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Fly Fishing, again :)

June 11, 2008

“Yes young man, it is an addiction.”

That was my response to Robert “Bob” Graves, a co-worker at Haley Paramedic Ambulance. He, some how, I mean, I wouldn’t know… Had become bitten by the Fly Fishing bug.

“It is an insidious thing indeed.” So said Senior Paramedic Arthur ( A. Flippin) Flippin Paramedic. An emerging Master Outdoors man.

But, I knew that this young man had promise as he watched me tying an Adams. “That’s an Adams isn’t it?” Correct I responded. I also gave him a little bit of hard earned knowledge about that Adams pattern, as it is best used along the Colorado front range.

The Adams pattern is very versatile, it imitates many Mayflies in sizes from 12 to 16. It really shines though as a Midge imitation. Especially along the South Platte river below Cheeseman. That would be in sizes 18 all the way to 24, if you can tie them, and then attach them without the fly blowing off up the canyon, that is.

It is also productive along Boulder Creek, each tributary. Although not nearly as effective as Gray Caddis patterns, or a Gold Ribbed hares Ear, as far as that goes. And so the session went on. Bob was a terrific student, and, he even provided Guinness when he chose to visit.

This is beginning to look like an expensive hobby he noted on one such occasion. Nonsense I replied, after all, that Bull Elk that you are sighted upon will provide many years worth of flies, after all. “With a 264 that is more than twenty years old he asked?” I felt much like a Jedi Warrior, instructing a young protege… Have faith young man… And “pull the damned trigger!”

And so it goes, life as an outdoors-man in Colorado. Bringing new ones into the fold.

Bob moved away, to some Shangrila called South East Alaska. He bought a Marlin rifle in 450 Marlin for holding big bears at bay, and a Winston bamboo fly rod, just because he could. Something tells me that he may be in need of some small bit of guidance … Just a little … I may have to plan a trip to see him … 😀

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