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Mexico: Play the race card… Again?

June 9, 2010

This is getting old. Twice in recent days Mexican citizens have been killed in the United States. While the latest incident is still under investigation the previous one involved a man that had been here for many years, and was actually being deported. He became violent, and got tazed. At autopsy he was found to have been acutely intoxicated with methamphetamine. Imagine that? Loud mouth Calderon accused the United States of torture. Go figure…

Now, the Governor of one of the failed nation state Mexico is playing the race card in explaining away what happened during the second incident. Tell me El Presidente, and Governor. How many Americans were killed by your criminals that have come across our borders lately? What sort of lame excuses will you make up about that?

How’s about Mexico just going ahead and openly declaring war? For some strange reason I just don’t see Mexico having the macho intestinal fortitude to do that…

Read the whole story HERE.

And then we have this…

“National Security: A Mexican cartel plots to blow up a dam — in Texas! Another pack of Mexican terrorists takes cash from Hugo Chavez. And what is Washington wringing its hands about? Why, racism in Arizona. If still more proof is needed that the border needs to be secured, the latest threats emerging from Mexico should do the trick. Together, they signal that the country’s war could advance to a more savage stage. … These blood-chilling scenarios aren’t fantasies. They are signs of an emerging threat that gets little attention from U.S. lawmakers. Instead of focusing on making the border secure, they play partisan political games, pandering to potential voting blocs by dangling amnesty in front of illegal immigrants, grandstanding against Arizona’s effort to enforce federal law and coming up with one excuse after another for not erecting a border fence. As illegal armed groups plot to blow up infrastructure even in this country, Democrats in Congress are more concerned about an illegal immigrant getting his feelings hurt if a police officer in Arizona asks him to show some ID.” —Investor’s Business Daily

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