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Slavery in Africa – A Modern Horror Story « AfricaRights

December 29, 2007

Slavery in Africa – A Modern Horror Story « AfricaRights

This story raises many questions. Not the least of which is the shear illogical situations presented. Severing Achilles tendons for refusing to become Muslim? One Muslim may not own another Muslim as I understand things. Crippled slaves also would not be very productive either.

Then there is the statement about how westerners all think that slavery was abolished with the Emancipation Proclamation. That just makes no sense whatsoever. It applied only to slaves that were residing in the rebellious southern states, not even to those that were in the north. So how on earth could people all over the western world think that it applied everywhere?

This is not at all to say that modern day slavery does not exist. It does, and it is every bit as evil today as it was in the past.

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