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Second Amendment, I was correct it seems!

June 26, 2008

This has been a hot button issue for years. Yet, after the last two rulings that came down from the Supreme Court I had serious doubts that they would get this one on the correct side of the fence.

Face it, if you read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, there was no doubt. If you read Blackstone their was no doubt. If you studied “The Rights of Englishmen.”  It became blatantly obvious that some things, like the ability to defend oneself effectively, and your neighbor, was not only a God given right, but a duty.

I am reading the full decision and have not yet determined the scope of this ruling.

One would hope that this ruling will, in fact, and practice, strike down the draconian laws that deprive people in places like Chicago, New York City and elsewhereThe free fire zones that are so abundant across our nation have only resulted in innocent men, women, and children being slaughtered by people that are anything but innocent.

The Second Amendment is there as an individual right. It is not a privilege that is granted by any authority.

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