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Message to GOP: Don’t Take Tea Partiers For Granted

October 17, 2009

For my part the GOP, as well as the Republicans can just go away and never come back. The recently started American Conservative Party is also proving to be less than stellar as noted by friend and fellow blogger Texas Fred. The Libertarian Party still offers the best hope for limited government but, alas, they too have gone off the deep end on so many issues. I am seriously beginning to believe that secession may be the only method of restoring the unalienable rights, liberties, and freedoms of individuals. One state at a time…

It’s the dream of every political strategist: a large and highly motivated group of voters ready to get out, work for, and financially support a slate of candidates whom they align with politically. True to form, the national Republican Party missed the opportunity to take full advantage of the Tea Party movement, mainly because the GOP is continuing to back candidates who don’t always work for lower taxation and less government.

Tea Party protesters angered by Republicans supporting Wall Street bailouts and the Waxman-Malarkey cap-n-tax bill are also bitter at the GOP establishment — particularly the National Republican Senatorial Committee — for backing certain incumbent or anointed candidates who are working with Leftists in Congress.

To that end, conservatives and political activist groups such as Club for Growth are throwing their support behind candidates whom the GOP establishment has shunned, such as Chuck DeVore in California for U.S. Senate; Marco Rubio in Florida for U.S. Senate (who is in a primary battle against the “moderate” outgoing governor Charlie Crist); and Doug Hoffman of New York, who, as we reported last week, opted to run under the Conservative Party banner after being spurned by local Republican officials. Instead, ACORN-backed Dede Scozzafava, whose positions make the Democrat candidate look like Ronald Reagan, is the official Republican candidate running in the upcoming Nov. 3 special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, though her campaign is out of cash. Backing ACORN candidates is unfortunately illustrative of the elite GOP’s mindset.

In a year where the political winds and poor performance of Democrats both favor a Republican resurgence, their treatment of this motivated voter bloc shows the national party is doing itself no favors by listening to the Beltway insiders rather than the people. GOP big shots may look back after next November and lament a lost opportunity.


American Conservative Party database

May 5, 2009

For those of you, and I know of many out there, here is a grassroots organization that is attempting to get a new political party up and running. If you are sick of neo-cons and country club republicans and consider them to be nothing more than democrat light then check out this new alternative. Simply put, the status quo cannot continue if the United States of America is to remain a viable nation.

This is a slightly modified email that I received.
f you’re receiving this email, it means that we have your email registered on the old American Conservative Party website, but do not have enough information to consider you an active member.  Parties are organized by registered voters at the State Level, so at the very least we need your residential City and State.

It’s possible you never considered to be a part of the ACP at all, and were just registering on a website.  If that’s the case, you can either choose to revisit the idea by going to our new site–– and see if the party is something you’d like to get behind, or you can safely ignore this email.

If you’d like to be a SUPPORTING MEMBER or a VOLUNTEER for the American Conservative Party, you MUST go to the new site––and fill out the “Join Now” form.  There are specific ways you can get involved to help the movement against the “Two-Parties-One-Political-Class” we’re working against.

However, if your intent is simply to be “counted as a member” so that when petitions, candidates, and other issues come up in your area, you can be informed, we must know your residential city/state, and you can do that by filling out the form below.

Sincerest thanks.

Yours in Liberty,

Butch Porter
National Chairman
The American Conservative Party


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