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“Potent Engines”: Washington on the Subversive Nature of Faction « For a Course of Years

April 29, 2008

“Potent Engines”: Washington on the Subversive Nature of Faction « For a Course of Years

Ahh… The frustration of knowing what should be, seeing what is, and being powerless to do anything about it. This person sound so much like my Poly Sci 101 term paper that it is almost frightening.

Rape like a Patriotic American « interpellate

April 25, 2008

Rape like a Patriotic American « interpellate

This is just so much more from the hate America First brigade. Do these things happen? Yes, they do, and when exposed the responsible parties are severely punished. In all cases, period. Are there ever false accusations, yes. A lot of them, just as in civilian society.

Drug runner pleads guilty

April 25, 2008

Immigration front: Drug runner pleads guilty

Drug runner Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila pleaded guilty to multiple drug charges last week. Readers will recall that it was Aldrete-Davila who in 2005 fled from two Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. As Ramos and Compean approached Aldrete-Davila’s vehicle, the Mexican national fled toward the border. Ramos and Compean fired 15 rounds at the smuggler at intervals when he turned toward them, but they were unable to capture him before he crossed the border. They returned to his vehicle and found 743 pounds of marijuana. Two weeks later, Aldrete-Davila’s mother called a friend in the U.S. and complained that her son had been shot. A Department of Homeland Security investigator, Christopher Sanchez, contacted Aldrete-Davila and learned that he indeed had been shot in the buttocks.

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton worked out an immunity deal for the smuggler in exchange for testimony against the two Border agents. Ramos and Compean were sentenced to 11 and 12 years in prison, respectively—a grossly excessive sentence—and began serving those sentences on 17 January 2007. Each man leaves behind a wife and three children. The drug smuggler, however, was caught again soon thereafter and has now pleaded guilty.

Please take a moment to sign Free the Texas Three and Secure our Borders, a national petition calling on President Bush to commute the sentences of both former Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean.

Source: Patriot Post


April 25, 2008



Let’s Send Purple Heart Recipient Cpl. Aaron Mankin And Mrs. Mankin To Mexico

Gunny Bob and Cpl. Aaron Mankin. (Photo courtesy of Winston Getz.)

This is a story that will warm your heart, catch your breath in shock, smile, and cry, all at the same time.

The Gunny had the pleasure and honor of again being the Master of Ceremonies at the Marine Parents National Conference in Washington, D.C., from 18-20 April 2008. Among the guest was Cpl. Aaron Mankin.

While serving as a Marine combat correspondent in Iraq, then Lance Corporal Mankin found himself one day in the heat of battle, riding in an assault vehicle and doing his job as the grunts fought, which was to record and write about the war. He was standing up in the open-topped vehicle as the battle raged when a massive improvised explosive device (IED) detonated right beside his vehicle. The blast sent the 26-ton vehicle and 16 Marines inside 10 feet into the air.

Six Marines were killed instantly. In the thick, black smoke of the totally destroyed “trac,” Cpl. Mankin knew he was badly wounded: he could see the flames covering his body and feel the searing heat as his skin melted from his face, neck, arms, chest and back. Hurling himself out of the wreckage, he landed on the dirt and began rolling to try to put the flames out, but they would not go out. He rolled and rolled and rolled, all the while thinking he was about to die. His final thoughts that day were of hearing his brother Marines from other vehicles shouting “Put him out! Put him out!”

Then, darkness.

As the blackness enveloped the young, perpetually happy, outgoing Marine, God checked his master plan. Turning to the chapter on Cpl. Mankin, he read that the Marine’s life was incomplete, that the Marine journalist had more work to do and things to accomplish, and that he was scheduled in the master plan to raise a family.

God brushed the darkness away and switched on the light.

Cpl. Mankin opened his eyes so see his mother. He was in a special hospital that specializes in massive burn injuries, and Cpl. Mankin had those. His face was criss-crossed with scars. His throat was burned away so he had a breathing tube. The skin on his arms had melted away and his right hand was almost unrecognizable. His ears were almost gone, leaving a hole in each side of his head. His nose was a charred lump of remnant flesh.

In the many months and seemingly countless surgeries that followed (he has many more to go, too), hideous pain would be Cpl. Mankin’s constant companion. That pain is physical as well as mental, and he knows that when people see him for the first time, they are stunned. Some gasp. Some cry. Some pray. Some look away. But Cpl. Mankin doesn’t feel sorry for himself. He decided one day in the hospital that he would never feel sorry for himself, and no matter of how much pain he was in and how tired he was, he would press on, because that’s what Marines do.

Cpl. Mankin is married and he and his wife have one daughter (15 months old) and another child on the way. Because his wife was also a Marine when they got married, they never got a honeymoon.


This is where we come in.

As the Gunny learned of this and got to know Cpl. Mankin at the conference, he knew right then and there what his audience would want to do: send Cpl. Mankin and his wife on the honeymoon they never had. The Gunny found out that Mrs. Mankin loves the beach, as does Cpl. Mankin.

Announcing Gunny Bob’s Operation “Cancun Honeymoon”

You, the Gunny and Marine Parents ( are going to send Cpl. and Mrs. Mankin on an all-expense-paid first-class honeymoon to sunny, warm Cancun, where this deeply in love and dedicated to each other couple will bask on the beach, eat great food, soak up the sun, sleep late, and otherwise do what honeymooning couples do.

Here’s how you can donate (on line, via phone, and via check by snail mail), and all donations are tax deductible because Marine Parents is a 501 (3)(c) charitable organization:

Go to and at Step 1, select “Purple Heart Family Support.”

At Step 2, type in the amount you would like to donate; there is no minimum or maximum. Please give as generously as possible.

At Step 3, select “In Honor of” and then write in the space provided: “Cpl. Aaron Mankin/Operation Cancun Honeymoon”

Step 4: Fill out all the info there and then click “Submit Information” and continue as need be.

To donate by phone or snail mail (make sure you tell them all funds are to go to Gunny Bob’s Operation “Cancun Honeymoon” for Cpl. Aaron Mankin and his wife:

If you want to send a check:

(1) Make it payable to, Inc.

(2) Write Operation “Cancun Honeymoon” on the memo line

(3) Mail it to Gunny Bob Newman, 850 KOA, Clear Channel, Inc., 4695 S. Monaco St., Denver CO 80237

Phone: 573-449-2003
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Gang, this is a BIG one. We need to make this happen. The Gunny is personally asking you for this favor. We need a lot of money to send these two American patriots on the honeymoon they never got, which they never got because they were busy serving their country and keeping us safer.

The Gunny will owe you forever if you help him send the Mankins on their Cancun honeymoon.

Contact George Bush

April 25, 2008
Contact George Bush, The Department Of State And Your Congressmen
— Ask them to intervene on behalf of a US pastor in a Russian jail for
having one box of ammo

Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Thursday, April 24, 2008

GOA has learned that the Russian Republic has sentenced an American pastor
to 3 years in prison because he had 20 rounds of hunting ammunition in his

The pastor — Phillip Miles of Conway, South Carolina — hadn’t realized
that carrying the twenty rounds in his luggage was in violation of Russian
customs regulations. And the cartridge regulation was nowhere mentioned in
the pamphlet handed American visitors at the Russian airport.

Pastor Miles declared the ammunition in Myrtle Beach. But at the Moscow
airport there are no signs in English to indicate that a separate
declaration must be made to customs officials. Airport authorities
confiscated the box of .300 caliber ammunition and sent him on his way.

Pastor Miles was later arrested when he returned to the airport on February
3, and he has been in jail ever since. GOA has heard from a member of
Pastor Miles’ church that the Pastor has some health issues making it even
more important to get him out of jail as quickly as possible.

The three-year sentence is currently on appeal. But outraged American
hunters and gun owners are asking why the Russians have imposed such a
severe sentence for an innocent mistake — particularly since there is no
question that Miles had intended to give the box of ammo to a friend (a
fellow pastor and hunting enthusiast) for his own personal use.

“There’s no way that the judge in this case would have sentenced
this pastor
to three years in prison without first checking with high ranking officials
in the Russian government,” said GOA Founder and Chairman, Sen.
H.L. “Bill”
Richardson (ret.). “This is a different country that we’re dealing
with and
their judges are nothing more than puppets.

“But you can be sure of this,” Richardson continued, “if
Ronald Reagan were
still President over here, there’s no way the Russians would have dared to
do this to an American citizen.”

The State Department is quietly trying to negotiate his release, as are both
of the South Carolina senators: Republicans Lindsay Graham and Jim DeMint.

ACTION: Even though some of our elected officials already seem to be
negotiating clemency for Pastor Phillip Miles, it’s important that they know
the American people are behind them. So please contact President Bush, the
State Department and your congressmen. Ask them to do everything in their
power to get Pastor Miles released from prison.

You can e-mail a pre-written letter to all of the above contacts at the same
time by visiting the GOA Legislative Action Center at (where phone and fax numbers are also



The Russian Republic has sentenced American pastor Phillip Miles to 3 years
in prison because he had a single box of hunting ammunition in his luggage.

Miles — of Conway, South Carolina — hadn’t realized that carrying the
twenty rounds in his luggage was in violation of Russian customs
regulations. And the cartridge regulation — which required an additional
customs declaration — was nowhere mentioned in the pamphlet handed American
visitors at the Russian airport.

The three-year sentence is currently on appeal. But it certainly appears
that the Russians have gone way overboard in imposing such a severe sentence
for an innocent mistake.

This is particularly true because there is no question that Miles had
intended to give the ammunition to a fellow pastor for hunting purposes.

I would ask you to do whatever possible to use your good offices to protest
what is at the least a grave injustice against an American citizen traveling

Thank you for whatever you can do on Miles’ behalf.




As you may remember, we told you that Nick News was looking for some
well-spoken teenagers to discuss the Second Amendment issue. No doubt, they
will be featuring teenagers from the “other side,” but you
guys certainly
ensured they will have access to excellent pro-gun representation.

In fact, Nickelodeon’s producer was very excited (and impressed) with the
number of candidates GOA provided. So some of you should expect to be
hearing from Nick News soon, if you haven’t already.

We are very thankful that you are doing your part to instruct your children
and grandchildren in the freedoms protected in the Bill of Rights. But we
are also grateful that you would make them available to help educate their
peers. Thanks again.


The Page – by Mark Halperin – TIME

April 24, 2008

The Page – by Mark Halperin – TIME

Utter nonsense, period. That man is a racist, that played the racist card for years so that he could profit from the hate that spewed from his pulpit. Blacks will never get ahead in life or society as long as they continue to feed from the trough of despair that people like this pastor hand out.

Update On Pakistan from Eye Witness Muhammad « Peace and Freedom ‘08

April 24, 2008

Update On Pakistan from Eye Witness Muhammad « Peace and Freedom ‘08

This is an interesting piece. However, it seems as though it is filled with double-speak. That could be do to language barriers though. Peace in the tribal regions? Has it ever been so? This is a difficult part of the world, it always has been that way. Much as I would laud any progress there, I have serious doubts that a true state of peace will be established. Please note the authors last paragraph…

Dear Sir, situation is tribal areas is still critical as terrorists have been killing and terrorising the people. The people of tribal areas are grateful to you for your kindness and love with them. Your positive approach has now been some positive change. A lot of thanks.

Gun-Free Zones Are Not Safe

April 23, 2008

Anyone that reads this blog on even an irregular basis knows that I have been preaching this for years. Yes, even before the Columbine High School incident. “Gun Free Zones” were properly called “Free Fire Zones” at several meetings before the laws were passed, I know, because I was the one making them. Still, it’s nice to have someone such as Dr. Lott confirm ones beliefs.


Americans’ fears over the safety of schools continues.

Last Monday, three colleges and four K-to-12 schools were shut down by threats of violence.

This week over 25,000 college students at 300 chapters in 44 states belong to a group, Students for Concealed Carry on College Campuses, that will carry empty handgun holsters to protest their concerns about not being able to defend themselves.

With the first anniversary of the Virginia Tech attack last week and the discussions that it created, we clearly have not been able to put that and other attacks behind us. There are good reasons why the safety measures adopted over the last year to speed up response times or hiring more police haven’t eliminated the fear people feel.

The attack earlier this year at Northern Illinois University proved that even six minutes was too long. It took six minutes before the police were able to enter the classroom, and in that short time five people were murdered. Compared to the Virginia Tech and other attacks, six minutes is actually record breaking speed, but it was simply not fast enough.

The Thursday before the NIU murders five people were killed in a city council chambers in Kirkwood, Mo. There was even a police officer already there when the attack occurred. But as happens time after time in these attacks, when uniformed police are there, the killers either wait for the police to leave the area or they are the first people killed. In Kirkwood, the police officer was killed immediately when the attack started. People cowered or were reduced to futilely throwing chairs at the killer.

There is a problem that people just are unwilling to recognize.

Just like attacks last year at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Neb., or Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City or the recent attack at the Tinley Park Mall in Illinois or all the public schools attacks, all these cases had one thing in common: They took place in “gun free zones,” where private citizens were not allowed to carry their guns with them.

The malls in Omaha and Salt Lake City were in states that let people carry concealed handguns, but private property owners are allowed to post signs banning guns and those malls were among the few places in their states that chose to post such signs. In the Trolley Square attack an off-duty police officer fortunately violated the ban and stopped the attack. The attacks at Virginia Tech or the other public schools occured in some of the few areas within their states that people are not allowed to carry concealed handguns.

It is not just recent killings that are occurring in these gun-free zones. Multiple-victim public shootings keep on occurring in places where guns are banned. Nor are these horrible incidents limited to just gun-free zones in the US.

In 1996 Martin Bryant killed 35 people at Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia. In the last half-dozen years, European countries including France, Germany and Switzerland have experienced multiple-victim shootings. The worst school attack in Germany claimed 17 deaths, another 14 deaths; one attack in Switzerland claimed the lives of 14 regional legislators.

At some point you would think that something is going on here, that these murderers aren’t just picking their targets at random. Yet, when one thinks about it, this pattern isn’t really too surprising.

Most people understand that guns deter criminals. The problem is that instead of gun-free zones making it safe for potential victims, they make it safe for criminals.

Criminals are less likely to run into those who might be able to stop them. Everyone wants to keep guns away from criminals, but the problem is who is more likely to obey the law.

A student expelled for violating a gun-free zone at a college is extremely unlikely ever to get into another college. A faculty member fired for a firearms violation will find it virtually impossible to get another academic position. But even if the killer at Virginia Tech had lived, the notion that the threat of expulsion would have deterred the attacker when he would have already faced 32 death penalties or at least 32 life sentences seems silly.

Letting civilians have permitted concealed handguns limits the damage from attacks. A major factor in determining how many people are harmed by these killers is the amount of time that elapses between when the attack starts and when someone with a gun is able to arrive on the scene.

In cases from the church shooting in Colorado Springs, Colo., last December, where a parishioner who was given permission by the minister to carry her concealed gun into the church quickly stopped the murderer, to an attack last year in downtown Memphis, to the Appalachian Law School, to high schools in such places as Pearl, Miss., concealed handgun permit holders have stopped attacks well before uniformed police could possibly have arrived.

Twice this year armed Israeli citizens have stopped terrorist attacks at schools (once by an armed teacher and another by an armed student). Indeed, despite the fears being discussed about the risks of concealed handgun permit holders, I haven’t found one multiple-victim public shooting where a permit holder has accidentally shot a bystander.

With about 5 million Americans currently with concealed handgun permits in the U.S. and states starting having right-to-carry laws for as long as 80 years, we have a lot of experience with these laws, and one thing is very clear: Concealed handgun permit holders are extremely law-abiding and lose their permits for any gun-related violation at hundredths or thousandths of one percentage point. We also have a lot of experience with permitted concealed handguns in schools.

Prior to the 1995 Safe School Zone Act, states with right-to-carry laws let teachers or others carry concealed handguns at school, and several states still allow this today. And there is not a single instance that I or others have found where this produced a single problem. There are today even some universities, including large public universities such as Colorado State University and the University of Utah, that let students carry concealed handguns on school property.

With all the news media coverage of the types of guns used and how the criminal obtained the gun, at some point the news media might begin to mention the one common feature of these attacks: they keep occurring in gun-free zones.

Gun-free zones are a magnet for these attacks. But, even without the media, considering that 15 more states this year debated legislation to let concealed handguns on school campuses, possibly the issue is becoming clear anyway.

John Lott is the author of Freedomnomics and a senior research scientist at the University of Maryland.

The Wages of sin; A primer on economic theory

April 22, 2008

This is a very good piece on economics. A must read for the blithering idiots that are so in love with collectivism and authoritarianism.

The wages of sin

by Bill Bonner

Capitalism is a panacea, after all. It cures symptoms of affluence as well as poverty.

We file this report, coincidentally, from Manchester…where, according to legend, the industrial revolution began. Modern tools, steady money, and fossil fuel were put together, creating so much gas, it lifted mankind out of the mud of the Middle Ages and carried him aloft. Thrifty Scottish economists – notably Adam Smith and Adam Ferguson – saw what was happening and took note of the moral lesson: by foregoing the satisfaction of current consumption, savings could be invested in factories, machines, and new discoveries that increased the output from human labor.

In the same amount of time, thanks to his new tools, a workingman could produce more things. And, soon, the things made him rich. According to, during the second half of the 18th century, the typical British workingman earned about 60 pounds per year. It took only 4.25 pounds sterling to buy an ounce of gold, so he earned the equivalent of 14 ounces of gold, which is worth about 6,622 pounds sterling at today’s rates. A century later, in 1971, to be exact, his earnings had risen to the equivalent of 49 ounces of gold per year – or about 23,000 pounds sterling at today’s rate.

(Readers who are good at math will already be asking questions. The average wage in Britain today is only 23,177. In terms of gold, wages have gone nowhere for the last 37 years.)

But whatever wonder James Watt and the people of Britain’s industrial heartland wrought, their descendants in America have worked another one; in the midst of the greatest financial and technological boom ever, they have managed to actually reduce the value of their own labor.

Yes, dear reader, this week we turn our weary eyes away from the poor, the weak, and the huddled masses struggling to keep up with the price of rice…and focus on people who are struggling to keep up with their credit card payments. Here is a group of people upon whom nature piled so many blessings, she crushed the wit out of them. And, their wealth is being squeezed out too.

The United States of America has rich farmland, from sea to shining sea. Still, it is a net importer of food. In fact, it is a net importer of practically everything that can be moved. Every day that goes by it receives about $2 billion more of these moveable objects than it sends out in exports.

Prior to the Nixon administration, such an imbalance could not persist for very long; but however much God blessed America – with her purple mountains majesty and her fields of golden grain – was nothing compared to the way she was favored by the post-1971 monetary system.

“As ye plant, so shall ye reap,” it saith in the Bible. But in the period from 1997-2007, Americans could reap without planting. They could consume without earning. They could invest without saving, and spend as much as they wanted without running out of money. They were the world’s luckiest people – they had the world’s reserve currency…and access to the whole world’s credit.

The miracle that fundamentally altered the world monetary system happened on August 15, 1971, when Richard Nixon “closed the gold window,” at the U.S. Treasury. Before then, every nation’s currency was anchored to gold. Governments settled their imbalances in yellow metal; since each unit of paper currency represented an option on the treasury’s gold, it forced officials to be wary of issuing too many. But after August, 1971, the world’s monetary system upped anchor and sailed with the tide. Now, it all floats on a sea of paper money – and no one knows what’s beneath the dark ocean surface.

The Chinese merchant who sold widgets and geegaws to spendthrift Americans could not use dollars to pay his wages. He needed local currency. So he traded his dollars for yuan. And where did the Central Bank of China get enough yuan to buy up trillions of dollars? It had to create them. All over the planet, as the world’s stock of dollars rose…so did its inventories of local currencies. And then, what could it do with its dollars? Before 1971, it would have presented them to the U.S. Treasury and received one ounce of gold for every 41 paper dollars. In order to protect the nation’s gold, central bankers would have taken away the punch bowl and turned out the lights. Rates would have gone up; foreigners would have been encouraged to hold dollars (rather than exchange them for gold); Americans would have been discouraged from spending dollars – effectively stifling U.S. consumer spending and bringing the current account back into balance.

Then, in 2001, the U.S. financial authorities, led by Alan Greenspan, thought they faced a crisis. They panicked – giving Americans even more credit rope. With nothing to stop it, the supply of cash and credit rose at an even faster rate. And thus it was that Americans wrapped their good fortune around their necks like a noose. Instead of practicing the virtues that had made them rich – saving money, building new factories and learning new skills – they borrowed even more heavily than before.

And now their houses are being foreclosed and their bills are coming due. Worse, the value of their most important asset – their time – is being marked down with the dollar. According to our source, the typical American workingman in the late 19th century was already earning considerably more than an Englishman – 25 ounces of gold per year, rather than 14. He, too, became much richer as the industrial revolution progressed. By 1971, he was earning the equivalent of 82 ounces of gold, worth $76,000 today. But then he forgot his lessons. He stopped saving…his income fell…and his dollar dropped. Adjusting the average hourly wage for consumer price inflation, he earns slightly less today than he did during the Carter administration. Adjusting his wages to the fall of the euro, we find the average American earns less than the average Frenchman. And adjusting his wages to gold and we see he has lost a half century of wage progress. Today, he earns only the equivalent of 40 ounces of gold – or only about $38,000.

The Daily Reckoning

Hat tip to Shooterman

More on the Obamanation

April 22, 2008

Some time ago a contributor here got mad because I told him to do his own research about Obama. I do things like that from time to time, especially when I have previously posted, with citation. See, there is this old Irish theory about learning that says that what you earn, as in work for, stays with you longer.

Now, I stated that Obama hung out with gangsters. What was the rage a short time ago? Tony Resco, that’s what. I said that Obama attended a racist church. What blew across the newswaves? His pastor, and that’s still going on. I stated that he was a socialist. Whats all across the web now? Obama the collectivist, that’s what. I also said trhat he is anti second amendment, and low and behold. He tries acting like he is a supporter of the Constitution, and it is blowing up in his face.

What got me onto the Obamination early? Well, that can best be summed up over at

The Essence Of Obama by Jim Cash

First, Obama refused to display the American Flag on his lapel. Then, he refused to distance himself from his America hating, racist, and self promoting minister, the despicable Reverend Wright. Now, he is giving some lame excuse for not respecting and following proper protocol when our National Anthem is played.

That lame Obama excuse is, “as I have said before, I do not want to be perceived as taking sides”. Further, he says, “There are a lot o people in the world to whom the American Flag is a symbol of oppression. And, the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song—I’d like to teach the World to Sing—If that was our anthem, then I might acknowledge it”. I would sure like to know who he is afraid to take sides with.

This is the man who wants to become the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, leader of the free world, and role model to our children.

Please allow me to share with you the level at which our flag and anthem is honored on all our military bases. First, the flag is never displayed at night unless properly lighted. Early in the morning after sunrise, every military installation in the nation has a ceremony as the flag is hosted. Prior to sunset, a similar ceremony is performed where the flag is brought down, and folded with great care, then stored for the night. It is never allowed to touch the ground. These ceremonies are conducted by impeccably dressed uniformed personnel and accompanied by appropriate music. During the ceremony all traffic on base is brought to a halt, again, in honor of the flag. When the flag becomes old and faded, it is retired with ceremony, and burned. Military personnel love the flag, as it is a symbol of our country, and that is what they have taken an oath to defend—to their deaths.

Military personnel, both active and retired, stand and salute the flag as it passes by. I have seen wheel-chair bound vets struggle to stand when the flag passes by. The same respect is paid when our National Anthem is played. Sometimes, I wonder if our military members are the only America loving group left in this country. Berkley, you should truly be ashamed!!!!

I am sure you can imagine how veterans feel when an America hating, low life individual is allowed to burn the flag, or spit on it, or stomp on it with dirty feet. But, can you imagine how they will feel watching their Commander-in-Chief degrade it, refuse to honor it, and even change our National Anthem to, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony”???

How can we justify supporting a man who has spent over two decades attending a church, whose minister instead of proclaiming, “God-Bless America” in front of our children, shouts, “God-Damn America” over and over. Does anyone out there really believe that Obama did not know what was going on in that church? TO DENY IS TO LIE!!! Both right and left all know deep down that he is very good at that.

Never in my life did I think I would look at Hillary Clinton with any kind of positive thought. However, it appears that there is a group of people in this country so ill informed, so blinded by charisma, so deaf to nonsense, that they will support a far-left, anti-American, silver-tongued, foolish man with a Socialist agenda like Barrack Hussein Obama. He makes Hillary Clinton appear angelic. I realize that she is obsessed with winning and totally self-serving also, but I have never heard her say, or do, anything that leads me to believe she hates this country, or openly displays obvious racist tendencies.

However, I have heard Obama say several times that, “We live in the greatest nation in the world, and I am going to change it”. Again, my question is, “what does he mean by change? What is he going to change it to?”

I somehow understand the youth of America being taken in by a young, black, silver-tongued, motivational speaker. Their experience is limited, and their attitudes will change as their life progresses, and they feel the sting of a burn or two. However, I have no patience at all with mature Americans who seemingly cannot think their way out of a paper bag. I am speaking of those who go to rallies and act like groupies, applauding Obama when he blows his nose. FOLKS, WE MUST WAKE UP!!!!! There are good people out there who understand what I am talking about here, but they are remaining far too quiet.

It is time for these Americans to stand up for their Country, their Religion, and their Rights. No other nation on earth supports the standard of living that we experience in America. Every living, breathing, citizen of this country should say a little prayer each night recognizing how fortunate they are to have been born here. If we lose that standard, it will be lost because of the apathy of the American people.

George Bush has many faults, and has made many mistakes. However, it defies gravity to me that the far-left can profess such hate for Bush, and then show strong support for the likes of an Obama. Folks, if you think about it long, hard, and with focus, two plus two will normally make four. Another way to look at it is, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it probably is a friggin’ duck.

Jim Cash
B/G, USAF, Ret.

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