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Lessons learned: Not much… December Seventh

December 7, 2010

As I perused the main news pages this morning one thing was painfully apparent. The “Day of Infamy” seems lost in the forgotten past. Google had a single story on the subject.

So then, what have we done. We allowed a President to gut our intelligence services. Then spent a period of national despondency while a nation that allowed itself to be taken over by a bunch of religious radicals held us hostage. That lasted until a new President was elected. One that made no secret that we would take them to the wood shed upon his being sworn in.

Later, we elected yet another “Great appeaser” that took apart what had been rebuilding, and we got smacked again, and the end results of that fiasco are not all in and we are coming up on the tenth anniversary of that failure to “read the tea leaves.”

Now, we have a Commander in Chief in name only that bows to kings and other assorted despots. Not to mention that Iran, and South Korea are more dangerous than ever along with various assorted groups of terrorists around the world…

Let’s take a cursory look at our recent history, and see what things may be found that seem to occur when things like this go haywire.

There appears to be a pattern. Apply Keynesian type economics during an economic down turn. The Great Depression, the economic tragedy of the seventies, and our current Great Recession. The Viet Nam War spawned it’s own sort of turmoil of a different type, Hyperinflation, and guess what? We are headed in that direction again. Now, I can’t blame that particular situation on John Kennedy, but I sure as hell can on his successor. So then in summery;

  • Socialist Economic Policy during hard economic times.
  • Cut backs in Military / Intelligence Services because of said times.
  • Weak Presidents; Either in foreign/ domestic policy, or both.
  • In each case it was a Democrat President.

So what will we Americans do? More of the same..? More appeasement and negotiation from a position of despair and weakness?

I submit that we should learn from the hard won lessons of our Fathers and Mothers. From the mistakes as well as from the victories. From strength of conviction as well as actual military / physical strength. From things that have happened in the past. The day of infamy being just one.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin

The day of infamy

December 7, 2008

The day of infamy, December 7th, 1941. Not a single post about it that I could find on wordpress this morning. Are people so ambivalent about that these days? It makes me wonder.

My father and Godfather were in the Philippines that fateful day. The United States was on the ropes, and victory in the Pacific was far from assured. Both men later escaped capture and helped organized Filipino resistance to the invasion by the Japanese. Both of them attempted to rescue men that had been captured that endured the infamous Bataan death March.

People like them have been called “The greatest generation.”  But the men themselves..? I have never once heard any of them say anything much more beyond that they just did what had to be done. In my own family they just said that they were United States Marines, and that was what Marines do.

This is not about the various conspiracy theory’s that Roosevelt knew that we were about to be attacked, or even orchestrated the attack. It is about men and women that pulled together during a desperate time and defeated a three pronged assault on what we hold dear.

 Our liberty and freedom. God bless each and every one of you.

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