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Charisma as a tool to tame the masses?

January 21, 2009

Charisma is a two edged sword to be sure. One thing about President Obama is his charismatic manner of speech. At least as long as there is a teleprompter or notes near at hand.

When I was still a sophomore in college I took a course in “Public Speaking” as I’m sure many of my readers also did. Having been a “Gavel Club” member and participant in High School I couldn’t help but note the differences that were taught in speaking methodology.

I certainly picked up on some of those things yesterday while listening to the new President. It was of course not laid out in debate format. But meant to be inspirational, especially to his followers. I was reminded of other inspirational speakers from the realm of politics, and religion for the most part.

Then today I wake up, and check the news. What sort of beast have we unleashed upon our nation? What sort of people put him there?

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