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Iraq, the pluses and the minuses

October 4, 2006

Throughout much of the blogosphere the situation in Iraq is the hot topic that just will not go away. School shootings, political peccadilloes, social unrest and a host of other things all eventually go by the wayside as this venture into a harsh land tugs at our collective psyche and drags us back like modern day Sirens of the sea. First, what should be considered? The basics that most of us are more than familiar with at this point. Later we can delve into wave effects, historical possibilities, and just plain opinions.

  • One of the most heinous killers of our times has been taken down along with his insane sons and regimes.
  • A plus that many seem to pass by is that the magnet effect for terrorist’s that Iraq has become keeps them at least to a degree in a relative local setting creating a target rich environment.
  • Combat can be wearisome for troops extending. Vietnam made the Soviets concerned that their troops would loose the “Combat” edge. Hence their misadventure into a place called Afghanistan. Our troops are weary, and sharp in their deadly skill sets.
  • We are learning much about our strengths as well as our weaknesses in planning and execution.

The minuses are many; Feel free to add to this list.

  • Poor planning for the post major battle scenario.
  • Terrible media policy.
  • Ignoring strategic dictum’s. (Another major frontal conflict before another is secured.)
  • Failure to properly train personnel that are not normally considered combat troops.
  • Complete failure to properly address the historical political and tribal concerns that have divided the area for centuries.

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