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The “Supremes” again, and no, not the singing group

June 25, 2008

Today as I was driving the “Fruitliner” down I-225 there was breaking news … The Supreme Court had rendered yet another bizarre decision. That being, that the death penalty was both “cruel and unusual” punishment for child rapists.

Is it cruel? Certainly it is, almost as cruel as the crime. Is it unusual? Yes, and that needs changing in a big way.What really bothers me though, is that these “Justice’s” overturned the will of a jury, duly selected from the perpetrators peers. There was no indication of racial prejudice, or prosecutorial misconduct. It was the will of the people that this person had so violated acceptable norms set by the community where the act had been committed, that death was appropriate as societal retribution.

I spent more then twenty years working the streets as a Paramedic. I saw things that most people can only guess at. People are always asking, what was the most terrible thing that you ever saw? Guess what, it was child rape victims. Those kids lives were wrecked, forever, period. I went on calls involving three of them again years later, as suicides. As far as I am concerned, the rapist killed those kids. Others that do live? I have never seen one that was fully healed. Drugs, alcohol, and the absolute lack of an ability to have a fulfilling sex life themselves, or an ability to trust others are the norm. Worse yet, sometimes they became sexual abusers themselves.

The death penalty is appropriate for certain crimes …

I’m too angry to keep typing, more later …

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