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A lie told often enough becomes the truth…

April 1, 2013

One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.

There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel.

The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses.

To rely upon conviction, devotion, and other excellent spiritual qualities; that is not to be taken seriously in politics.

When there is state there can be no freedom, but when there is freedom there will be no state.

Democracy is indispensable to socialism.
Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.

Crime is a product of social excess.

Sounds an awful lot like the mission statement of the DNC, and their cronies like obama, schumer, feinstein, lautenberg et al.

As time permits I shall review the steps needed to take over a country. It works not just in a banana republic, but in greatly developed nations as well. The quotations above were the driving force behind just such a thing. No cheating! Tell me who said those things, and how many died as a result of that persons victory.

O.B.A.M.A. : An epic failure

February 15, 2010

“How could such smart people do so many stupid things? That question, or variations on it, is being asked in Washington and around the country about the Obama administration. The same people who directed the campaign that defeated Hillary Clinton and routed John McCain, a campaign that raised far more money and attracted far more volunteers than any before it, have within a year come up with a legislative program that is crashing in ruins and that, to judge from recent polls, has left the Democratic Party weaker than I have seen it in almost 50 years of closely following politics. … Team Obama failed to realize they were no longer running in Chicago or in the Democratic primaries or facing an electorate fed up with Republicans. And, more important, they failed to realize that vastly expanding government goes deeply against the American grain — and against the basic appeal of their successful campaign.” –political analyst Michael Barone

“If you’ve been paying attention to the left-wing punditry these days, you may be under the impression that the nation’s institutions are on the verge of collapse. Or that the rule of law is unraveling. Or maybe that this once-great nation is crippled and nearly beyond repair. You know why? Because the 40 percent (or so) political minority has far too much influence in Washington. Don’t you know? This minority, egged on by a howling mob of nitwits, is holding progress hostage using its revolting politics and parliamentary trickery. … President Barack Obama, after his agenda had come to a halt, claimed democracy is a ‘messy’ process — as if that were a bad thing. Actually, ‘democracy’ is not only messy but also immoral and unworkable. The Founding Fathers saw that coming, as well. So we don’t live under a system of simple majority rule for a reason, as most readers already know. The minority political party, luckily, has the ability to obstruct, nag, and filibuster the majority’s agenda. Otherwise, those in absolute power would run wild — or, in other words, you all would be living that Super Bowl Audi commercial by now. … [T]oday’s argument that the ruling party doesn’t have enough power is a reflection of a nearly spiritual belief in the wonders of government, not democracy.” –columnist David Harsanyi

“Government is taking us a long way down the Road to Serfdom. That doesn’t just mean that more of us must work for the government. It means that we are changing from independent, self-responsible people into a submissive flock. The welfare state kills the creative spirit. F.A. Hayek, an Austrian economist living in Britain, wrote ‘The Road to Serfdom’ in 1944 as a warning that central economic planning would extinguish freedom. … Hayek meant that governments can’t plan economies without planning people’s lives. After all, an economy is just individuals engaging in exchanges. The scientific-sounding language of President Obama’s economic planning hides the fact that people must shelve their own plans in favor of government’s single plan. At the beginning of ‘The Road to Serfdom,’ Hayek acknowledges that mere material wealth is not all that’s at stake when the government controls our lives: ‘The most important change … is a psychological change, an alteration in the character of the people.’ This shouldn’t be controversial. If government relieves us of the responsibility of living by bailing us out, character will atrophy. The welfare state, however good its intentions of creating material equality, can’t help but make us dependent. That changes the psychology of society. According to the Tax Foundation, 60 percent of the population now gets more in government benefits than it pays in taxes. What does it say about a society in which more than half the people live at the expense of the rest?” –columnist John Stossel







h/t Texas Fred

Failed States: No not Somalia

October 7, 2009

California, the golden state, the land of American dreams, the place where I was born. What was once a land of milk and honey in the eyes of many is taking a hard dive into reality. I left there in 1978 after the passing of Proposition 13 made  two classes of  citizens a matter of law. It sealed me and so many others into a group of never will haves. It was big government mob rule democracy at it’s worst.

People are saying that unemployment is the worst it has been in sixty years. I beg to differ. During the Carter fiasco real unemployment in San Diego County was in reality well over twenty percent among the non government sector. I had people with advanced degrees pumping gas along side me at University City Arco.

The answer, at the time, was more socialism, and higher taxes. At least that was the solution offered up by Governor Moonbat and crew. New laws on Gun Control were being passed faster than most Californians could keep up with. New laws on vehicle emissions made it all but impossible to keep your vehicle running. At least legally.

The police concentrated on those dope smoking hippies and anyone that didn’t wear a crew cut while allowing white collar criminals the run of the state. The elites, when they were prosecuted, were given a slap on the wrist, or allowed to post bail and run across a border like Polanski did.

While at the same time a friend came home and found two thugs raping his wife. They then beat him to a pulp, until he was able to get to his 357, and put an end to their nefarious ways. The California response to that home invasion and sexual assault was to imprison him. He died there, and his wife later committed suicide. So much for the California dream, and that was many, many years gone by.

Lead by a RINO California is still in trouble up to it’s nose, and may very well be going down for the third time. I blame the people for the states demise. They keep on electing big government authoritarians. People who believe that others are too stupid for their own good. People who believe that government has the answer to every problem. People who are better than thou, and that will show you the error of your ways.

The Guardian wrote a really swell piece about all this. The grammar and spelling are magnificent. Worthy of superior marks in English Composition. But, the article misses the point completely even as they do such an eloquent job of describing the situation unfolding in California.


I started this blog a few years ago, and, as I stated in one of the earliest pieces. Government most often creates problems, or makes them worse. While Freedom, and Liberty find solutions. My thoughts have not changed.

The Rage continues: obamacare, it’s only the beginning

August 15, 2009

Outrage continues over the various pogroms being instituted by the current administration. The claim that these people that just are not going to put up with the seemingly never ending destruction of life as we know it are mere puppets with strings being pulled by nefarious others just refuses to cease. Nor does the rhetoric centered around so called “dialogue” have any effect. The simple truth being that talking to the various Lairds already failed, and now that those same people are being forced to listen it is somehow un-American not to allow them to continue controlling the “debate.”

I hate to tell these elected representatives, but they work for us. They are there to give voice to our wants not for the purpose of political correctness or to gain the acceptance of those that are entrenched in the halls of power. Are there those that have other ideas about how the nation should proceed? Certainly, and the war of ideas is alive and well. However, when only one side is listened to or acted on? There will be trouble. All the charismatic leaders in the world will not change that simple fact, and it doesn’t matter whether it is in America or wherever.

Figure it out. It’s really not all that difficult. Stay away from our guns; stay away from our sons and daughters birthrights, and for the love of God, figure out that we are Taxed Enough Already. It’s called philosophical libertarianism. Remember that? Personal responsibility, accountability, and dealing with others as you would yourself be dealt with? Where governments only duty is that of protecting the rights of the individuals that it presides over? Oh, and don’t forget about that pesky thing called The Bill of Rights. It was placed there for the sole purpose of protecting minorities from the mob rule known as democracy.

Mob Rule being voted upon yet again

March 22, 2009

The dingbats in Colorado are yes, once again seeking to take away self determination from those that are in fact just too stupid to know what is good for them. As usual it is a scheme that will allow the more populous states to decide just who will lead the nation. Colorado will become destined as a flyover state in perpetuity. No more raving leftest clogging up I25, much less visits from politicians in need of teleprompters, or much of anything else from the powers that be irrespective of political association. I question though.Why is it always the leftest (read Democrats) that want to take away the ability of the people of Colorado to have any input whatsoever in the national political process? House Bill1299 is nothing more than yet another scheme to impose mob rule. Mike Rosen, as always does a great job exposing people for what they in fact truly are.

Another Electoral College prank

By Mike Rosen

Like the “undead” returning from the grave in your typical vampire movie, the perennial campaign of Democrats in the Colorado legislature to sabotage the Electoral College is back.

House Bill 1299, which passed the House on Tuesday in a party-line vote, is a virtual rewrite of earlier failed efforts: Senate Bill 46 in 2007 and House Bill 223 in 2006.

It would commit Colorado to a compact of states that pledge to cast all their electoral votes for whichever presidential candidate gets the most popular votes, nationally, regardless of who gets the most votes in our state.

In other words, Coloradans would risk sacrificing their own choice for president to the whims of voters in other states.

For example, suppose a majority of Coloradans vote, let’s say, for Mitt Romney in 2012 with Barack Obama finishing a distant second (I can hope, can’t I?). Romney goes on to win in 34 other states, runs up a majority of Electoral College votes and would normally be elected president.

Obama wins in only 15 Democrat “blue” states like California, New York and Illinois. But because the large populations in those states produce more popular votes for Obama than Romney, Coloradans are forced to cast all our electoral votes to him, with none going to the Colorado winner, Romney. Consequently, the states of the compact dictate the outcome of the election, the Electoral College is subverted and a candidate lacking in broad, national support wins the presidency.

The supporters of this goofy idea are overwhelmingly liberal Democrats. Their overriding goal is to win the presidency for their party by any means. They believe this will be easier if they can circumvent the Electoral College which leverages the voice of less populous states that tend to vote Republican. HB 1299 contrives to tip the scales in favor of northeastern states and California with large Democratic majorities in heavily populated cities.

As a matter of ideology, liberal populists disapprove of the Electoral College, preferring a national popular vote for president. They say that’s the way it’s supposed to be in a democracy. But we are not a democracy — never have been, and most definitely never should be.

The Founders abhorred pure democracy, and purposefully created a constitutional republic, an ingenious combination of democratic institutions and, yes, anti-democratic safeguards like a Bill of Rights to protect individuals from the tyranny of the majority; representative government, filtering majoritarian passions; a Senate with two seats for each state, regardless of population; federalism; the separation of powers; judicial review; the presidential veto; and the Electoral College.

We’re not a collective, amorphous blob, but a confederation of individual states, each retaining some sovereign powers, unique qualities, values and agendas. The Electoral College is a constant reminder of that. We do not now have, nor have we ever had a national popular vote for president.

We have 51 separate elections in each of the states and the District of Columbia to determine how electoral votes are cast. It’s only out of idle curiosity, devoid of legal status, that we aggregate those 51 election results to produce a national total. It has no Constitutional or legal standing.

HB 1299 would render Colorado irrelevant. Why would a candidate waste time and resources here to pick up a small differential of several thousand votes from Colorado’s 2 million, when more than 20 million votes are at stake in New York and California?

Doing away with the Electoral College, straightforwardly, by amending the U.S. Constitution would require ratification by three-quarters of the states. The Democrats who continue to resurrect this interstate compact conspiracy know there are enough small states to block any such amendment to the Constitution. So they’ve come up with this cynical ploy.

Colorado should refuse to be a party to it.

Mike Rosen’s radio show airs weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon on 850 KOA. E-mail him at


Obama, the new “American way?”

February 2, 2009

Many times I have posted about the Obama. About this phenomenon and his ability to mesmerize audiences. About how our Constitutional Republic is turning into the pure democracy of mob rule. About how the Obama used amoral methods to get elected to an office that he does not deserve to be in simply based upon the requirements for the office laid out in the Constitution. Not to mention the foreign money. His promises to negotiate with those sworn to destroy America. Well, just take a look at his cabinet. What a bunch of misfits and outright traitors to their oaths to the Constitution. My prose though, is nothing compared to that of  Dr. Ali Sina. Read his work here.

If Democracy Doesn’t Work, Try Anarchy

November 23, 2008

Chuck Norris lands a knock out blow with the following piece. Just think! Anarchy as a respectable alternative to Democracy?

If Democracy Doesn’t Work, Try Anarchy
By Chuck Norris

Protestors of Proposition 8 in California (the marriage amendment) shoved aside a 69-year-old woman who was bearing a cross. They reportedly spit on her and stomped on her cross. They then aligned themselves in a human barricade, blocking the media from getting to or interviewing the woman.

Prop. 8 supporter Jose Nunez, 37, was assaulted brutally while distributing yard signs to other supporters after church services at the St. Stanislaus Parish in Modesto.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills was spray painted by vandals after they learned that the church served as an official collection point for Prop. 8 petitions.

Letters containing white powder (obviously mimicking anthrax) were sent to the Salt Lake City headquarters of the Mormon church and to a temple in Los Angeles. (Thankfully, the FBI said the substance was nontoxic.)
The 25-year artistic director of the California Musical Theatre, who also happens to be a Mormon, was muscled to resign because of his $1,000 donation to the campaign to ban gay marriage in California.

A pro-homosexual, pro-anarchy organization named Bash Back marched into the middle of a church service and flung fliers and condoms to the congregants. They also hung a banner from the balcony that featured two lesbians in provocative positions at the pulpit.

And lastly, the tolerance-preaching activists also have taken their anger to the blogosphere, where posts have planted ideas ranging from burning churches to storming the citadels of government until our society is forced to overturn Prop. 8. You even can find donor blacklists online. The lists include everyone who financially backed Prop. 8 — even those who gave as little as $46 — with the obvious objective that these individuals will be bantered and boycotted for doing so.

What’s wrong with this picture? Lots.

First, there’s the obvious inability of the minority to accept the will of the majority. Californians have spoken twice, through the elections in 2000 and 2008. Nearly every county across the state (including Los Angeles County) voted to amend the state constitution in favor of traditional marriage.

Nevertheless, bitter activists simply cannot accept the outcome as being truly reflective of the general public. So they have placed the brainwashing blame upon the crusading and misleading zealotry of those religious villains: the Catholics, evangelical Protestants, and especially Mormons, who allegedly are robbing the rights of American citizens by merely executing their right to vote and standing upon their moral convictions and traditional views.

What’s surprising (or maybe not so) is that even though 70 percent of African-Americans voted in favor of Proposition 8, protests against black churches are virtually nonexistent. And everyone knows exactly why: Such actions would be viewed as racist. Yet these opponents of Prop. 8 can protest vehemently and shout obscenities in front of Mormon temples without ever being accused of religious bigotry. There’s a clear double standard in our society. Where are the hate-crime cops when religious conservatives need them?

There were many of us who passionately opposed Obama, but you don’t see us protesting in the streets or crying “unfair.” Rather, we are submitting to a democratic process and now asking how we can support “our” president. Just because we don’t like the election outcome doesn’t give us the right to bully those who oppose us. In other words, if democracy doesn’t tip our direction, we don’t swing to anarchy. That would be like the Wild West, the resurrection of which seems to be happening in these postelection protests.

I agree with Prison Fellowship’s founder, Chuck Colson, who wrote: “This is an outrage. What hypocrisy from those who spend all of their time preaching tolerance to the rest of us! How dare they threaten and attack political opponents? We live in a democratic country, not a banana republic ruled by thugs.”

Regardless of one’s opinion of Proposition 8, it is flat-out wrong and un-American to intimidate and harass individuals, churches and businesses that are guilty of nothing more than participating in the democratic process. Political protests are one thing, but when old-fashioned bullying techniques are used that restrict voting liberties and even prompt fear of safety, activists have crossed a line. There is a difference between respectfully advocating one’s civil rights and demanding public endorsement of what many still consider to be unnatural sexual behavior through cruel coercion and repression tactics. One thing is for sure: The days of peaceful marches, such as those headed up by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., seem to be long gone.

The truth is that the great majority of Prop. 8 advocates are not bigots or hatemongers. They are American citizens who are following 5,000 years of human history and the belief of every major people and religion: Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. Their pro-Prop. 8 votes weren’t intended to deprive any group of its rights; they were safeguarding their honest convictions regarding the boundaries of marriage.

On Nov. 4, the pro-gay community obviously was flabbergasted that a state that generally leans left actually voted right when it came to holy matrimony. But that’s exactly what happened; the majority of Californians — red, yellow, black and white — voted to define the margins of marriage as being between one man and one woman. California is the 30th state in our union to amend its constitution in doing so, joining Florida and Arizona in this election.

Like it or not, it’s the law now. The people have spoken.


College Students: Too Busy to Vote? « Peabloggy

January 23, 2008

College Students: Too Busy to Vote? « Peabloggy

This is, and has been a very frustrating subject for myself and others over the years. Back in 1968 I was sixteen years old, and I had a tattoo on my forehead. It was RVN, short for Republic of Viet Nam. Back in those days of the draft, as well as now, it seemed immoral that I could be sent off to kill, wound, and do all the other things associated with warfare and have those acts done to myself without any say in the matter at all.

Please do not misunderstand me, I was born and raised on Camp Pendleton, and fully intended to join the military. It is just what Marines Corps brats do. But in a free society why was I at least theoretically being forced to go into the armed forces?

We succeeded in getting the age changed so that those that could be forced into involuntary servitude could at minimum cast a vote about the situation. I can only surmise, after reading the article, that the real problem, is voter apathy among the young.

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