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All politics are local…

January 24, 2012

It has been said time and time again that all politics are local. While that may be true to a certain extent it’s not necessarily true across the board. Just take a look at the dog and pony show that is the ongoing Republican process for the nomination for President

There is nearly always some sort of dirt going on at the local levels of government, and it is virtually always by establishment types to ensure that they maintain control. Here in Wyoming right now there is a move underway to remove voter supported gadfly’s via the redistricting. That means cutting the districts up so that only “approved” people will get elected.

Sure, the law requires things to be reassessed every ten years. However, this is often used by one faction or another to further their particular agenda. One example might be a faction that favors more taxation in this or that application. Remember, The Taxed Enough Already movement was started with local control in mind, and that didn’t simply mean keeping a tight rein on our Congressmen. Think about the discussion at the federal levels right now about tax rates. Then take a look at all your local taxes, including the local and state taxes that are thinly disguised as “user fees.”

Then take a look at the locally elected folks, and just what they really stand for? How many really stand up for the State or Federal Constitution? How many have proposed the lifting of one law when ever another law is placed on the books? How many have proposed any law that places more freedom and liberty in the hands of those that have to live with these laws..? How many of them think that a citizen is going overboard, or being a threat when all they are doing is acting according to their rights under the law, and then act to change the law so that they “feel” better about things? The recent fiasco about carrying a gun in Casper at the council meetings is a great example of things along those lines.

Wyoming has been called the equality state, and for good reason. However, creeping misandry / mysandry, hoplophobia,and political correctness are changing the face of things here, and not for the better. What can be done about this change of the states social and political personality?

People need to become more involved, period. Putting your name out front, and calling out your local representatives when they go over to the dark side. At meetings, on the internet, and even on the sidewalks when the occasion presents itself. Get active, publicly with those organizations that really do stand up for all of our rights, and call out those that only pretend to do so on their hypocrisy.

We need a “Tar & Feather Brigade” so to speak that simply will not back down or compromise away our deepest values.

Fastracks boon doggle, again…

July 28, 2008

When will people learn? From gutting Tabor, to referendum “C” the Independence Institute is becoming almost prophet like in getting things correct. As opposed to Colorado government, both Democrat and Republican.

I wish this wasn’t the case, because it’s not exactly enjoyable to be proven right at the expense of Colorado taxpayers. In 2004 I ran the David vs. Goliath campaign against RTD’s 67% tax increase called FasTracks. Goliath won. We said it was plainly obvious that it was going to be underfunded and over-cost. Read what we wrote back then. Of course the corporate welfare machine behind the tax increase, and Mayor Hickenlooper in front of it promised the impossible again.

But as Kevin Flynn of the Rocky Mountain News reports:

RTD conceded Friday that it cannot deliver the FasTracks program as promised to voters four years ago. The program, originally budgeted at $4.7 billion when voters approved a sales tax to support it, rose to $6.1 billion last year and is poised for a substantial increase next month during budget talks with the elected board.

This is an unfortunate situation where we taxpayers are in no situation to continue to fund this massive failure, while no mayor is willing to push the project back or cut lines in their district. At this point, everyone is looking for a viable solution. In addition to my suggestion to ask the voters to kill it, the Rocky gave some other possible solutions:

Strategies that will be discussed soon include some, all or a combination of these:
* Going beyond the original completion year of 2017.
* Trimming some project elements such as was done with the West Corridor light rail, the first FasTracks corridor to start construction.
* Shortening some of the planned lines.
* Privatizing the financing and construction of more than the two corridors now being privatized.
* Asking the legislature for permission to go to voters for additional taxes.You can bet that TaxTracks, as Ari Armstrong of calls it, will continue to dissapoint its supporters and demand more and more taxpayer money to stay afloat. Those options above are upsetting, no doubt, but fleecing our wallets continuously for another decade or so is even worse. I say we put it to another vote and let Coloradans decide if they have had enough.


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