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The Rights of Englishmen?

October 9, 2009

One of the primary reasons that the American Colonies rebelled was the suspension of their hereditary rights as citizens guaranteed them by the Magna Carta. Commonly called “The Rights of Englishmen.”

Perhaps my “rude” American streak makes me the way that I am. But when I read what follows I was reminded of the reasons that men and women have fought and died for this nation. I pity our cousins across the Atlantic…

The country’s top judge has demanded an increase in penalties to those arrested in possession of firearms. The Lord Chief Justice stated that, “Guns kill and maim, terrorise and intimidate” and that public safety must be paramount above all else. The main argument used by Lord Judge is one of deterrence, stating “deterrent and punitive sentences are required and should be imposed” such as mandatory minimum sentences for offenders including life sentences for distributors even if there was no intent to endanger life. In the debate over gun control there are a two major issues people often find themselves divided over: Firstly, where to draw the line between public protection and public dominion, and second, the trade-off between public and private deterrence.

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