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“Cowardice And Deceptiveness Are Character Flaws”

October 2, 2006

Bill Ritter, former Denver district attorney and current candidate for governor of Colorado, has formally refused to debate Rep. Bob Beauprez on the “Gunny Bob Show.”

Congressman Beauprez said he would be very willing to debate his opponent on the show and hoped Mr. Ritter would be equally open, responsible and forthright.

The Gunny regrets Mr. Ritter’s decision and notes that he is missing an important opportunity to address the people of Colorado. “When a candidate selects only venues that feel soft and cuddly and safe, and refuses venues that will definitely involve tough, frank questions and issues, reasonable Coloradans must assume that the candidate has something to hide and fears it being revealed. Whatever it is Mr. Ritter is trying to keep from the people of our state, I will find it as easily as I can find security flaws at DIA,” the Gunny remarked.

Standard procedure for Democrat candidates in these parts.

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