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Cowards and Liberals and RINO’s Oh My!

August 7, 2013

Cowards can find a thousand reasons for not doing what they’re afraid to do.

After staging 38 votes to repeal the anti-gun ObamaCare law — and having Harry Reid throw their bills in the wastebasket 38 times — House and Senate Republicans now have a chance to force ObamaCare repeal right down Harry Reid’s throat.

The only question is whether or not they have the courage.

Gun owners have opposed ObamaCare since its inception, given that a national health database could be used by federal bureaucrats to disarm millions of law-abiding Americans.  The use of medical data has already been used to disarm gun owners in New York — and has led to more than 150,000 military veterans losing their gun rights for ailments such as PTSD.

This law must be defunded prior to October 1, when two things happen:

* The first is that the “health care exchanges” are supposed to come on line. People — and particularly young people — will find out how much money they’re going to have to flush down the toilet for inflated politically correct premiums, under penalty of law.

* The second thing that happens on October 1 is that much of the federal government will “slow down” — not shut down as has been erroneously reported — unless a funding bill called a “Continuing Resolution,” or CR for short, is approved. For better or worse, most of the federal government will continue to operate as usual, and all “essential” discretionary functions will continue as well.

But there’s one thing that’s definitely “not essential,” and that’s ObamaCare.

In the Senate, Republican Mike Lee of Utah sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on behalf of almost a dozen colleagues, stating that they will not support a Continuing Resolution that funds the implementation of the anti-gun ObamaCare law.

In the House, Rep. Steve Stockman introduced H.Res. 333 on Friday — a resolution that, if passed, would forbid the House of Representatives from passing a CR that funds ObamaCare.

So to recap the bidding: On the very day that the American people flip their lids over this wildly unpopular ObamaCare mandate, Republicans have the opportunity to stage a showdown. And if they win, ObamaCare goes down the tubes, along with the rest of Barack Obama’s agenda.

So, given that option, why would the GOP not want to pursue it?  Just listen to what a few Republican senators have said recently:

* Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) said that using the CR to defund ObamaCare is the “dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

* Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) said that, “I think it’s a silly effort.”

* Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) said this was the “dumbest idea” he had ever heard.

* And Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said the effort was “a bridge too far for me.”

Despite these acts of cowardice, the American people are firmly behind Congress doing something to defang this anti-gun law.

According to a CNN poll, 73% of the American people favor repealing ObamaCare, either fully or partially (March 2012).  So given the widespread opposition to this anti-gun law, why are many GOP legislators balking at this opportunity to drive a stake through its ugly heart?

There are at least five misrepresentations that some Republicans are using to justify their cowardice on ObamaCare.  Click here to see what these misstatements are and how they can be easily answered.

ACTION: Contact your Senators and Representatives. Tell them to insist that NO Continuing Resolution to fund the government contain money for the ObamaCare individual mandate.  Take these three actions right away:

1. Click here to contact your Senators and Representatives.  Urge your Senators to sign onto the Lee letter and your Representative to sign onto the Stockman resolution (H.Res. 333).  You can also call your legislators using the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

2. Distribute this alert to all your family, friends and co-workers and encourage them all to take action.

3. Be sure to visit your legislators in person at any Town Hall meetings they schedule this month during their August break.  You can contact their offices (at 202-224-3121) to find out when they’ll be hosting a Town Hall meeting in your area.

Senate’s Most Anti-gun Republican in Trouble in Indiana: It’s about time!

May 7, 2012
The political world is about to experience a major shakeup in Indiana.
The most anti-gun Republican in the U.S. Senate, Dick Lugar, recently fell ten points behind in the polls to 100% gun rights supporter Richard Mourdock.
For more than a year, GOA has broadcast Lugar’s gun-hating record throughout the state, highlighting why the 36-year incumbent is Obama’s favorite Republican.
Lugar voted for all of Obama’s anti-gun nominees, including Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, and Attorney General Eric Holder – none of whom believe that the Second Amendment protects an individual right.
He supports a ban on semi-automatic firearms, and waiting periods for handgun purchases. Lugar also supports an international, UN small arms treaty that will undermine U.S. sovereignty and the Second Amendment.
Mourdock, the current State Treasurer, has Lugar on the ropes in the May 8 election. In fact, Lugar is so desperate he’s even pleading with Democrats and Independents to cross over and vote in the Republican primary this coming Tuesday.
Gun Owners of America is reaching out to as many Indiana gun owners as possible to make sure they have the facts about Obama’s favorite Republican.

GOP RINO’s attack: Truth in politicing?

October 29, 2010

Seems that there are some behind the scenes activity going on in Wyoming politics. As usual, the mainstream GOP is attempting to co-op TEA Party people, and calling members of the movement out of touch, radicals, and all the usual garbage.

There are a number of letters circulating on the Internet telling people to Google Matt Mead — guns. When they do they are led to several websites (more than one of them designed by the same person giving the impression that there is a whole body of “evidence” regarding Matt’s position on gun control, when in fact just one person is pushing his own agenda). These phony sites are putting out erroneous information concerning Matt Mead’s record on gun issues.

Really? Have you bothered to notice all the comments? Or the fact that this blog certainly isn’t ran by that person?

A California transplant moved to Wyoming and started a blog about gun rights and gun issues. He published that Matt Mead was anti-gun and supported the BATF in lawsuits against Wyoming and Wyoming gun laws. These statements are not true and when confronted, said blogger refused to meet with Matt to correct his misrepresentations.

Sorry, but the facts are otherwise. Not to mention that he uses a website, not a blog… I’m also a California transplant just to let you know. I left there in 1978 because of the stupid anti freedom things that were going on. Now people are trying to pull the same sorts of insanity here..?

Matt Mead is a member of the NRA and has an A rating from them. He has not favored/does not favor gun control. People need to remember that the Internet is a tool which can be a very good source of information, but some who have an agenda can also use it to spread misinformation. Wyoming has seen its share of “dirty politics” but deliberate untruths which seek to malign a person’s character or present false information about him should be rejected.

One of Matt mead’s big campaign points is that he will stand up for Wyoming: FACT; He went after Wyoming as a U.S. Attorney. Just doing his job? Alright, I can understand that. That’s also what those folks said at Nuremberg, and things didn’t work out so well for them. Rightfully so I might add. So what if the NRA gave him a favorable rating? They gave favorable ratings to a lot of people that the membership, such as myself, deplore.

I have found Matt Mead to be very approachable and willing to sit down and rationally discuss any topic. I am certain that Matt will protect your Second Amendment rights as well as other constitutional rights and will be a good governor for Wyoming.

He may be, but if past behavior is any indicator of future actions then the people of Wyoming need to think long and hard about electing a RINO. Not that there is much out there to be had other than the lessor of evils, yet again.



Police State legislation, S.3081 introduced by McCain and Scott Brown

April 25, 2010

Stolen from Anthony Bouchard, with permission.

Articles related to Police State:

Sheridan Police harass gun rights activist, terrorize his family during swat style confrontation

City of Sheridan hires a police chief from Detroit that breaks the law and misplaces his gun

IRS purchases firearms and uses them for government greed

Danger Ahead, more power is being ordered up from Congress.

You say, “I know, I see this every day”. But this one fits right into the category- “the more I learn of my government, the more I love my guns”.

And now that I have said that, I guess this legislation could be used against me.

This should scare the hell out of you!

More cries of “there are terrorists out there”, but it’s the same old – take more rights away from you and me.

This legislation will allow the federal government to detain ANYONE, ANYWHERE (yes even you), bypassing constitutional judicial safeguards on the whim of the executive branch or agency designated thereof.

It’s as if federal legislation like Real ID (Dangerous ID) and the Patriot Act somehow doesn’t give them enough power. Are you getting the big picture?

In case you weren’t watching, Bush signed the Patriot Act into law and Obama extended it. This is how big government works, for it’s own goals.

Instead of repealing laws that stomp on our rights, once again the GOP is leading the way to further trample the Constitution.

S.3081 the Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010 – introduced by Sen. John McCain and Massachusetts Tea Party pick Scott Brown, yes it didn’t take Brown long to show his true statist colors, did it?

This is why Wyoming Citizens must demand a backbone from our state legislature, to stand up and fight by passing state legislation that says NO MORE!

The State Legislature could very well be our real “last hope” to stop the power hungry oozing bile in D.C. from taking every last constitutional protection away from Citizens.

On a local level this Police State legislation is generally favored by Law Enforcement Officials like – Sheridan Police Chief Richard Adriaens and his cronies at the Police Union, to be specific Byron Oedekoven of the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police.

You may want to read this article – What Police State Legislation Looks Like, where it states this: “These politicians know that the public is angry. They also know that other politicians don’t like to speak against a bill that’s “tough on terrorists,” even when the bill’s language is absurdly broad”.

Open Carry Redefined?
In this legislation there is reference to the Geneva Convention and insurgents – “in a manner which satisfies Article 5 of the Geneva Convention” which points to artice 4 that states the following:“Volunteer corps, including such organized resistance movements, fulfill the following conditions…that of carrying arms openly”.

Does that mean being at an open-carry rally or with a group of open-carriers consisting of two or more could label you as a “Enemy Belligerent”?

Here are a few excerpts from this DANGEROUS LEGISLATION:

An individual, including a citizen of the United States, determined to be an unprivileged enemy belligerent…may be detained without criminal charges and without trial…Whenever within the United States, its territories, and possessions, or outside the territorial limits of the United States…

…matters as the President considers appropriate…

The operations and activities of high-value detainee interrogation groups under this section shall be governed by such regulations and guidance as the President shall establish for purposes of implementing this section…

An individual who may be an unprivileged enemy belligerent and who is initially captured or otherwise comes into the custody or under the effective control of the United States by an intelligence agency of the United States may be held, interrogated, or transported by the intelligence agency and placed into military custody for purposes of this Act if retained by the United States within a reasonable time after the capture or coming into the custody or effective control by the intelligence agency, giving due consideration to operational needs and requirements to avoid compromise or disclosure of an intelligence mission or intelligence sources or methods…

Each interagency team under this subsection shall be composed of such personnel of the Executive Branch having expertise in matters relating to national security, terrorism, intelligence, interrogation, or law enforcement as the President considers appropriate. The members of any particular interagency team may vary depending on the skills most relevant to a particular case…

Waiver of your Miranda Rights:

…shall not, during interrogation under this subsection, be provided the statement required by Miranda v. Arizona (384 U.S. 436 (1966)) or otherwise be informed of any rights that the individual may or may not have to counsel or to remain silent consistent with Miranda v. Arizona…

I have said this time and time again – “It’s going to take gun owners to take up the political fight”, we can no longer stand by and let them dismantle our country!

Anthony Bouchard
is a staunch supporter of the Bill of Rights and limited government – he is also the Director of WyGO – Wyoming Gun Owners Association, Wyoming’s Only No-Compromise Gun-Rights Organization.


Failed States: No not Somalia

October 7, 2009

California, the golden state, the land of American dreams, the place where I was born. What was once a land of milk and honey in the eyes of many is taking a hard dive into reality. I left there in 1978 after the passing of Proposition 13 made  two classes of  citizens a matter of law. It sealed me and so many others into a group of never will haves. It was big government mob rule democracy at it’s worst.

People are saying that unemployment is the worst it has been in sixty years. I beg to differ. During the Carter fiasco real unemployment in San Diego County was in reality well over twenty percent among the non government sector. I had people with advanced degrees pumping gas along side me at University City Arco.

The answer, at the time, was more socialism, and higher taxes. At least that was the solution offered up by Governor Moonbat and crew. New laws on Gun Control were being passed faster than most Californians could keep up with. New laws on vehicle emissions made it all but impossible to keep your vehicle running. At least legally.

The police concentrated on those dope smoking hippies and anyone that didn’t wear a crew cut while allowing white collar criminals the run of the state. The elites, when they were prosecuted, were given a slap on the wrist, or allowed to post bail and run across a border like Polanski did.

While at the same time a friend came home and found two thugs raping his wife. They then beat him to a pulp, until he was able to get to his 357, and put an end to their nefarious ways. The California response to that home invasion and sexual assault was to imprison him. He died there, and his wife later committed suicide. So much for the California dream, and that was many, many years gone by.

Lead by a RINO California is still in trouble up to it’s nose, and may very well be going down for the third time. I blame the people for the states demise. They keep on electing big government authoritarians. People who believe that others are too stupid for their own good. People who believe that government has the answer to every problem. People who are better than thou, and that will show you the error of your ways.

The Guardian wrote a really swell piece about all this. The grammar and spelling are magnificent. Worthy of superior marks in English Composition. But, the article misses the point completely even as they do such an eloquent job of describing the situation unfolding in California.


I started this blog a few years ago, and, as I stated in one of the earliest pieces. Government most often creates problems, or makes them worse. While Freedom, and Liberty find solutions. My thoughts have not changed.

H.R. 2159 Guilty until proved innocent,well, not even then…

May 17, 2009

If anyone really believes that the Republican Party is a bastion of small government and the leaders for individual rights… Think again!

Anti-Gun Blacklist

Dick Cheney and the Rino Republicans

May 14, 2009

Dick Cheney has been catching hell lately, a lot of it. Not only from the usual suspects but from supposed allies. The Republican In Name Only types that are thinly veiled authoritarian statist’s.

For my part I have always liked him (Cheney), no, I’m not in lock step with him. Then again, I’ve never been that way with any politician. I admired Tom Tancredo for years, and still do to a great extent. Yet he voted for the bail out, and made some really stupid comments after Columbine. What I like about both Cheney and Tancredo is their type of moxy. They don’t run away and hide when confronted. They both stand by their beliefs come hell or high water. That is a rare quality these days.

It is causing something of a fire storm.

Read about it here.

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