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Ah, the good old days: Protestors arrested

October 2, 2011

Seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. At least a lot of the time. Whats at the top of Google News today?

An anti capitalist protest that ends in arrests that’s what!  Along with the usual complaints about the police. But wait! Most were released immediately!

Read about it here.

So what’s missing? Well, bashed in heads, tear gas, flying feces, and other assorted acts of mayhem by both sides (allegedly) of the dispute.


Back in the day there would have been real protestors. Shin kicking below the cameras viewfinders, accusations of female groping by arresting officers, the occasional Molotov cocktail, and of course, interjection of completely unrelated societal complaints by the lucky few that made it in front of the television crews about unjust wars, wars in general, capitalism being the work of Satan, oh, and religion and family and anything else that could be thrown into this Mulligan stew of Hate America First expressionism.

These people are a bunch of amateurs at best...

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