” of gun “safety” that is so often used by the gun prohibitionists as a backdoor to greater and more intrusive regulation.  Attacking gun owners’ rights under the cover of “safety” is a favorite tactic of the anti-Second Amendment crowd and she voted for it.

She also voted in 1999 to stick gun owners with a burdensome reporting requirement when a gun is stolen.   Under that law, the victim of a gun theft can be criminally prosecuted if the theft is not reported quickly enough to suit the authorities.  This type of law turns the victim into a criminal.

These are not the votes of a 100% defender of the Second Amendment.

In addition, this candidate has close ties to the radical anti-gun group ACORN. The current leader of ACORN, Bertha Lewis, also co-founded New York’s Working Families Party — a party that supported Scozzafava in past elections.

The right choice for gun owners in this election is clearly Doug Hoffman.

One recent poll shows Mr. Hoffman with a slight lead in the three-way race, but the election is all about voter turnout.  In the last few days of the campaign Doug needs our financial help to reach out to as many pro-Second Amendment voters as possible.

Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, or more at will help Doug Hoffman stay on the air, speaking directly to voters.

Your support of Doug Hoffman will send a strong message to Congressional leaders of both parties in Washington — a message that says NO to Nancy Pelosi’s gun control agenda and NO to more business-as-usual politicians.

We need representatives who are willing to “rock the boat” on Capitol Hill, and Doug Hoffman is just that type of candidate.  Please go to right away!


Tim Macy

Paid for by Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.  Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is a project of Gun Owners of America.

The Addiction Series: Getting ready for Wild Turkey

October 27, 2009

Yes, I know. It’s Big Game season across much of the land. Not to mention upland bird and waterfowl seasons are, or are beginning to get going depending on where you are located.

This is, however, the time to not only think about spring Turkey hunting, but to prep for it. Thinking Colorado, and probably elsewhere. This is the time of year when you will most probably be meeting farmers and ranchers. In the coffee shops and stores as you go about your pursuit of Deer, Elk, Pheasant,and quail. Should you come upon a person that has tumbled their load of hay on a back country road? Pull over, and give them a hand getting it back onto their trailer or truck. It’s a great way to get information on local animals, and just might open a door to huntable land.

I have written elsewhere on this blog about Bosque Del Oso SWA, and places that are close to Denver where birds can be found. Guess what? From the confluence of Clear Creek and the South Platte River near Commerce City all the way to the border there are what are probably the thickest populations of Rio Grande Turkey’s in the state. The stretch between Commerce City and Fort Lupton being exceptional habitat. Getting permission to hunt though, is often the toughest part of the hunt. Get permission before you apply for a limited license. That’s where pre-planning,and getting to know the locals comes in. What follows is a video of Wild Turkey’s in similar riparian habitat courtesy of the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Enjoy!


Climate Change This Week: RINO Joins Cap-n-Tax Bandwagon

October 25, 2009

You can’t fix stupid.

This little tax went to energy, this little tax went to imports from nations that don’t cut carbon emissions. Unfortunately, there’s nothing “little” about the taxes in the Senate cap-n-tax bill, and the only fairytale related to the legislation is the politically tainted story of pending climate catastrophe. Yet, amid discredited scientific models, strangely disappeared research data, and dishonest rhetoric over a global warming “consensus,” Senate Democrats continue to herald cap-n-tax as low-cost environmental salvation.

In reality, as CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf recently testified, cap-n-tax would stunt GDP growth, keeping it up to 3.5 percent lower by 2050 than without the bill. And according to the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis, by 2035 cap-n-tax would plummet GDP by $9.4 trillion, drive job losses up to nearly 2.5 million, and spike gas prices by 58 percent. And all for just two-tenths of a degree cooling — at best — by 2100, says climatologist Chip Knappenberger.

Despite this, Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) has handed himself to Democrats as a feather in their cap-n-tax scheme, joining Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) in a New York Times op-ed pushing the legislation. Graham imagines Democrats will reciprocate by supporting nuclear power and easing up on offshore drilling and domestic energy production. Right, Lindsey. That’s about as likely to happen as global warming.


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