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Common sense in an uncommon world.

April 22, 2018

This is from my very good friend, and internet Brother that should have kept on blogging.

Sua Sponte!

I am a gun owner and user, I carry a gun all the time and so far, in my 64 years I have never used a gun to shoot any human being that was not presenting an immediate, life threatening danger to me, my family or others. THAT is the way it’s supposed to be!

We have a culture of sheer stupidity in this nation and that stupidity is called Liberalism.

It has taken over our educational system, its political correctness has put a stain on our lives, its politics are ruining our nation at every turn and there would appear to be NO END IN SIGHT!

Yes, I am well aware; there have been a number of shootings over the last few years, mass shootings, gang shootings, shootings of anger and hatred, shootings during the commission of criminal activities and who knows what other reasons and circumstances.

Every time a shooting occurs the anti-gun Left rises and cries for the removal of ALL guns save those in the hands of the Police and Military, a very stupid plan at best, a disaster waiting to happen at worst.

The Left claims that we don’t need guns and that all law abiding American citizens need to give up their guns, turn them in, allow them to be destroyed or whatever their cause of the day is calling for, and when one mentally ill person takes up the gun and commits a mass murder the Left wants all of us, YOU, ME, everyone, to suffer the consequences for the actions of ONE mentally deranged cretin.

Turn in our guns because of the actions of one guy? What about demanding that the criminals in every city and town in America turn in THEIR guns? Why is it we never hear the anti-gun Left call for that?

Do these people honestly believe that taking guns from law abiding citizens is going to stop the criminals from committing their various crimes as they ply their trades on what would be an unarmed and defenseless citizenry?

Does the anti-gun Left think taking guns from people like YOU and ME is going to be a much easier task than trying to disarm the hardened criminals among us? Do they think we’re going to stand still and allow our guns and Constitutional freedoms to be taken?

If they do then they are sadly mistaken.

I am, in addition to being a solid supporter of gun rights also a solid supporter of Law Enforcement and the military and I am well connected to a great many in BOTH fields.

What the anti-gun Left doesn’t grasp is this; by far there are more Conservative Police and Military members than there are those of a Liberal persuasion.

Where do you think those Conservative Law Officers and Troops will stand and who do you think they will be standing with?

Does there need to be a solution to these mass shootings and the idea of CRAZY people being allowed to possess guns? Sure there does but for the life of me I have no idea what it is, all I know is this; gun confiscation is NOT the answer and will lead to a not so civil war in America that will make happenings in places like Syria seem like playground games.

You want MY guns? COME AND TAKE THEM!

When it’s over you’ll find my body in a pile of warm shell casings, and my guns may be gone, but that is the only way I will EVER give up MY guns!

Fred Witzell


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