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The Right Not to be Raped or Murdered

February 27, 2013

How about it politically correct hoplophobes and practitioners of misandry? You hate gun owners. We hate your stopping our ability to properly and effectively defend what is ours.

Justice: Denver Gang banger Convicted

May 7, 2009

Too think that just yesterday the death penalty was on the chopping block in Colorado. I’m not for the death penalty in all cases but there are some crimes that just plain demand it. The really sad part about this IMO is that the victims were woefully unarmed. No, I’m not saying that if either had been armed with a gun things would have been different, although that is a distinct possibility. What I am talking about is mental preparation. Check the sidebar; Front Sight, the free training that is offered could very well have made a difference in this, as well as many other tragedies.

Two fine young people gunned down because they chose to do their civic duty.


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