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Stupid is as stupid does Roundup: Man made climate change..?

February 1, 2010

Real scientist know that man cannot, and has not caused global climate change. From the global cooling chicken little scare tactics of the seventies to today’s supposed man made global warming these are, and always have been nothing but money making schemes. Is there climate change? Sure, and there always has been, it’s called seasons. Have there been global climate shifts in the past? Of course, and they are pretty well documented by real scientist’s. The various ice ages and so on. Did primitive mankind cause those? But no, the alarmist’s are still pushing to make a buck. Either through increased research funding grants, or through sales of so-called carbon credits.

Hey? All of you faux scientist’s and speculators? What kind of cheese would you like to go along with your whine? Read about it HERE!

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