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Pelosi made it official to ABC: ‘We want registration.’

April 9, 2009

Register, confiscate, then collect, and oppress. The history of gun control!

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dropped a verbal bombshell in the middle of an interview on Good Morning America April 7. Responding to a question from ABC’s Robin Roberts, Pelosi said that while Congress apparently does not want to take anyone’s guns away, “We want them registered.”

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In recent months, the Supreme Court has ruled in a very- in a direction that gives more opportunity for people to have guns. We never denied that right. We don’t want to take their guns away. We want them registered.

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Some Victories Last Week During The First Budget Skirmish

April 9, 2009
But the most important battles are still to come

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thank you for your activism last week on the budget resolution,
especially given the short notice.  (Please realize that GOA has no
control over when votes are scheduled, so sometimes we have to alert you
with little time before the vote takes place!)

While the budget resolution for fiscal year 2010 has now passed the
Senate and the House in different forms, we were able to secure some
significant victories in the Senate.

First, with 64 favorable votes, the Senate passed an amendment by Sen.
Roger Wicker (R-MS) to force the federally subsidized Amtrak to allow
passengers to carry  firearms in checked bags.

In addition, the Senate adopted an amendment offered by Senator James
DeMint (R-SC) to prohibit any system of nationalized health care which
would prevent Americans from being able to select their doctors and
insurance companies.

This amendment could make it more difficult to institute either
socialized medicine or a Massachusetts-style insurance that requires
everyone to purchase [government approved?] insurance.

This is good news for gun owners.  A "mandated" insurance 
system could
not only cost you up to $1,000 month, but could also result in your most
sensitive personal information being placed in a medical database --
information that could easily be used to put more names on the gun
prohibition list (NICS).

The budget resolution now goes to conference committee, where
anti-gunners are expected to strip out both of our pro-gun amendments.
But these amendments did pin senators down on important issues early in
the budget war, which was an important strategic objective.

It is unclear when the conference report on the budget resolution will
be sent back to the Senate and the House.  One possibility is that the
resolution will be held in conference until September.

The Democrat leadership has ominously threatened to produce a bill that
would require mandatory health insurance.

They are not talking about this openly, but as a recent editorial in The
Washington Post confessed:  "Though only some of the players [on Capitol
Hill] will say so now, the [health care] plan will ultimately include a
mandate requiring everyone to have insurance." (April 6, 2009)

You see, the power players on Capitol Hill are not admitting this openly
because the American people oppose it. But if they set in motion a
process to help sneak such a "mandate" into law, then gun 
owners will
only have a few weeks to stop it in September.

This is why we need to keep the pressure on liberty-leaning Senators
during the ensuing months.  Please stay tuned.


Olofson Update

David Olofson continues to languish in prison for a malfunctioning
rifle.  GOA attorneys made oral arguments before the federal appeals
court in Chicago on January 23.  They pointed out that the government
withheld from the jury that the Supreme Court itself, along with a
government training manual, has made it clear that a gun functioning
like Olofson's was not a machine gun but simply a malfunctioning gun.

If this decision is not overturned, any owner of a semi-automatic
firearm could find himself sitting in jail next to David Olofson.

Generous individuals have made monthly commitments of $10 a month (or
more).  This has enabled Candy Olofson to take care of their three kids
and keep her job as a nurse without having to get a second job.  The
Olofson Relief Fund has been making the monthly payments of
approximately $1300 combined for the family car and mortgage.

Understandably, some have had to stop making their monthly
contributions.  Can you step up to the plate and take their place?  If
so, please go to  and use your favorite
credit card to make an automatic monthly donation of $10 (or more).

If you can't commit to a monthly charge, that same page accepts one-time
donations... every little bit helps.



April 9, 2009

DENVER, Colo.–The Colorado Division of Wildlife today announced it will host a variety of Aquatic Nuisance Species trainings and workshops throughout Colorado in April and May. The courses are designed to provide the required certification and training for anyone conducting ANS monitoring and sampling, or providing watercraft inspections and decontamination services in Colorado.

“We want to make sure that everyone sampling for aquatic nuisance species or conducting boat inspections is following standardized procedures,” said Elizabeth Brown, Division of Wildlife invasive species coordinator. “It is our priority to ensure our partners have the best information and tools to protect our waters from zebra and quagga mussels, and other aquatic nuisance species.”

State and federal agencies, counties, municipalities, private entities, water managers, conservation groups and boating and angling groups are invited to attend.

All courses are free-of-charge but early registration is required.

ANS Annual Workshops

ANS Workshops provide detailed information on a variety of ANS including zebra/quagga mussels, aquatic weeds and pathogens.  The workshops, co-sponsored by the Colorado Weed Management Association, are open to anyone including fisheries biologists, weed managers, watershed groups and reservoir managers.  Workshops begin at 9 a.m. and adjourn at 4:30 p.m.

April 28, Grand Junction ANS Workshop, Mesa County Fairgrounds in Grand Junction

May 5, Denver ANS Workshop, Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden

State ANS Sampling and Monitoring Training School

This training is required for anyone conducting ANS sampling or monitoring, including zebra and quagga mussels, in Colorado.  A permit is required to conduct ANS sampling in Colorado and permits will be awarded following completion of the training. Participants must attend all three days.

April 15-17

Day 1: Boulder Library and Boulder Creek (10 a.m. — 4 p.m.)
Day 2: Chatfield State Park in Littleton (8:30 a.m. — 4:30 p.m.)
Day 3: Federal Center in Lakewood (8:30 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.) 

Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination State Certification Course (Stage II)

This certification course is required for anyone conducting watercraft inspections and decontaminations in Colorado.  Anyone who has received training in the past must also attend one two-day course to be a “state certified” agent.  Continuing education is required due to new regulations and changes in protocols from last year.  Participants must attend both days to receive their certification. The tentative schedule for day one begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at 4 p.m.  Day two begins at 9 a.m. and concludes at 2 p.m.

April 9-10, Northeast Colorado Training, Larimer County Visitors Center (located just north of Carter Lake)

April 13-14, Denver Metro Training, Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Golden

April 29-30, Grand Junction Training, Mesa County Fairgrounds, Grand Junction

May 6-7, Blue Mesa Training, Blue Mesa Reservoir

May 12-13, Grand County Training, USFS Facility “The Village” in between Granby and Grand Lake

For more information, contact Elizabeth Brown at, or call (303)291-7362

To register for trainings, contact Suzan Schafer at, or call (303)291-7355.

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:

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