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The Stolen Valor Act

October 11, 2010

The Stolen Valor Act was written with, and for the express purpose of punishing those people that make false claims about their military service, particularly such claims that claim combat decoration.

The law has been challenged, supposedly based upon free speech rights. I think that the real reason is that the damned posers that were convicted are not man enough to do the time for their crime.

Poser’s, don’t do anyone any good. I don’t care if you are an academic poser, such as those that use mail order degrees in order to gain an edge in employment. A Public Service poser, such as the idiots that claim to have been a Paramedic but in fact, barely passed Advanced First Aid… Then, we have those that embellish their actual service. Sometimes even when they did have a very good past in the military, but sullied it by making false claims. A Navel Veteran, that actually was a “River Rat” made claims that he had been a SEAL. Then, there are the real con artists. People that were never even near a military base but make all sorts of claims…

I think that all of the above, are dishonorable, and despicable, and, if used for social or monetary gain criminal.

Well, the Stolen Valor Act is going before the SCOTUS.

Read about that HERE.

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