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India and Pakistan…

December 26, 2008

It is beginning to appear that these two longtime neighbors are about ready to throw down with each other. While the recent attack by terrorist’s in Mumbai that is really just a trigger for some age old difficulties that people from both nations have never quite worked out to either sides satisfaction.

The seeds of this brewing discontent go back centuries if not longer than that. From tribal conflicts and caste based societies, to religious conflict and things that go even beyond. This is a region of the world that is a powder keg with a very short fuse. It appears that there are indeed those that would love seeing that fuse ignited. The two countries contain a sizable portion of the worlds human population. Not to mention that others in the region could easily get dragged into any conflict. China and Australia come to mind, and should either of those countries get involved on a military level, others no doubt would also come into play.

The shear numbers of people that reside in the area would insure a war of incredible magnitude if fought on a conventional level. The fact that both India, and Pakistan have nuclear weaponry only presents the world with an even greater risk.

The world can only hope that cooler heads prevail.

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Mumbai, picking up the pieces, or picking apart the pieces?

December 1, 2008

The atrocity committed by Islam’s extremist’s in Mumbai is on the front page of websites and newspapers all over the world. People are screaming for accountability there, just as they screamed here in the United States after the World Trade Center attacks. That is a normal, and human reaction. But it really does nothing but make people feel better.

So then what might be a better way of going about things? For one thing, don’t trash the people that are the best that you have. Granted, there are times when a brand new approach is the way to go. However when you are in the classic conundrum of limited resources with outstanding demand why, I ask, get rid of what few resources you have? Did those people make mistakes? Most likely. They are also in the best position to evaluate those failures and place new procedures in place to address those weaknesses. Sure, get some new blood in those places at some point in time. However, when your nation is reeling with grief, and running on emotion is not the time to change the only person, or people that know how to steer the vehicle.

India is looking beyond it’s borders for assistance, and that is indeed a good thing. This is a problem that the entire civilized world faces, not just India. Information is the first principle of warfare. Shared information brings strength that a single entity simply cannot possess. After all, the well known story of the quarreling brothers, and the father that taught them that as individual arrows leaves them weak, but joined together they are strong truly applies here.

It appears that many nations do realize that and that India is allowing it’s friends to help them in their time of need. Mass casualty planning is far from an easy thing to do. The various contingencies involved can be mind boggling. This is where nations can be greatly enabled by one another. Terrorism is no different than any other disaster situation. With one very big difference. It is wholly human caused. Humans are easier to figure out than earthquakes for example. They (humans) are much more predictable.

I submit that many nations working in concert will be much more effective at combating terrorism than single nations, or small groups of nations can, or will ever be. Both India and Pakistan need to work together to help fight this cancer called terrorism.

It is not simply a thing of tracking Muslims either. There are several groups in the general region that have their own agendas. The rattling of nuclear sabers will not do anything but make a few blowhards feel better.

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