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The great debate… Sort of…

September 8, 2011

The much anticipated Republican Presidential candidates debate was, well, for myself a lot of hooey that didn’t cut to the chase. It reminded me more of a game of dodge ball in that Romney and Perry pretty much stole the show. My lasting question being, “who squirmed be best?”

I seriously have to wonder about these people. Between obamnycare, and illegal immigration I have doubts about both the leading candidates. Then we have the Social Security red herring issue. Look folks, it’s a rip off that I myself am going to have to live with just because of how many times I have seen the sun set in the west. That does not mean that Americans should be saddled with this big government rip off forever, and allowing the democrats to frame that debate leaves me wondering just how much true leadership really exists within the Republican Party. Tell you what? Perhaps the Republicans should once again co-opt the Libertarians positions and strategies on that issue. Those from back in the day when the Libertarians still had brains, and were indeed the Party of Principle.

On that note: All of you that so hate the Libertarians, the philosophical Libertarians, not the LP whack jobs? Take a look at the real positions taken by the TEA Party folks… Looks an awful lot like the LP platform from the eighties... Complete with a serious lack of real leadership!

Even after all the bally hoo, I still see no real plan to:

  • Get the economy back on track in a meaningful way.
  • Restore the Bill of Rights and Constitution as it was meant to be.
  • Reestablish American pride and exceptionalism.
  • Restore the faith of the people across the world in America as a bastion of freedom and liberty.

As much as I admire many of those running for the office of President I have serious doubts about most of them.



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