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Would it be comical if your daughter or your son or your niece or nephew was lying in the street dead?

October 2, 2010

The travesty of the Obama Administration ahd the Federal Government in their persistent failure to enforce U.S. law on illegal aliens has resulted in more American deaths near the southern border.

This time, the Mexican drug cartels have illegally invaded certain areas of the American southwest (with absolutely no action by the federal government) set up shop to engage in drug running and weapons trafficking, the murder of U.S. citizens, and in some areas human smuggling.. .
According to the El Paso (Texas) Times:
“Authorities confirmed Wednesday that two Mexican drug cartels have made their way into southern Doña Ana County.
“An ongoing investigation into Mexican drug- and weapons-trafficking organizations has resulted in four seizures totaling more than $400,000, authorities said.
“The investigation is “absolutely … related to two drug cartels operating out of Juárez,” Doña Ana County sheriff’s investigator Bo Nevarez said.
“Most recently, $40,000 in U.S. currency was seized in an overnight operation targeting a Mexico-bound car the night of Sept. 23.”
In another major development, the increasing deadly violence against Americans on our own soil is of great concern to residents in our border states.  Michelle Malkin reports that as TV personality Stephen Colbert appeared before the Democrat-controlled Congress to make a mockery of the push to stop illegal immigration, the citizens who actually live in the area are dead-serious about the problem.  The reason?  Their lives are at stake.
Malkin posts a letter to Colbert written by the aunt of a young U.S. citizen who was gunned down by an illegal alien:
“Dear Stephen Colbert,
“In preparing this open letter to you, I am literally fighting back the tears! It truly breaks my heart that so many people in positions of power and authority continue to make light of illegal immigration!
“Are you aware of, and/or concerned with the fact, that American citizens and legal immigrants are murdered everyday by illegal aliens? Have you ever spent one second thinking about that?
“In speaking to Congress today, do you think you would have prepared anything different if one of your love ones was murdered by an illegal alien? You think you would make fun of this illegal alien invasion if you lost a loved one to this crime?
“What if your mother was shot in the head by an illegal alien? Do you think you could make that funny? What about your children? Would it be comical if your daughter or your son or your niece or nephew was lying in the street dead, shot in the head, by someone living in this country illegally?”  (Excerpt).
Add this to what we already know about the federal government essentially turning over U.S. land to illegal alien Mexicans near the southern border, the order from the White House for the military not to apprehend or detain illegals, and the continued deadly attacks on Americans, and it is clear that the U.S., under this Democrat/Marxist controlled regime, is turing the country into an unmitigated disaster.
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