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AWB 2009 Redux: or maybe 2010..?

November 13, 2009

Well, they are back, as we warned you vigilance is the word of the day. Repeating the same old worn out lies and deceptions yet again, America, is being blamed for the corruption of a nation that is out of the control of legitimate government.

The Hidalgo’s that run Mexico, be they in government, or the real people that run things down there, the cartel’s, have a problem. It is their problem, and not ours. yet, the statists in and out of our own government insist that by depriving our people of their rights it will somehow set Mexico on the straight and narrow.

I say, in no uncertain terms, bullshit! If anything, restrictions on heavy weaponry for common Americans should be relaxed, if not abolished. I don’t buy into the “just enforce the existing laws” argument. Not for a second. We already have too many laws, and more will only muddle the mix even more, not to mention that a lot of laws just plain should not be on the books in the first place.

Want to stop the black markets in weapons? Pull it’s teeth, as in take the incentive from the criminals. Make them legal. Same thing for most gang related violence. End the turf wars via de-funding the gangs. Legalize recreational drugs and the gangs go broke. It’s a lot tougher to by grenades and full auto weapons when you don’t have a ready made money pipeline to draw upon.

So just what brought this up? read about it HERE.

These fools want amnesty for illegals as well. Go figure!

Joe Arpaio: American hero

October 8, 2009

People do what they are driven to do. Some address general issues within society, other times they are more specific, and still others sort of work along a general line but still focused within a parameter. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of those types. An equal opportunity Sheriff, he will arrest any law-breaker, and house them accordingly.

How to deal with such an upstart? By golly! Use the race card! It’s always worked in the past after all!  So, what do the people in the obamanure administration do? They try and brand him a racist, and attempt to pull his authority that’s what they do to those that don’t fit with their political correctness agenda. Judgment Day is coming next year progressives, and when that day comes your amnesty dream plan, along with many others will be heading straight into the toilet. Where it belongs…

Hat tip to a relatively new blogger for what follows.

And that folks,was followed up by the sycophants here…

The issue is not about racism. Not at all. It is about enforcing our laws, and national security. Nothing more, and nothing less.

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