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Montana pisses in Obama’s cornflakes!

February 17, 2009

Montana passed liberty and freedom from the Authoritarians in the federal government. I love it!

House shoots down federal gun controls
Posted on Feb. 14

By KAHRIN DEINES of the Associated Press

HELENA (AP) – Montana lawmakers fired another shot in battles for states’ rights as they supported letting some Montana gun owners and dealers skip reporting their transactions to the federal government.

Under House Bill 246, firearms made in Montana and used in Montana would be exempt from federal regulation. The same would be true for firearm accessories and ammunition made and sold in the state.

“What we need here is for Montana to be able to handle Montana’s business and affairs,” Republican Rep. Joel Boniek told fellow lawmakers Saturday. The wilderness guide from Livingston defeated Republican incumbent Bruce Malcolm in last spring’s election.

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Boniek’s measure aims to circumvent federal authority over interstate commerce, which is the legal basis for most gun regulation in the United States. The bill potentially could release Montanans from both federal gun registration requirements and dealership licensing rules. Since the state has no background-check laws on its own books, the legislation also could free gun purchasers from that requirement.

“Firearms are inextricably linked to the history and culture of Montana, and I’d like to support that,” Boniek said. “But I want to point out that the issue here is not about firearms. It’s about state rights.”

The House voted 64-36 for the bill on Saturday. If it clears a final vote, the measure will go to the Senate.

House Republicans were joined by 14 Democrats in passing the measure.

“I would hope that our U.S. Supreme Court would begin to retreat from what I think is an abusive interpretation of our interstate commerce clause,” said Rep. Deborah Kottel, a Democrat from Great Falls who supports the measure.

That clause in the U.S. Constitution grants Congress authority to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the states. The Supreme Court has handled cases seeking to limit the clause’s application in recent years. In 2005, the court upheld federal authority to regulate marijuana under the clause, even when its use is limited to noncommercial purposes n such as medical reasons n and it is grown and used within a state’s borders.

The Montana bill follows fears here and elsewhere that the election of Barack Obama as president will trigger more gun regulation. In the months before Obama’s inauguration, Montanans rushed to stock up on guns, pushing gun sales beyond normal benchmarks despite the recession.

Opponents of the measure worry lax regulations in the state could lead to a similar surge in both gun sales and gun manufacturing.

“Who are we bringing in and is this the kind of business we want to have in this state?” asked Rep. Sue Malek, D-Missoula. “I want our state to be recognized as a state that cares about people, and that cares about the environment.”

The bill is one of a number the Legislature is considering that may extend gun rights in Montana.

Earlier in the week, the House passed another measure, HB228, that would let Montanans carry concealed weapons in city limits without having permits.

On Saturday the House Judiciary Committee narrowly passed a resolution that affirms Montanans’ right to carry weapons in national parks and wildlife refuges.


The Scamulus Bill

February 17, 2009

This monster is something else; I’m not even half way through it and so far it looks like a manifesto. One that will lock socialism in place in America for generations to come. Here, read it for yourself…

* Text of the Conference Report – Division A
* Text of the Conference Report – Division B
* Joint Explanatory Statement – Division A
* Joint Explanatory Statement – Division B

Thanks to Downsize D.C

Scroll through these pdf files and you’ll see that the bill is filled with . . .

* Hand-written copy-editing,
* Insertions scrawled in the margins,
* Typographical deletions of whole paragraphs,
* And a variety of curious hash marks and other annotations.

Congressional leaders were so SCARED of the growing public opposition that they couldn’t even take the time to type the changes into a laptop!

But now, at least, we’ll finally get to learn the ingredients of this particular sausage. Think-tank scholars will read the bits that relate to their expertize and tell us about the toxic ingredients.

As the details ooze out, the President and Congressional Democrats will look very slimy. Their dire warnings about the need for speed to save the economy will ring hollow. They’ll lose credibility, and future legislation will be harder to pass.

We intend to stoke the public’s growing distrust into an inferno, starting today. The action item for today is a “Thank or Spank” message.

Your message will go to both your Representative and your two Senators. Tell them, in front of each other, what you think of their vote — thank or spank them. Remember, these people work for you!

Here’s how I “personalized” my note to my delegation,

“Sherrod Brown was flown into town, at my expense (as a taxpayer), to cast the final and most necessary vote to pass this huge, unread, boondoggle bill that rips-off both me and my children. That offends me. It’s like being asked to buy the club with which you intend to beat me.

“I also protest Ms. Sutton’s support of this bill and applaud Mr. Voinovich for voting no.

“November 2010 may seem far away, and the Republicans may yet offend me again, as they have in the past, but I’m going to remember that the Republicans were on the right side in this vote, and the Democrats almost entirely in the wrong.”

Please look below my signature to see how your elected representatives voted, and then thank or spank them.

Urge others to do the same by forwarding this Dispatch to others, and by Digging it on our blog.

Thanks for being part of the growing Downsize DC Army,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

Nay AL Sessions, Jefferson
Nay AL Shelby, Richard
Yea AK Begich, Mark
Nay AK Murkowski, Lisa
Nay AZ Kyl, Jon
Nay AZ McCain, John
Yea AR Lincoln, Blanche
Yea AR Pryor, Mark
Yea CA Boxer, Barbara
Yea CA Feinstein, Dianne
Yea CO Bennet, Michael
Yea CO Udall, Mark
Yea CT Dodd, Christopher
Yea CT Lieberman, Joseph
Yea DE Carper, Thomas
Yea DE Kaufman, Edward
Yea FL Nelson, Bill
Nay FL Martinez, Mel
Nay GA Chambliss, Saxby
Nay GA Isakson, John
Yea HI Akaka, Daniel
Yea HI Inouye, Daniel
Nay ID Crapo, Michael
Nay ID Risch, James
Yea IL Burris, Roland
Yea IL Durbin, Richard
Yea IN Bayh, Evan
Nay IN Lugar, Richard
Yea IA Harkin, Thomas
Nay IA Grassley, Charles
Nay KS Brownback, Samuel
Nay KS Roberts, Pat
Nay KY Bunning, Jim
Nay KY McConnell, Mitch
Yea LA Landrieu, Mary
Nay LA Vitter, David
Yea ME Collins, Susan
Yea ME Snowe, Olympia
Yea MD Cardin, Benjamin
Yea MD Mikulski, Barbara
Yea MA Kerry, John
Not Voting MA Kennedy, Edward
Yea MI Levin, Carl
Yea MI Stabenow, Debbie Ann
Yea MN Klobuchar, Amy
Nay MS Cochran, Thad
Nay MS Wicker, Roger
Yea MO McCaskill, Claire
Nay MO Bond, Christopher
Yea MT Baucus, Max
Yea MT Tester, Jon
Yea NE Nelson, Ben
Nay NE Johanns, Mike
Yea NV Reid, Harry
Nay NV Ensign, John
New Hampshire
Yea NH Shaheen, Jeanne
Nay NH Gregg, Judd
New Jersey
Yea NJ Lautenberg, Frank
Yea NJ Menendez, Robert
New Mexico
Yea NM Bingaman, Jeff
Yea NM Udall, Tom
New York
Yea NY Gillibrand, Kirsten
Yea NY Schumer, Charles
North Carolina
Yea NC Hagan, Kay
Nay NC Burr, Richard
North Dakota
Yea ND Conrad, Kent
Yea ND Dorgan, Byron
Yea OH Brown, Sherrod
Nay OH Voinovich, George
Nay OK Coburn, Thomas
Nay OK Inhofe, James
Yea OR Merkley, Jeff
Yea OR Wyden, Ron
Yea PA Casey, Robert
Yea PA Specter, Arlen
Rhode Island
Yea RI Reed, John
Yea RI Whitehouse, Sheldon
South Carolina
Nay SC DeMint, Jim
Nay SC Graham, Lindsey
South Dakota
Yea SD Johnson, Tim
Nay SD Thune, John
Nay TN Alexander, Lamar
Nay TN Corker, Bob
Nay TX Cornyn, John
Nay TX Hutchison, Kay
Nay UT Bennett, Robert
Nay UT Hatch, Orrin
Yea VT Leahy, Patrick
Yea VT Sanders, Bernard
Yea VA Warner, Mark
Yea VA Webb, Jim
Yea WA Cantwell, Maria
Yea WA Murray, Patty
West Virginia
Yea WV Byrd, Robert
Yea WV Rockefeller, John
Yea WI Feingold, Russell
Yea WI Kohl, Herbert
Nay WY Barrasso, John
Nay WY Enzi, Michael


Nay AL-1 Bonner, Jo
Nay AL-2 Bright, Bobby
Nay AL-3 Rogers, Michael
Nay AL-4 Aderholt, Robert
Nay AL-5 Griffith, Parker
Nay AL-6 Bachus, Spencer
Yea AL-7 Davis, Artur
Nay AK-0 Young, Donald
Yea AZ-1 Kirkpatrick, Ann
Nay AZ-2 Franks, Trent
Nay AZ-3 Shadegg, John
Yea AZ-4 Pastor, Edward
Yea AZ-5 Mitchell, Harry
Nay AZ-6 Flake, Jeff
Yea AZ-7 Grijalva, Raul
Yea AZ-8 Giffords, Gabrielle
Yea AR-1 Berry, Robert
Yea AR-2 Snyder, Victor
Nay AR-3 Boozman, John
Yea AR-4 Ross, Mike
Yea CA-1 Thompson, C.
Nay CA-2 Herger, Walter
Nay CA-3 Lungren, Daniel
Nay CA-4 McClintock, Tom
Yea CA-5 Matsui, Doris
Yea CA-6 Woolsey, Lynn
Yea CA-7 Miller, George
Yea CA-8 Pelosi, Nancy
Yea CA-9 Lee, Barbara
Yea CA-10 Tauscher, Ellen
Yea CA-11 McNerney, Jerry
Yea CA-12 Speier, Jackie
Yea CA-13 Stark, Fortney
Yea CA-14 Eshoo, Anna
Yea CA-15 Honda, Michael
Yea CA-16 Lofgren, Zoe
Yea CA-17 Farr, Sam
Yea CA-18 Cardoza, Dennis
Nay CA-19 Radanovich, George
Yea CA-20 Costa, Jim
Nay CA-21 Nunes, Devin
Nay CA-22 McCarthy, Kevin
Yea CA-23 Capps, Lois
Nay CA-24 Gallegly, Elton
Nay CA-25 McKeon, Howard
Nay CA-26 Dreier, David
Yea CA-27 Sherman, Brad
Yea CA-28 Berman, Howard
Yea CA-29 Schiff, Adam
Yea CA-30 Waxman, Henry
Yea CA-31 Becerra, Xavier
Yea CA-32 Solis, Hilda
Yea CA-33 Watson, Diane
Yea CA-34 Roybal-Allard, Lucille
Yea CA-35 Waters, Maxine
Yea CA-36 Harman, Jane
Yea CA-37 Richardson, Laura
Yea CA-38 Napolitano, Grace
Yea CA-39 Sanchez, Linda
Nay CA-40 Royce, Edward
Nay CA-41 Lewis, Jerry
Nay CA-42 Miller, Gary
Yea CA-43 Baca, Joe
Nay CA-44 Calvert, Ken
Nay CA-45 Bono Mack, Mary
Nay CA-46 Rohrabacher, Dana
Yea CA-47 Sanchez, Loretta
Not Voting CA-48 Campbell, John
Nay CA-49 Issa, Darrell
Nay CA-50 Bilbray, Brian
Yea CA-51 Filner, Bob
Nay CA-52 Hunter, Duncan
Yea CA-53 Davis, Susan
Yea CO-1 DeGette, Diana
Yea CO-2 Polis, Jared
Yea CO-3 Salazar, John
Yea CO-4 Markey, Betsy
Nay CO-5 Lamborn, Doug
Nay CO-6 Coffman, Mike
Yea CO-7 Perlmutter, Ed
Yea CT-1 Larson, John
Yea CT-2 Courtney, Joe
Yea CT-3 DeLauro, Rosa
Yea CT-4 Himes, James
Yea CT-5 Murphy, Christopher
Nay DE-0 Castle, Michael
Nay FL-1 Miller, Jeff
Yea FL-2 Boyd, Allen
Yea FL-3 Brown, Corrine
Nay FL-4 Crenshaw, Ander
Nay FL-5 Brown-Waite, Virginia
Nay FL-6 Stearns, Clifford
Nay FL-7 Mica, John
Yea FL-8 Grayson, Alan
Nay FL-9 Bilirakis, Gus
Nay FL-10 Young, C. W.
Yea FL-11 Castor, Kathy
Nay FL-12 Putnam, Adam
Nay FL-13 Buchanan, Vern
Nay FL-14 Mack, Connie
Nay FL-15 Posey, Bill
Nay FL-16 Rooney, Thomas
Yea FL-17 Meek, Kendrick
Nay FL-18 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana
Yea FL-19 Wexler, Robert
Yea FL-20 Wasserman Schultz, Debbie
Nay FL-21 Diaz-Balart, Lincoln
Yea FL-22 Klein, Ron
Yea FL-23 Hastings, Alcee
Yea FL-24 Kosmas, Suzanne
Nay FL-25 Diaz-Balart, Mario
Nay GA-1 Kingston, Jack
Yea GA-2 Bishop, Sanford
Nay GA-3 Westmoreland, Lynn
Yea GA-4 Johnson, Henry
Yea GA-5 Lewis, John
Nay GA-6 Price, Tom
Nay GA-7 Linder, John
Yea GA-8 Marshall, James
Nay GA-9 Deal, Nathan
Nay GA-10 Broun, Paul
Nay GA-11 Gingrey, John
Yea GA-12 Barrow, John
Yea GA-13 Scott, David
Yea HI-1 Abercrombie, Neil
Yea HI-2 Hirono, Mazie
Nay ID-1 Minnick, Walter
Nay ID-2 Simpson, Michael
Yea IL-1 Rush, Bobby
Yea IL-2 Jackson, Jesse
Present IL-3 Lipinski, Daniel
Yea IL-4 Gutierrez, Luis
Nay IL-6 Roskam, Peter
Yea IL-7 Davis, Danny
Yea IL-8 Bean, Melissa
Yea IL-9 Schakowsky, Janice
Nay IL-10 Kirk, Mark
Yea IL-11 Halvorson, Deborah
Yea IL-12 Costello, Jerry
Nay IL-13 Biggert, Judy
Yea IL-14 Foster, Bill
Nay IL-15 Johnson, Timothy
Nay IL-16 Manzullo, Donald
Yea IL-17 Hare, Phil
Nay IL-18 Schock, Aaron
Nay IL-19 Shimkus, John
Yea IN-1 Visclosky, Peter
Yea IN-2 Donnelly, Joe
Nay IN-3 Souder, Mark
Nay IN-4 Buyer, Stephen
Nay IN-5 Burton, Dan
Nay IN-6 Pence, Mike
Yea IN-7 Carson, André
Yea IN-8 Ellsworth, Brad
Yea IN-9 Hill, Baron
Yea IA-1 Braley, Bruce
Yea IA-2 Loebsack, David
Yea IA-3 Boswell, Leonard
Nay IA-4 Latham, Thomas
Nay IA-5 King, Steve
Nay KS-1 Moran, Jerry
Nay KS-2 Jenkins, Lynn
Yea KS-3 Moore, Dennis
Nay KS-4 Tiahrt, Todd
Nay KY-1 Whitfield, Edward
Nay KY-2 Guthrie, Brett
Yea KY-3 Yarmuth, John
Nay KY-4 Davis, Geoff
Nay KY-5 Rogers, Harold
Yea KY-6 Chandler, Ben
Nay LA-1 Scalise, Steve
Nay LA-2 Cao, Anh
Yea LA-3 Melancon, Charles
Nay LA-4 Fleming, John
Nay LA-5 Alexander, Rodney
Nay LA-6 Cassidy, Bill
Nay LA-7 Boustany, Charles
Yea ME-1 Pingree, Chellie
Yea ME-2 Michaud, Michael
Yea MD-1 Kratovil, Frank
Yea MD-2 Ruppersberger, C.A.
Yea MD-3 Sarbanes, John
Yea MD-4 Edwards, Donna
Yea MD-5 Hoyer, Steny
Nay MD-6 Bartlett, Roscoe
Yea MD-7 Cummings, Elijah
Yea MD-8 Van Hollen, Christopher
Yea MA-1 Olver, John
Yea MA-2 Neal, Richard
Yea MA-3 McGovern, James
Yea MA-4 Frank, Barney
Yea MA-5 Tsongas, Niki
Yea MA-6 Tierney, John
Yea MA-7 Markey, Edward
Yea MA-8 Capuano, Michael
Yea MA-9 Lynch, Stephen
Yea MA-10 Delahunt, William
Yea MI-1 Stupak, Bart
Nay MI-2 Hoekstra, Peter
Nay MI-3 Ehlers, Vernon
Nay MI-4 Camp, David
Yea MI-5 Kildee, Dale
Nay MI-6 Upton, Frederick
Yea MI-7 Schauer, Mark
Nay MI-8 Rogers, Michael
Yea MI-9 Peters, Gary
Nay MI-10 Miller, Candice
Nay MI-11 McCotter, Thaddeus
Yea MI-12 Levin, Sander
Yea MI-13 Kilpatrick, Carolyn
Yea MI-14 Conyers, John
Yea MI-15 Dingell, John
Yea MN-1 Walz, Timothy
Nay MN-2 Kline, John
Nay MN-3 Paulsen, Erik
Yea MN-4 McCollum, Betty
Yea MN-5 Ellison, Keith
Nay MN-6 Bachmann, Michele
Nay MN-7 Peterson, Collin
Yea MN-8 Oberstar, James
Yea MS-1 Childers, Travis
Yea MS-2 Thompson, Bennie
Nay MS-3 Harper, Gregg
Nay MS-4 Taylor, Gene
Yea MO-1 Clay, William
Nay MO-2 Akin, W.
Yea MO-3 Carnahan, Russ
Yea MO-4 Skelton, Ike
Yea MO-5 Cleaver, Emanuel
Nay MO-6 Graves, Samuel
Nay MO-7 Blunt, Roy
Nay MO-8 Emerson, Jo Ann
Nay MO-9 Luetkemeyer, Blaine
Nay MT-0 Rehberg, Dennis
Nay NE-1 Fortenberry, Jeffrey
Nay NE-2 Terry, Lee
Nay NE-3 Smith, Adrian
Yea NV-1 Berkley, Shelley
Nay NV-2 Heller, Dean
Yea NV-3 Titus, Dina
New Hampshire
Yea NH-1 Shea-Porter, Carol
Yea NH-2 Hodes, Paul
New Jersey
Yea NJ-1 Andrews, Robert
Nay NJ-2 LoBiondo, Frank
Yea NJ-3 Adler, John
Nay NJ-4 Smith, Christopher
Nay NJ-5 Garrett, Scott
Yea NJ-6 Pallone, Frank
Nay NJ-7 Lance, Leonard
Yea NJ-8 Pascrell, William
Yea NJ-9 Rothman, Steven
Yea NJ-10 Payne, Donald
Nay NJ-11 Frelinghuysen, Rodney
Yea NJ-12 Holt, Rush
Yea NJ-13 Sires, Albio
New Mexico
Yea NM-1 Heinrich, Martin
Yea NM-2 Teague, Harry
Yea NM-3 Lujan, Ben
New York
Yea NY-1 Bishop, Timothy
Yea NY-2 Israel, Steve
Nay NY-3 King, Peter
Yea NY-4 McCarthy, Carolyn
Yea NY-5 Ackerman, Gary
Yea NY-6 Meeks, Gregory
Yea NY-7 Crowley, Joseph
Yea NY-8 Nadler, Jerrold
Yea NY-9 Weiner, Anthony
Yea NY-10 Towns, Edolphus
Yea NY-11 Clarke, Yvette
Yea NY-12 Velazquez, Nydia
Yea NY-13 McMahon, Michael
Yea NY-14 Maloney, Carolyn
Yea NY-15 Rangel, Charles
Yea NY-16 Serrano, José
Yea NY-17 Engel, Eliot
Yea NY-18 Lowey, Nita
Yea NY-19 Hall, John
Yea NY-21 Tonko, Paul
Yea NY-22 Hinchey, Maurice
Nay NY-23 McHugh, John
Yea NY-24 Arcuri, Michael
Yea NY-25 Maffei, Daniel
Not Voting NY-26 Lee, Christopher
Yea NY-27 Higgins, Brian
Yea NY-28 Slaughter, Louise
Yea NY-29 Massa, Eric
North Carolina
Yea NC-1 Butterfield, George
Yea NC-2 Etheridge, Bob
Nay NC-3 Jones, Walter
Yea NC-4 Price, David
Nay NC-5 Foxx, Virginia
Nay NC-6 Coble, Howard
Yea NC-7 McIntyre, Mike
Yea NC-8 Kissell, Larry
Nay NC-9 Myrick, Sue
Nay NC-10 Mchenry, Patrick
Nay NC-11 Shuler, Heath
Yea NC-12 Watt, Melvin
Yea NC-13 Miller, R.
North Dakota
Yea ND-0 Pomeroy, Earl
Yea OH-1 Driehaus, Steve
Nay OH-2 Schmidt, Jean
Nay OH-3 Turner, Michael
Nay OH-4 Jordan, Jim
Nay OH-5 Latta, Robert
Yea OH-6 Wilson, Charles
Nay OH-7 Austria, Steve
Nay OH-8 Boehner, John
Yea OH-9 Kaptur, Marcy
Yea OH-10 Kucinich, Dennis
Yea OH-11 Fudge, Marcia
Nay OH-12 Tiberi, Patrick
Yea OH-13 Sutton, Betty
Nay OH-14 LaTourette, Steven
Yea OH-15 Kilroy, Mary Jo
Yea OH-16 Boccieri, John
Yea OH-17 Ryan, Timothy
Yea OH-18 Space, Zachary
Nay OK-1 Sullivan, John
Yea OK-2 Boren, Dan
Nay OK-3 Lucas, Frank
Nay OK-4 Cole, Tom
Nay OK-5 Fallin, Mary
Yea OR-1 Wu, David
Nay OR-2 Walden, Greg
Yea OR-3 Blumenauer, Earl
Nay OR-4 DeFazio, Peter
Yea OR-5 Schrader, Kurt
Yea PA-1 Brady, Robert
Yea PA-2 Fattah, Chaka
Yea PA-3 Dahlkemper, Kathleen
Yea PA-4 Altmire, Jason
Nay PA-5 Thompson, Glenn
Nay PA-6 Gerlach, Jim
Yea PA-7 Sestak, Joe
Yea PA-8 Murphy, Patrick
Nay PA-9 Shuster, William
Yea PA-10 Carney, Christopher
Yea PA-11 Kanjorski, Paul
Yea PA-12 Murtha, John
Yea PA-13 Schwartz, Allyson
Yea PA-14 Doyle, Michael
Nay PA-15 Dent, Charles
Nay PA-16 Pitts, Joseph
Yea PA-17 Holden, Tim
Nay PA-18 Murphy, Tim
Nay PA-19 Platts, Todd
Rhode Island
Yea RI-1 Kennedy, Patrick
Yea RI-2 Langevin, James
South Carolina
Nay SC-1 Brown, Henry
Nay SC-2 Wilson, Addison
Nay SC-3 Barrett, James
Nay SC-4 Inglis, Bob
Yea SC-5 Spratt, John
Not Voting SC-6 Clyburn, James
South Dakota
Yea SD-0 Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie
Nay TN-1 Roe, David
Nay TN-2 Duncan, John
Nay TN-3 Wamp, Zach
Yea TN-4 Davis, Lincoln
Yea TN-5 Cooper, Jim
Yea TN-6 Gordon, Barton
Nay TN-7 Blackburn, Marsha
Yea TN-8 Tanner, John
Yea TN-9 Cohen, Steve
Nay TX-1 Gohmert, Louis
Nay TX-2 Poe, Ted
Nay TX-3 Johnson, Samuel
Nay TX-4 Hall, Ralph
Nay TX-5 Hensarling, Jeb
Nay TX-6 Barton, Joe
Nay TX-7 Culberson, John
Nay TX-8 Brady, Kevin
Yea TX-9 Green, Al
Nay TX-10 McCaul, Michael
Nay TX-11 Conaway, K.
Nay TX-12 Granger, Kay
Nay TX-13 Thornberry, William
Nay TX-14 Paul, Ronald
Yea TX-15 Hinojosa, Rubén
Yea TX-16 Reyes, Silvestre
Yea TX-17 Edwards, Thomas
Yea TX-18 Jackson-Lee, Sheila
Nay TX-19 Neugebauer, Randy
Yea TX-20 Gonzalez, Charles
Nay TX-21 Smith, Lamar
Nay TX-22 Olson, Pete
Yea TX-23 Rodriguez, Ciro
Nay TX-24 Marchant, Kenny
Yea TX-25 Doggett, Lloyd
Nay TX-26 Burgess, Michael
Yea TX-27 Ortiz, Solomon
Yea TX-28 Cuellar, Henry
Yea TX-29 Green, Raymond
Yea TX-30 Johnson, Eddie
Nay TX-31 Carter, John
Nay TX-32 Sessions, Peter
Nay UT-1 Bishop, Rob
Yea UT-2 Matheson, Jim
Nay UT-3 Chaffetz, Jason
Yea VT-0 Welch, Peter
Nay VA-1 Wittman, Rob
Yea VA-2 Nye, Glenn
Yea VA-3 Scott, Robert
Nay VA-4 Forbes, James
Yea VA-5 Perriello, Thomas
Nay VA-6 Goodlatte, Robert
Nay VA-7 Cantor, Eric
Yea VA-8 Moran, James
Yea VA-9 Boucher, Frederick
Nay VA-10 Wolf, Frank
Yea VA-11 Connolly, Gerald
Yea WA-1 Inslee, Jay
Yea WA-2 Larsen, Rick
Yea WA-3 Baird, Brian
Nay WA-4 Hastings, Doc
Nay WA-5 McMorris Rodgers, Cathy
Yea WA-6 Dicks, Norman
Yea WA-7 McDermott, James
Nay WA-8 Reichert, Dave
Yea WA-9 Smith, Adam
West Virginia
Yea WV-1 Mollohan, Alan
Nay WV-2 Capito, Shelley
Yea WV-3 Rahall, Nick
Nay WI-1 Ryan, Paul
Yea WI-2 Baldwin, Tammy
Yea WI-3 Kind, Ronald
Yea WI-4 Moore, Gwen
Nay WI-5 Sensenbrenner, F.
Nay WI-6 Petri, Thomas
Yea WI-7 Obey, David
Yea WI-8 Kagen, Steve
Nay WY-0 Lummis, Cynthia

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February 17, 2009

One would think that the Associated Press could distinguish between conservationist’s and preservationists, much less eco-terrorist’s. What follows is so filled with misinformation that it is difficult finding a place to begin. Gray wolves are endangered? Not where ariel control is being used, not at all. Coyotes? You have got to be kidding, period. Black Bears..? Again, it is simply ridiculous to think that Black bears are endangered. Why can’t these people be honest? They just hate killing animals, even when those animals are a clear and present threat to humans. No doubt they will also make the claim that this is some sort of sport hunting as opposed to culling , or removing human threats.

RENO, Nev. — Conservationists argue in a new report that U.S. taxpayers should stop subsidizing a $100 million program that kills more than 1 million wild animals annually, a program ranchers and farmers have defended for nearly a century as critical to protecting their livestock from predators.

Citing concerns about the economy and the potential for a fresh look at the decades-old controversy in the new Obama administration, 115 environmental groups signed onto a recent letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack urging him to abolish the U.S. Agriculture Department’s Wildlife Services.

The American Sheep Industry Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and more than 70 other livestock production and state agriculture offices in 35 states countered with a letter citing more than $125 million in annual losses to the sheep, goat and cattle industry as a result of predation.

Now, as Congress tries to tackle the looming federal budget crisis, a new report by conservationists entitled “War on Wildlife” being made public on Tuesday documents significant increases in recent years in both the number of carnivores killed and the size of the agency’s budget — $117 million in 2007, up 14 percent from the average from 2004-06.

“We ask Mr. Obama to get out his scalpel and protect the public’s hard-earned dollars from this unscrupulous agency,” said Wendy Keefover-Ring, director of carnivore protection for WildEarth Guardians based in Bozeman, Mont.

The vast majority of the 121,524 animals killed in 2007 were coyotes — 90,326. But the trapping, poisoning and aerial gunning of the predators also is taking an increasing, unintended toll on other creatures, including 511 black bears and 340 endangered gray wolves in 2007, according to a copy of the report obtained by The Associated Press.

Authors of the 108-page report being presented to USDA, members of Congress and the White House on Tuesday described it as the first comprehensive, national, independent assessment of the agency in 40 years.

“While most people enjoy observing wildlife, Wildlife Services massacres our nation’s wildlife mainly to benefit agribusiness,” Keefover-Ring said.

“They’re killing more and more predators, and more endangered species and using more tax resources,” she said.

The result is a “sledgehammer approach” to wildlife management that in many cases could be replaced by non-lethal alternatives, the report concluded.

More than 40,000 of the coyotes killed in 2007 were in just four states — Texas (19,123), Wyoming (10,915), California (7,759) and Nevada (7,447).

In addition to concerns about the fiscal and biological impacts, the use of helicopters and small planes to fly low enough for contracted sharp shooters to pick off the coyotes has resulted in plane crashes killing 10 and injuring 28 from 1979-2007, the report said.

Aides to Vilsack referred questions about the program to USDA’s Animal, Plant, Health Inspection Service, which oversees Wildlife Services.

USDA spokeswoman Carol Bannerman said Vilsack intends to review all of USDA’s programs but that it would be weeks before he had any idea about possible changes he wants to make.

Bannerman said the federal agency only kills predators when livestock owners or state officials request their assistance. She said most of the time those private individuals or state agencies provide about half the funding for the effort.

“From our perspective, we certainly feel that we have a responsibility to respond to those requests,” she said from APHIS headquarters in Riverdale, Md.

Bannerman said the agency is required to review each individual project under the regulations of the National Environmental Policy Act “and move ahead only if there would be no long-term negative impact on the environment.”

“With that mandate … we can give people an outlet to deal with a problem that if they took into their own hands could have longer-term negative impacts,” she said.

The agricultural commodities’ groups said in their letter to Vilsack about a month ago that livestock losses to predation cost producers more than $125 million a year.

“Without non-lethal and lethal predator control by Wildlife Services, these numbers could easily double or even triple,” said Skye Krebs, an Oregon rancher and president of the Public Lands Council, which spearheaded the letter along with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

“The agency provides a means for striking a balance in the wildlife-livestock interface, including limiting the spread of disease from wildlife,” Krebs said.


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