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Fly Fishing, it is an addiction indeed

May 10, 2008

I first began fly fishing some thirty one years ago. Admittedly at first, it was a challenge. I read book after book, and watched VCR film after VCR film. As soon as the Rocky Mountain News came out on the days that the Outdoors column was published, I was glued to the article, and just had to have whatever supper slam dunk fly that Bill Logan wrote about that week.
After all was said and done though. I ended up catching various sunfish from the local ponds as I perfected my madness, if not methodology. Casting on a stream was, well, things just didn’t work very well.
What was wrong? I have come to learn that the problem was one familiar to most people at some time or other. I was all gung ho! I had no patience. I beat the water to a pulp.

Fly fishing is, to me, a form of hunting. Think you can bag a bull Elk stomping all over the place? Not very likely. Or a Whitetail Buck while thrashing all over? Again, not likely. In fly fishing, you need to keep the sun in your face, least you cast shadows before you that spook the fish. It is akin to keeping the wind in your face while stalking a Mule Deer, or most other animals that are hunted.

I learned to settle down one day while casting to trout in Boulder Creek, in the oxbow ares about two miles west of the city of Boulder, Colorado. The fly I used was very much like the one pictured above, it is a gray bodied Elk Hair caddis pattern. I fell into a rhythm, and so did the fish. That day was a true lesson in catch and return fishing. Some people that were watching me while they picnicked along side the river said that they counted more than thirty fish that I returned unharmed to the water.

Since then, Sedge flies have been a favorite of mine for surface fishing, along with Adams patterns. If, however, you come to Colorado to catch fish, plan on fishing nymphs. Top water hits are the icing on the cake. Think about it though. Just how much of the cake is frosting? How much is below?

If you should happen to get bitten by the fly fishing bug, do not despair, just get another fly rod…

Sac Bee’s Fishing Line « The Fish Whisperer

March 14, 2008

Sac Bee’s Fishing Line « The Fish Whisperer

Looks like things are beginning to heat up all across the west! I love it! No politics on the stream, just structure, and ripples, and figuring out just what the fish will hit on that day, at that particular place along the stream or river.

Here in Colorado, midge larva rule as the number one fish getter this time of the year. Although last weekend, a fellow caught a nice Brownie on a number eighteen hares mask nymph, fished along the bottom of the river.

Wild Turkeys watched as we fished from the nearby hillside. Turkey season is about to start…

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